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                                   6th June 2008

Help Jack save Lives

                                                   Jack Ormrod is like most other
                                                   twelve-year-olds, he loves to
                                                   spend time meeting up with
                                                   friends and playing computer

                                             But in real life Jack has a lot
                                             more to deal with than the
                                             average 12-year-old. He is
                                             suffering from Chronic Myeloid
                                             Leukaemia. There are
                                             approximately 500 new cases
                                             each year in the UK. It is
characterised by the presence of large numbers of abnormal, mature
granulocytes, circulating in the blood.

At the moment Jack condition is being managed well with medication but
there may be a time in the future that he will require a bone marrow
transplant. Jack is very lucky as his brother has been found to be a perfect
bone marrow match for him. Around 30 % of patients requiring a transplant
will find one from a member of their family but the other 70% of patients have
to ask the Anthony Nolan trust to find them a donor.

Jack is aware of how lucky he is having a match within his family, so now he
wants to help all the patients that are not so lucky. The sad reality is that for
many patients searching for a Bone Marrow Donor, there is just no match
available. The simple truth is that the more people who join the bone marrow
regsiter, the better the chance of matching a donor for the 16,000 other
patients who currently need a transplant.

It’s a simple matter of numbers:

              more people on the register = more lives saved.

Today Jack’s family and friends are calling on all local people to help them
find matches for the 16,000 people currently searching for a bone marrow
match. They are working with the Anthony Nolan Trust to set up a Bone
Marrow Clinic to scour the region for people who can help.
                              Tuesday 17th June

                           Rooms F27 and F28.
                       Education and Training Centre,
                              Werneth House,
                        Tameside General Hospital,
                               Fountain St,
                           Ashton Under Lyne.
                                 OL6 9RW.
                            10.30am – 1.30pm

People are urged to attend the clinic during these hours and join the register.

The Anthony Nolan Trust helps patients like Jack by holding a register of
volunteers who are willing to donate their bone marrow to a complete
stranger, should they share the exact same tissue type. In most cases this
transplant offers the patient their only chance of survival. In order to recruit
volunteers onto the register, we hold donor recruitment clinics where local
people can attend to give a very small blood sample. This sample may be all
that is ever required of you – but you never know, you may turn out to be a
match and go on to save a life. Donating your bone marrow requires a minor
medical procedure and your body replaces the bone marrow that has been
taken within 21 days

Rebecca Sedgwick, Donor Recruitment Manager for the North West for the
Anthony Nolan Trust, said: “The clinic that we are holding in Tameside has
been inspired by Jack. He wants people to step up and take on the challenge
to save the lives of the 16,000 people who need bone marrow transplants
across the UK.

“We need people to go on our register as donors. We hope to find a suitable
match for all the patients waiting for a transplant”

To be able to register as a bone marrow donor, you must be aged between
18-40 years, be in good general health, weigh over 8 stone and be willing to
help save the life of ANY patient you may match.

For more information about becoming a bone marrow donor, please visit the
Anthony Nolan website at


 The criteria for joining the register is very important, please publish
    •         New donors must be aged between 18- 40yrs old, and in
        good health, weigh over 8 stone, not be severely overweight and
        be willing to donate stem cells to ANY patient they may ever

     •        Key target groups: male donors, young donors and donors
         from all ethnic minority backgrounds. More donors are sought due
         to shortages from these vital groups.

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