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					             Scientific Instruments, Inc
                  Construction / Survey Supplies
                          518 West Cherry Street
                          Milwaukee, WI 53212

# 2006-2
                          Survey Instruments and Field Supplies From:
            Topcon * Sokkia * Tripod Data Systems * Spectra Precision
         Seco * CST * David White * Mound City * Pacific Laser Systems
                               And many more!

       GPS Systems * Total Stations * Lasers * Automatic Levels
   Tripods * Leveling Rods * Marking Paint * Safety Vests & Supplies
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                                                 Auto Levels & Digital Transits
                                                   From Sokkia and Topcon

                           Data collectors
                           From: Topcon,
                           TDS, Carlson

    Total Stations from                                                                       Topcon GPS
    Topcon and Sokkia

                                             Laser Levels from Spectra Precision and Topcon


    Ph: 414/263-1600                     or  800/325-6563        Fx: 414/263-5506
The HiPer® Series of GPS receivers offers a wide range of available features so you are certain to find the model that fits your
specific GPS needs. All of the members of the HiPer Series feature an integrated design that includes a GPS receiver, antenna,
and power supply – all in a compact, waterproof, durable housing that is designed to take the bumps and bruises of the field.

If you are looking for the most advanced GPS technology, look no further than the HiPer Series. Topcon's GPS+ technology is
cutting edge, offering more than just GPS positioning – we offer GPS plus GLONASS (dual-constellation). That's why we call our
GPS technology GPS+! With Topcon's GPS+, we give you 40% more satellites to use, fewer headaches in the field, and the most
advanced GPS signal processing and interference reduction in the industry.

But that's just the beginning of the power of the HiPer Series. At their core is our Paradigm™ chip featuring 40 universal super
channels that can each track all signals of either single frequency GPS, dual frequency GPS, or dual frequency GPS+. Also, with
40 channels we can track up to 20 GPS+ satellites at once! The HiPer Series also incorporates our innovations in signal
processing, Advanced Multipath Reduction, and Co-Op Tracking, making Topcon GPS+ the best in the field in under-canopy and
low signal strength reception.

                     HiPer® Lite+ features:
                     • Compact, lightweight design
                     • Fully integrated receiver/antenna
                     • Completely cable-free design
                     • Dual-constellation, dual-frequency RTK GPS+ tracking
                     • High performance spread spectrum radio communicates up to 1.5 mi.

                                                      HiPerXT features:
                                                    • Completely cable-free design
                                                    • Long range UHF radio – Up to 4mi. coverage!
                                                    • Compact, lightweight design
                                                    • Fully integrated receiver/antenna
                                                    • Dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking

                            HiPer® + features:
                            • Compact, lightweight design
                            • Fully integrated receiver/antenna
                            • Wireless communication
                            • Dual-frequency RTK GPS+ (dual-constellation) tracking
                            • Internal UHF long-range radio

                            Ask us about financing options
  Due to a special purchase,                                                        Topcon proudly introduces a new dimension of
                                                                                    control technology—Lazer Zone™. The PZL-1
  Scientific Instruments has a                                                      Positioning Zone Laser projects a Laser Zone
  limited number up Topcon                                                          beam that sweeps over a 600 meter area. This
                                                                                    unique signal creates a 10 meter high zone of
  MMGPS units available at                                                          precision elevation control. The Lazer Zone
  very special pricing. These                                                       sensors, either on a rover pole or machine mast,
                                                                                    compute precise elevation anywhere within the
  units won't last long so call                                                     Laser Zone. This provides instant millimeter
  us now and experience the                                                         accurate elevation control.
                                                                                    It’s another Topcon WORLD’S FIRST technology
  best in GPS.                                                                      that will put your productivity and job quality in a
                                                                                    zone by itself.

Imagine taking your GPS rover and
transforming it into a super-precise
measuring device that rivals a robotic
total station. At a fraction of the cost of a
robotic total station system, and without
the single-user limitation. That’s the

                                       Topcon Robotic Total Stations

                                                  See the new Topcon 820 series Robotic
                                                  Total Stations and the 8200 series
                                                  Reflectorless Robotic Total Stations, now
                                                  available   with  Radio      or    Optical
                                 RC-2II/RC-IIRW           Call for your quote today!

                                                  Topcon Total Stations
                          Topcon and Scientific Instruments can offer you the widest range of Total Stations
                          and options on the market today. Robotics, Absolute Circles, Auto Focusing and
                          Laser Plummets are just some of the features packed into the complete line of
                          Topcon Total Stations. With more models and more optional features combined
                          with competitive pricing we surely have the instrument that meets your needs.

                                                     Our Favorite!
                    GPT-3005LW 5" Long Range Reflectorless Total Station with "Point Guide", Laser
                    Plummet and Bluetooth.

                                                          Value Priced.
                                                   Call for your quote today!
                                     Sokkia Total Stations
          Introducing the all new Sokkia Remoto-Catcher, "ON DEMAND" Total Stations

                  A whole new concept in automated surveying!

                                         With the Remoto-Catcher "ON DEMAND" Total Station the
                                         need for target tracking – the source of most robotic problems -
                                         is eliminated. Simply set up on your point, initiate the reading
                                         on your Data Collector and the instrument will turn to your
                                         position, acquire the prism and take the reading – all within

                                                                Available in 3" or 5" models.

                                                   Can be used with most existing Data Collectors

                                                Thousands less than typical Robotic Total Stations.

                                                                      Call for details

Besides the cutting edge technology of the new "ON DEMAND" Total Stations, Sokkia offers a wide selection of Total
Stations with all of the latest features. Whether you require Long Range Reflectorless capability, On-Board Data
Collection or wireless communications, Sokkia has the instrument to meet your needs. Call us with your needs, we
will find the instrument that is right for you.

                      The 030R3 POWERSET series
                      Features State–of-the-Art Reflectorless distance measuring up to 350m (1,140 ft) and on-board
                      SDR Software. 8,800 point internal storage and standard Compact Flash Memory slots for
                      virtually unlimited storage. Available in 1", 2" and 3" versions.
                      The 130R3 series
                      State–of-the-Art Reflectorless distance measuring - up to 350m (1,140 ft), bluetooth wireless and
                      full featured capabilities in a compact and light weight body. Available in 1", 2", 3", and 5"
                      models. Software enhancements include functions such as job management, feature code listing,
                      offset observation, area calculation, bulls-eye leveling indicator and 10,000 point data storage.
 The 30RK and 30RK3 series
 The new, "First-In-Class" 30RK series instruments include an illuminated 10-key keyboard for improved efficiency for
 on-board data collection and coordinate entry. Internal memory holds 10,000 records. Now with the new RED-tech
 enhanced EDM. The 30RK is available in standard range 200m (650 feet) with 2", 3",5" or 6" angle accuracy or long
 range 350m ( 1140 feet) in 2",3" or 5" angle accuracy. Optional SF14 Wireless Keyboard available.

 The 30R and 30R3 series
 Faster, eaiser, with increased functionality and enhanced EDM's with reflectorless capabilities. The 30R3 series
 measures up to 350m (1,140 ft) reflectorless. This new generation of standard total stations is available in 2", 3", 5"
 and 6" (30R series only) versions. Water and dust resistant with extra-large memory capacity these instruments
 are also available with the optional SF14 Wireless Keyboard.

    010 Series
    Fast, easy to use and now with absolute encoders to eliminate the need for zero indexing. Fully compatible with
    the SF14 wireless keyboard. Pre-installed, versitile survey programs enhance work flow in the field allowing for an
    operator to preform a wide variety of survey tasks with ease. Available in 2", 3", 5" & 6" models.

                                                      Data Collectors
                               Windows Pocket PC Data Collectors and software packages from

                                     Topcon – Tripod Data Systems – Sokkia - Carlson - DAP

              Touch screen technology with unlimited features and functions for your GPS, Robotic and/or
              conventional surveying systems. Call us with your needs and we will find the package that
              is right for you.

  Recon                                                                                                                         TDS

                              Automatic Levels & Digital Transits

                                                               Sokkia Automatic Levels
                                          Stock No.    Model                   Description                    MSLP           Price
                                          7382-60      B20       32X Automatic Level                       $ 1,725.00    $ 1,075.00*
                                          7381-60      B21       30X Automatic Level                       $ 1,425.00    $ 915.00*
                                          7384-70      C300      28X Automatic Level                       $ 995.00      $ 695.00*
                                          7384-75      C310      26X Automatic Level                       $ 825.00      $ 565.00*
                                          7385-70      C320      24X Automatic Level                       $ 725.00      $ 495.00*
                                          7385-75      C330      22X Automatic Level                       $ 525.00      $ 385.00*
                                          7385-80      C410      20X Automatic Level                       $ 349.00      $ 299.00*
* Get $50 off any tripod when you
purchase any of these instruments!

                           Topcon Auto Levels
    Stock No.         Model                    Description                 MSLP              Price
  56062              AT-G2           32X Automatic Level                $ 1,610.00     $ 1,275.00*
  56063              AT-G3           30X Automatic Level                $ 1,290.00     $ 1,015.00*
  56064              AT-G4           26X Automatic level                $ 1,020.00     $ 805.00*
  56066              AT-G6           24X Automatic Level                $ 810.00       $ 645.00*
  56067              AT-G7           22X Automatic Level                $ 650.00       $ 518.00*
  56082              AT-22A          22X Automatic Level                $ 395.00       $ 355.00*     * Get $50 off any tripod when you
                                                                                                     purchase any of these instruments!

     Serving Surveyors, Engineers & Contractors since 1958
                                       Digital Transits
          Manufacturer     Stock No.                    Model / Description                    Price
         Sokkia           7300-15      DT-510 Electronic Transit, Dual 5‖ Display          $ 3,495.00*
         Sokkia           7300-17      DT-610 Electronic Transit, Single 5‖ Display        $ 2,095.00*
         Topcon           60214        DT-209 Electronic Transit, Single 10‖ Display       $ 2,195.00*
         Topcon           60217        DT-209L Electronic Transit w/ Laser Pointer, 10‖    $ 2,999.00*

                                        Laser Levels

                         Spectra Precision Laser Levels

                                             LL200 LASER LEVEL w/ 3 SCREW LEVELING BASE,
                                             UNIVERSAL ROD CLAMP, HR200 RECEIVER AND SMALL
                                             UNDERSEAT CASE

                                             * Forms, footings and foundations (residential jobs)
                                             * Septic tank or swimming pool installations
                                             * Estimating cut and fill
                                             * Decks and terraces
                                             * Accuracy: +3/32‖ at 100ft / +2 mm at 30m
                                             * Diameter Range: <1000ft / <300m
                                             * Transmitter, receiver, and rod clamp in one compact ―underthe-
                                             seat‖ carry case (requires rod and tripod).
                                             * Runs 100 hours on one D-cell battery
                                             * Only one moving part means there is little to go wrong – and if
                                             it does, there is a next day factory express replacement policy
                                             call 1-888-LASERS1 (US only)
                                             Shipping Weight: 10lb/4.5kg UPC# 69228400014

              Stock No.                     Description                                     Price
             LL200-4          Laser Level 200 w/ HR200 Reciever                           $ 895.00*

                                          * Get $50 off any tripod when you
                                          purchase any of these instruments!

Are you interested in receiving these flyers, product updates and
other materials via E-Mail. If you are, just send an E-Mail to us at and we will add you to our list.

                                             LL300 Visible Beam, Interior/Exterior Laser Level
                                                             (Horizontal only)

                                           The LL300's self-leveling capability results in outstanding accuracy and ease of use.
                                           Since the LL300 levels itself when turned on, setting up is easy with just one button
                                           press. Bright visible beam for interior use. Or add the optional RC601 remote control
                                           to give you the option of controlling the unit from the rod position when doing slope
                                           matching. It also offers single-axis slope mode with self-leveling in the cross axis,
                                           providing more accurate grade measurements.
     Self leveling, one button operation                                                     Applicatiolns:
     Fully protected against adverse weather                                                 * Elevation Control
     Rugged construction. Built to survive a 1.5 meter                                       * Excavations
     drop to concrete and keep functioning.                                                  * Basic slopes
     Increased productivity with self leveling.                                              * Leveling forms & footings
     Comes complete with HR-300 detector                                                     * Concrete pours
                                                                                             * 4 feet / 1 meter marks

                       Stock No                                           Description                                                 Price
                      LL300           LL300 Self-Leveling Laser Level with HR300 Detector                                         $    925.00*
                      LL300-4         LL300 Self-Leveling Laser Level with HR300 Detector & Recharge Kit                          $    995.00*
                      LL300-10        LL300 Self-Leveling Laser Level with HR600 Detector                                         $ 1,375.00*
                      LL300-14        LL300 Self-Leveling Laser Level with HR600 Detector & Recharge Kit                          $ 1,445.00*

                                                 HV-301 SELF-LEVELING
                                                 HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL LASER

  General purpose Construction Laser for Interior and
  Exterior Applications

  The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision™ Laser HV301 is an
  economical laser with exceptional versatility and visibility. Whether
  your job site is indoors or outdoors, the HV301 is capable of                             Features
  handling a wide variety of horizontal, vertical and plumb                                 660’ Range
  applications. Its high-visibility beam enables 90-degree                                  Composite material housing is rugged and lightweight, and is
                                                                                             capable of withstanding a drop of up to 1 meter (3 foot)
  simultaneous rotating and plumb/perpendicular references.
                                                                                            Fully automatic self-leveling in both horizontal and vertical for
                                                                                             easier setups
                                                                                            Highly visible beam and scanning functions for improved jobsite

                * Get $50 off any tripod when you                                           Long-range remote control operation provides convenient access
                purchase any of these instruments!                                           to key functions across the jobsite
                                                                                            Flexible power options, including rechargeable batteries, AC
                                                                                             power and Alkaline batteries, combined with low battery
                                                                                             warnings ensure you can always keep on working

  Stock No.                                                        Description                                                                Price
 HV301              Horizontal / Vertical , Visable Beam Laser w/HR300 Reciever & Recharge Kit                                            $ 1,335.00*
                    HV301 Horizontal / Vertical Interior Pkg. W/ RC601 Remote, M300 Wall Mount &
 HV301-1                                                                                                                                  $ 1,395.00*
                    Recharge Kit
                    HV301 Horizontal / Vertical combination Pkg. W/ RC601 Remote, HR100 Reciever,
 HV301-2                                                                                                                                  $ 1,545.00*
                    M300 Wall Mount & Recharge Kit

                                                            LL500 LASER LEVEL
                                                            W/ HR500 RECEIVER

The Spectra Precision Laser LL500 is a one-person leveling system
designed for the most rugged environment. Accurate, stable and
reliable, the LL500 is ideal for longer-range measurements across
your entire site. It is also compatible with machine control receivers.

  * Checking elevations
  * Setting Concrete forms (small and large jobs)                          Features:
   Checking foundations                                                    * Accuracy: +1/16” at 100ft / +1.5 mm at 30m
  * Digging footings                                                       * Diameter Range: 1600ft / 500m
                                                                           * Rugged, proven design
                                                                           * Stable accuracy in even the most challenging environments
                                                                           * Machine Control compatible
                                                                           Includes: LL500, HR500 receiver, manuals

                            Stock No.                            Description                                      Price
                           LL500                  LL500 Laser level w/ HR500 Receiver                          $1,495.00*
                           1041                   Ni-Cad Battery Pack                                          $     75.00

                                        LL600 LASER LEVEL W/ HR500 RECEIVER

     * Get $50 off any tripod when you
     purchase any of these instruments!

This automatic, self-leveling laser is easy to set up and use.                                  Features:
Rugged, reliable and accurate is the ideal laser for a wide range of                            * Accuracy: <1/16” at 100ft / <1.2 mm at 30m
construction and machine control applications.                                                  * Diameter Range: 800m, 2600 ft
                                                                                                * Machine Control Ready
Applications                                                                                     * Includes LL600 Laser Level, HR500 Receiver, manual,
* Checking elevations                                                                              Alkaline batteries
* Setting Concrete forms (suitable for larger jobs)
* Checking foundations
* Manual grade for very short range slope applications

                                Stock No.                              Description                             Price
                              LL600                 LL600 Laser Level w/ HR500 Receiver                    $1,695.00*

                            Laser Alignment Systems

     True point-to-point alignment information
     Layout & square faster than ever before
     Plumb marks instantly floor to ceiling
     Quality control: check existing conditions
     Save work hours – use PLS as your partner
     Self-leveling. No bubble vials or knobs. Turn it on and go to work!
     Guaranteed accurate within 1/4"@ 100 feet
     Bright reference points. Clearly visible indoors and outdoors
     No detectors necessary
     Durable – built to withstand tough job site conditions
     Battery powered – alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries
     Compact and lightweight – fully portable
           Designed by contractors, for contractors

     Stock No.                  Description                          Price
    PLS5               Laser Alignment System                     $ 495.00
    PLS3               PL3 Laser Tool                             $ 265.00
    PLS2               PLS2 Laser Tool                            $ 299.00

                                  Manufacturer                Stock No.                  Material               Clamp Style               Price
                             Chicago Steel Tape           60-ALQCI20                    Aluminum                Quick Clamp             $ 125.00
                             Chicago Steel Tape           60-WDF20                  Wood/Fiberglass             Quick Clamp             $ 176.00
                             Chicago Steel Tape           60-WDW20HV                      Wood                  Thumb Screw             $ 190.00
                             Sokkia                       7512-52                         Wood                  Thumb Screw             $ 275.00
                             Topcon                       59010                           Wood                  Thumb Screw             $ 305.00
                             Crain (Mound City)           90550                        Composite                Quick Clamp             $ 345.00
                             Crain (Mound City)           90551                        Composite                Thumb Screw             $ 345.00

                                                           Leveling Rods

             Manufacturer         Stock No.               Description                                   Price
          Sokkia                  8073-37        25' Leveling Rod                        F/I            $ 175.00
          Sokkia                  8073-47        25' Leveling Rod                   10's / 100's        $ 175.00
          Sokkia                  8073-57        7M Leveling Rod                       Metric           $ 185.00
          Sokkia                  8073-67        7M / 25' Leveling Rod          Metric / 10's / 100's   $ 195.00
          Crain/Mound City        920042         CR-16-I 16' Leveling Rod                F/I            $ 93.25
          Crain/Mound City        920041         CR-16-T 16' Leveling Rod           10's / 100's        $ 93.25
          Crain/Mound City        903041         SRV-25 25' Leveling Rod                 F/I            $ 190.00

                                                                                                                                                   CR Series

          Crain/Mound City        903040         SRV-25 25' Leveling Rod            10's / 100's        $ 190.00
          Laser Line              GR1000T        Direct Elevation Laser Rod         10's / 100's        $ 185.00
          Laser Line              GR10T          Direct elevation Rod               10's / 100's        $ 165.00

                                                 Magnetic Locators

                                                                                                         Extends for greater sensitivity
  Manufacturer                Stock No.        Price
Schonstedt                    GA-52CX        $ 715.00
Schonstedt                    GA-72CD        $ 825.00                                                            Retracts for eaiser
Schonstedt                    GA-92Xi        $ 830.00
Schonstedt                    GA-92XTd       $ 900.00
Chicago Steel Tape             19-550        $ 589.00
Chicago Steel Tape             19-555        $ 595.00
Chicago Steel Tape             19-557        $ 679.00

                                              Tribrachs & Adapters

  7311-35                                        61-2525                                   2070-00                                 61-2520

                         Manufacturer           Stock No.                        Description                  Sale Price
                     Sokkia                  7311-35               Tribrach w/Optical Plummet                $ 405.00
                     Topcon                  55501                 Tribrach w/Optical Plummet                $ 435.00
                     Chicago Steel Tape      61-3500GRY            Tribrach w/Optical Plummet                $ 325.00
                     Chicago Steel Tape      61-4500GRY            "Value Line" Tribrach w/Optical Plummet   $ 260.00
                     Chicago Steel Tape      61-2520               Tribrach Adapter                          $   45.00
                     Seco Mfg                2070-00               Tribrach Adapter                          $   87.00
                     Chicago Steel Tape      61-2525               Tribrach Adapter                          $ 72.00

                                             Prism Poles & Prisms

                              Manufacturer             Stock No.                       Description                Sale Price
                       Horizon                 ADS800-QL                  8' Graduated Prism Pole                $ 109.99

                       Seco Mfg.               5700-10                    Quick Release Prism Pole               $ 125.00
                       Seco Mfg.               5500-11                    8' Twistlok Prism Pole                 $ 145.00
                       Chicago Steel Tape      67-4508TMA                 8' Quick Release Prism Pole            $ 135.00
                       Crain/Mound City        90280                      8' Fiberglass Prism Pole               $ 165.00

                                                                    - 10 -
63-1010                                                      63-2010                                                            64-2010

                Manufacturer           Stock No.                           Description                      Sale Price
            Horizon                ADS102               "Mini" Prism System                                 $ 109.00
            Chicago Steel Tape     64-2010              Aluminum Single Prism Assembly                      $ 120.00
            Chicago Steel Tape     63-2010              Single Tilting Prism w/ Target                      $ 125.00
            Chicago Steel Tape     63-2010M             Single Tilting Prism w/ Target– Aluminum            $ 130.00
            Chicago Steel Tape     63-1010              Single Tilting Prism w/ Target                      $ 145.00

          Motorola Two-Way Radios & Accessories
                                 Motorola XTN™ Series Professional Two-Way Radio's

                       The Motorola XTN Series of business two-way radios is designed for heavy duty,
                       everyday industrial use. The lightweight XTN Series is perfectly suited for construction,
                       manufacturing, property management, security, retail, and more. Available in single or
                       multiple frequency versions, UHF & VHF, all with multiple channels for added security.
                       Don’t forget lapel mics, or a variety of standard or voice activated headsets.
                       Model/Stock No.                         XV1100Y                   XV2100                          XV2600
                       Band                                      VHF                      VHF                             VHF
                       Transmit Power                           1 Watt                    2 Watt                          2 Watt
                       # of Channels                               1                        1                               6
                       # of Frequencies                           27                       27                              27
                       Special Features                   Yellow Face Plate        Voice Scramble, iVOX       Voice Scramble, iVOX, Scan
                       Selling Price                           $ 225.00                  $ 245.00                        $ 279.00

                                       Measuring Wheels
                       Model                                      Description                              Price
                      MM-12            Single 4‖ Dia. Wheel, 1000’ Range W/ Telescoping Handle            $44.83
                      MM-12-Twin       Dual 4‖ Diam. Wheels, 1000’ Range W/Telescoping Handle             $66.25
                      MM-30            Single 11‖ Dia. Wheel, 10,000’ Range W/ Folding Handle             $106.03
                      MM-50            Single 19‖ Wheel, 10,000 Range W/ Folding Handle                   $111.13
                      300              Single 11 1/4" Wheel, 100,000' Range w/Folding Handle              $ 117.25
                      400              Single 15‖ Dia. Spoked Wheel, 100,000’ Range w/Stand               $148.88
                      415              Single 15‖ Dia. Solid Hub Wheel, 100,000’ Range w?Stand            $151.01

     Available in a variety of styles. Feet & inches, feet & tenths, metric. Single wheel, double
     wheel, fixed or extendable handles.

                                                              - 11 -
                          Measuring Tapes & Rules

                       Scientific Instruments, Inc. carries a complete line of
                       Measuring Tapes & Rules from -

                       - Lufkin - Keson - Sokkia - Chicago Steel Tape
                         and more!

                                       Fiberglass - NyClad - Steel
                                  Feet & Inches / 10's & 100th's / Metric

                                       Safety Supplies

                                                  Safety Clothing                             Strobe
                          Hard Hats             (Dozens of Styles, Colors,                   Beacons
                       (standard & "special")   Sizes & materials)
                                                                             Traffic Cones
    Warning Signs

     Call us, fax us, e-mail us, stop in to our showroom in
     Milwaukee, or ask that our mobile showroom stops by
`    your Madison or Fox Valley job site. In any case, we have
     what you need. Let us put our experience to work for you.

                    Terms: Commercial Accounts with approved credit - Net 10 Days
                               Governmental agencies – Net 30 Days
                                   Visa & Master Card accepted

                                  All prices subject to change without notice

                                                    - 12 -