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mass association of realtors


256 Second Ave
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: (781) 890-3700
Fax: (781) 890-4919

Thank you for joining the Massachusetts             each spring at the Massachusetts State House to
Association of REALTORS® (MAR). Together with       voice industry views on legislation and
your local REALTOR® association, MAR is             regulations affecting property rights and the
uniquely positioned to assist you in making the     practice of real estate.
most out of your real estate career.
                                                    Massachusetts REALTORS® Political Action is your one-stop-shop for         Committee is an integral part of MAR’s efforts to
comprehensive industry- and association-related     support elected public officials who support
news and information, membership resources          public policy favorable to the real estate
and publications, a calendar featuring online       industry.
course and event registration, as well as
statistical data on the Massachusetts housing       Professional Development - MAR offers
market, real estate as a career, and consumer       numerous education and professional
tips. It is also where you can go to find out       designation courses around the state each year
detailed information about the member benefits      to further your career and increase your
mentioned below.                                    knowledge in specialty areas of practice.

MAR Tech Helpline gives you unlimited access to     MAR Conference and Trade Show, held annually
a staff of trained technology counselors who can    in the fall, features an extensive education
assist you in resolving problems with computer      curriculum that allows members to attend
hardware, software, and more. Available             continuing education classes and professional
weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at             development seminars, as well as the state’s
1-866-232-1837.                                     largest industry trade show.

The MAR Legal Hot Line provides office              Member Discounts - MAR has partnered with
principals, branch managers, their designees,       numerous companies that provide special
and other qualified members with direct access      discounts and rates on a variety of products and
to a staff attorney who can provide information     services to members including: insurance, office
on real estate law and related regulatory and       products and services, technology products and
ethical matters. The hot line is available          services, an MAR credit card, and more.
weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at
1-800-370-5342.                                     REALTOR® Digest is a monthly email newsletter
                                                    that contains relevant and timely news briefs,
Legal Issues Briefing Papers include a written      analysis of the housing market and a calendar of
synopsis of relevant law, answers to commonly       upcoming education programs being offered
asked questions, and other important                around the state.
considerations for agents/brokers to help limit
risk to liability and increase professionalism in   “Keeping it Real: The MAR Report” is MAR’s
the field of real estate.                           official monthly Podcast. It is a source of news
                                                    and information about MAR and the real estate
REALTOR® Legislative Action Center includes         industry. The show can be listened to and
summaries of pending bills and newly-passed         downloaded at
laws; monitors the progress of state and federal
legislation; provides lawmakers’ positions and/or   Bay State REALTOR® is a bi-monthly magazine
voting records on specific bills; and allows the    filled with information that will help you limit
ability to send correspondence to legislators and   your legal liability, improve your sales and
regulatory agencies directly via email.             marketing skills, keep you informed of public
                                                    policy issues affecting property owners and real
REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill annually gathers        estate professionals, and more.
REALTORS® from across the state as a group

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