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					Why Cash Back Gas Cards Make Sense In This Economy
It may seem to be a losing fight but we found a simple solution to not only save 5% per gasoline purchase but also how to save up to 20% on most of
the other stuff we buy. And, not only saving on gasoline but on auto maintenance too thanks to cash back credit card rewards!

• Using credit cards gas rewards to purchase your gas, can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Just add it up for yourself. How much did you spend
on gas last month? Multiply that by 12 months for an average. How much is 5% off? We will save about $400 in the next 12 months using one of these
major cards. We also use it on groceries because our grocery chain gives us 10-20-cents off a gallon at their pumps for every $50 we spend in
groceries and in the pharmacy. We pay at the pump with the card, get an instant 10-20-cents off per gallon plus another 5% cash back. Sweet! Eh?

• This is not a special credit card. The only difference between this credit card gas rewards card is the cashback part. Plus, as a bonus, this card gives
you several ways to get some of your hard earned money back on purchases you likely are already making with those other cards. Shop their
exclusive online store and get as much as 20% cashback. Most people do not know they have an exclusive shopping site offering national brand

• Look, not using a cashback credit card is like throwing money out the window. The money is better in your pocket, isn't it? If not, email me for my
home address and you can send the money to me! I'll donate it to charity.

• Do you remember when gas stations used to charge a lower price for cash versus credit card purchases? That's because of the cost to them of using
a card processing service. No more though. I believe they simply raised the cash price to compensate for the cost of credit card processing. So, when
someone pays cash, they make the additional profit and maintain their profit margins. It's a win-win for them.

• This card provider also offers my favorite perk - 0% interest for 12 months on new accounts. We love 0% credit cards. We have not paid interest on a
credit card in 13 years now.

• Now, watch out for where you get a gas card. We got one at (name withheld) which gives 5-cents a gallon discount when you use their card at their
stations. The problem was they sent a bill by mail that had to be paid by mail. That cost 43-cents postage to send them the check. That's 8-gallons
savings lost to the Postal Service. So much for their credit card gas reward.

• Another important feature of this card is a $0 fraud liability guarantee! With many other cards, you are liable for the first $50 or $100. If you shop
online like I do, this is a major benefit. And, of course, you still get cashback.

They also have card for students. This card is specially designed for students who need to establish their credit and have a way to float the cost of
books, classes, etc.

Be cautious when applying for this type of card. Read the fine print of the offer. Know what you are getting into so you don't get slammed with
exhorbitant interest charges and fees. To avoid this trap, shoot for a card that has a 0% interest and zero fees introductory offer to start.

Finally, keep this in mind: The right gasoline cash back card will save you a bundle. Choose wisely.

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Jim DeSantis is a former TV News Investigative Reporter who edits 35 blogs and websites. For more information go to Money Matters.


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