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prepaid visa master card


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									1800 West Loop South, Suite 1400 • Houston, TX 77027 • 1.800.PRECASH • www.precash.com

Company Background

Headquartered in Houston, PreCash, Inc. was founded in 1998 with the vision of
providing mainstream financial options to consumers who are not served by traditional
credit and debit card models. PreCash® provides a convenient, real-time payment
system that converts cash into electronic payments at more than 35,000 retail locations
nationwide. PreCash provides benefits to cash-paying customers and also offers
retailers and service providers an effective way to attract and keep customers in the
growing cash-based consumer market.

PreCash develops systems that allow a consumer to turn their cash into an electronic
payment to a service provider or stored value account at a third-party retail outlet.
Whether the transaction is for prepaid cell phone refills, paying bills or prepaid Visa and
MasterCard cards, the PreCash real-time posting feature allows consumers to have
immediate access to funds or the knowledge that their payment will be applied quickly
and seamlessly. As a single-source solution, PreCash offers retailers a simplified user
interface and integrated settlement, reconciliation and reporting. With an accuracy rate
of 99.8% on all transactions, PreCash is the industry’s most reliable option for electronic
payment transactions.

Bill Pay
The PreCash Bill Pay Service allows customers to make payments at retail location for
regularly recurring bills from PreCash-partnered Service Providers. Transactions are
posted in real-time, with funds available within 10 minutes to four hours. The customer
hands a personalized PreCash card, along with any amount of payment, to a PreCash
retailer, who uses a patented process to swipe the card at a terminal and apply the
payment transaction to the consumer’s account within seconds.

The reusable PreCash card functions as an identification tool that enables fast, accurate
payments to the account identified in the card’s magnetic strip. PreCash has no set
payment amounts and allows consumers to choose the amount and frequency of

Prepaid Refills
Merchants enabled to perform Prepaid Refills on the PreCash network issue electronic
refills to customers seeking a fast, convenient way to add minutes to their prepaid
wireless phone plans. Easy and reliable, PreCash offers consumers multiple national
and regional carriers from which to choose, including Boost, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin
Mobile, TracFone and ALLTEL.

Vision Prepaid Cards
The Vision line of prepaid cards enable customers to turn their cash into the power of a
genuine Visa or MasterCard card and receive the same convenience, security and cost-
saving benefits as consumers who have traditional credit or debit cards. The cards can
be reloaded at all participating PreCash retailers and then used anywhere Debit Visa® or
Debit MasterCard® is accepted worldwide, including at over 900,000 ATMs.

As of July 2006, PreCash and its retailers only sell the Vision PremierSM Prepaid Visa®
card, but they still support and reload Vision MasterCard cards. The Vision Premier
Prepaid Visa is a real Visa card that can be purchased in a retail location and used
immediately after the initial load, with no waiting period. A permanent, embossed Vision
Premier Prepaid Visa card arrives in the mail 7-10 days after purchase and identity
validation, and funds are immediately rolled over, with no action needed to be taken by
the cardholder. The cards are issued by BankFirst.

Retailers often need the ability to take deposits from customers before they can sell
those customers phones and initiate wireless service. PreCash allows retailers to fulfill
the deposit function for customers who do not have an established credit history or who
lack ties to a bank or credit card. This not only allows consumers to obtain wireless
service, but also helps retailers boost profits through the sale of phones to customers
who may otherwise not be able to purchase them.

PreCash key differentiators….

Simplified retailer interface. Transactions can be easily processed through the
PreCash virtual point of sale interface, PreCash WebConnect, or on the PreCash
Express Dial Terminal or retailer’s existing POS device

Single source solution. PreCash offers the retailer a simplified user interface and
integrated settlement, reconciliation, and reporting.

Guaranteed accuracy. The PreCash process is more accurate than other
replenishment products on the market, boasting 99.7% accuracy on account postings.

Collection of deposits. PreCash facilitates the collection of deposits for the initial
activations of subscription-based services.

Immediate consumer access. The PreCash network collects funds daily and
seamlessly posts customer payments in real time to the service provider.

Convenient locations. U.S. customers can refill their prepaid accounts or pay bills with
cash at over 35,000 retail stores displaying the PreCash logo.

Prepaid Refills
No preset amounts. Customers can purchase prepaid services for as much, or as little
as their budget allows, as often as they like.

No plastic cards. PreCash refills are accomplished entirely electronically, eliminating
the need for cumbersome plastic cards.

Bill Pay
No preset amounts. Customers can purchase prepaid services for as much, or as little
as their budget allows, as often as they like.

Reusable card. The reusable PreCash card helps service providers and retailers build
loyalty, improve revenue and increase in-store traffic.

Multiple cards. Multiple cards can be associated with a customer’s service account,
allowing others to load value into their account as necessary (for example, as a gift).

Vision Prepaid Cards
Instant Functionality. The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa is the first REAL Visa card to
be sold at a retail outlet. It can be activated and used before the consumer ever leaves
the store.

Service Providers
PreCash provides major service providers with a method of serving the cash-based
segment of their market, offering both prepaid and postpaid options to the nation’s top
telecommunications and cable providers.

Prepaid service providers include:
             ALLTEL
             Cingular
             Boost
             TracFone
             Verizon
             T-Mobile
             Virgin Mobile
             Additional regional service providers

Bill Pay service providers include:
              Sprint PCS
              Embarq
              T-Mobile
              DIRECTV
              DISH Network
              Nextel

PreCash offers retailers the opportunity to build foot traffic and generate new revenue at
35,000 major retail locations across the country. Participating retailers include:
              RadioShack
              Wal-Mart
              Ace Check Cashing
              Numerous independent retailers

John Chaney, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Calvin Williams, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Richard Dietz, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Matt Callahan, Chief Technology Officer
Randy Templeton, Senior Vice President of Marketing
Steve Taylor, Senior Vice President of Operations
Michael Boston, Vice President of Human Resources

In 2005, PreCash was the recipient of the following awards and honors:
       Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500, no. 26
       Deloitte Fast 500, no. 18
       Deloitte Texas Technology Fast 50, no. 3
       Houston Business Journal Fast Tech 50, no. 35
       Houston Business Journal Enterprise Champion
       Houston Business Journal Houston Small Business 100
       John Chaney, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Gulf Coast Finalist


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