Premium Pull-up info sheet by sdfsb346f


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									                                                                           Height:	           	    2170mm
                                                                           Width: 		      	        870mm
                                                                           Footrpint: 	   	        870mm x 300mm
                                                                           Weight:	           	    4.5 kgs

                                                                           Visible size:	 	        2050mm x 850mm

                                                                           Package Size::

                                                                           Cost for 1off
                                                                           not including VAT or delivery: 	    	

                                                                           discounts are available for quantities

Focus on Speed with a
Voyager Premium                                                                                   TM

Pull-up Display

Very easy to put up, lightweight with an attractive satin-anodised finish. The
graphic panel is printed on a light-blocking material with a scratch-resistant
overlaminate. The whole unit needs to be returned to us in order for the graphic
to be changed

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