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  September 23rd, 2005
                                                               PLANET                              The American University of Paris

  Counselors Call It Quits
  Three international admissions coun-
  selors have left AUP. Six members of
  the admissions staff have taken the
  same decision within the last year.
                  Alhan Keser

            Admissions counselors Bruna Allain
  and Amanda Williams, from the Paris office,
  and Shawn Rae Passalacqua, from the U.S.
  office, said goodbye to AUP in September. Al-
  lain and Williams simultaneously announced
  their resignation on July 11, while Passalac-
  qua, who had been searching for an opening
  in another university received a telephone call
  in early September to take on a similar posi-
  tion from his alma mater, Middlebury College.
  All three have worked at AUP for over five
  years and Allain, 30, is an AUP alum.
            This latest wave of resignations is
  nothing new in the Admissions department.
  All began in September 2004 when Vice
  president of Enrollment, William Black, left the
  University after five years at AUP and a total                                                    Amanda Williams and Bruna Allain leave the office for the last time.
  of twenty years of admissions experience. In
                                                     for so long.”                                     He played a key role in 2004 in the selection
  his footsteps, senior admissions counselor
                                                               “Sticking together is what made us      of the new University logo and has since been
  Isabelle Cota ended her eight-year-long stay
                                                     strong,” says Williams, “It is what was great     concentrating on renewing the AUP image
  at AUP for a position at the Sorbonne. Pe-
                                                     about our department. Counselors from other       and increasing enrollment numbers.
  ter Hammer, Cota’s colleague for five years
                                                     schools were amazed to see us year after                   “A change in direction often leads to
  and an AUP alum, was dismissed in October.
                                                     year, always together.”                           a change among the employees,” says Dean
  Only Randy Vener, supervisor of financial aid,
                                                               Communications professor Peter          of Students Paul Marcille, “In any company,
  remains of the six admissions staff members
                                                     Barnet replaced Black in November and has         employees may keep an ‘allegiance’ to their
  present at Orientation fall 2004.
                                                     since been appointed Executive Director for       former boss and may not wish to work for a
            “It’s normal,” says Passalacqua, “The
                                                     University Advancement (see Interview page        new director.”
  usual turn-over for admissions counselors is
                                                     6). Professor Barnet has had a life-long career                            Continued on page 6.
  about two years. It is quite exceptional to see
                                                     as a marketing and advertising executive, no-
  an admissions staff that has stayed together
                                                     tably working with brands such as Sara Lee.

                                                     < Saris and                                                                 < Homesick?
> Inside

                                                                                                                                  Google has the
                                                          A look at                                                                solution. Your

                              13                                                                       14
                                                       the Parisian                                                                  home seen
                                                           Ganesh                                                                   from space!
             > Let the games begin...
                                    Dominique Hess                                   the really hot place with those classy plastic cups of tequila sun-
                                                                                     rise, or you might just not remember…which is ok too, there was
                                                                                     the open Mic night/happy hour, which might have been a great
                       As orientation week kicks off the start of a new semester,    time for many, and by many I mean those under the influence,
            it also confirms the beginning of a very promising party season.          but to most performers the sale of alcohol just seemed distract-
                       For only being here a little more than two weeks I, as        ing for both the audience and the performer.
            a freshman, have already come to a conclusion concerning the                        This was followed by the Pub Crawl where I have the
            topic of partying at AUP… There is obviously not a lack of it.           strangest feeling that more people actually came than signed
            When the SGA President Ann Lillienthal’s main announcement               up (yeah I was one of them) but from the point of entering that
            during the University Convocations meeting was about the                 overcrowded bus until the very end of the night, which might
            “eighty Euros Special” of buying a bottle and getting your own           be a blur to most of us, was still a great time. The SGA recep-
            table for free during their clubbing night, I realized that I was not    tion for students, also known as “the free booze give away” was
            in Kansas anymore.                                                       a hit among new and returning students. “It went as well as it
                       Not that I am from Kansas, but from where I am (Zu-           could have” explained SGA Social Senator Mike Freyer to me
            rich, Switzerland) finding a place to fit more than a dozen people         as I asked him what he thought about the outcome of the events
            that stays open after sunset can be a bit of hassle, let alone an        planned by the SGA during Orientation. “It worked because we
            entire University, but than again it’s not like we’re the University     had many dedicated individuals who deserve credit for doing a
            of Michigan, where a graduating class has about as many people           lot of work and organizing.” To the SGA and the people attend-
            as does the principality of Monaco. But I’m straying from my top-        ing these events both nights were a success, and in the words
            ic…let’s give a round of applause to our Student government for          of Mike this semester will be “a lot of fun, great parties and great
            organizing such an eventful and teenage-friendly (and by “teen-          cultural events.” So let the games begin…
            age-friendly” I mean alcohol) orientation! Along with the clubbing
            night on Saturday September 3rd, which you might remember as

            > Up in Smoke                                                                                      > Planet Poll: AUP
                              Ashley Ellefson                                                                       Smoking Habits
                       Last week I found myself at an over-
            crowded table in Amex trying not to let everyone
                                                                                                               AUP TOTAL (50 participants):
            see that I was holding my breath. I was sitting
            with an AUP student from Turkey and her friend,                                                    Smokers.........................42%
            who, between cigarettes, were discussing quin-                                                     No thanks!......................58%
            tessential culture differences. Eventually my new
            acquaintance said, “I have to ask you, why don’t
            Californians smoke?” Here is my attempt at an
                                                                                     CLASS(IFYING) SMOKERS:
                       I’m from California – the land of movie
            stars and sunshine. Some time ago the Holly-                                           Freshman Class............25%
            wood glamour associated with smoking vanished                                          Sophomore Class..........45%
            and the image of the Hollywood starlet has trans-                                      Junior Class...................50%
            formed from the voluptuous beauty with a cigarette                                     Senior Class...................46%
            in her hand to the unnaturally thin blonde with a                        OF SMOKERS:
            dog in her purse. Since my youth I’ve been bom-
                                                                                                   A half pack or more..........48%
            barded by anti-smoking campaigns. The “smok-
            ing kills” message is plastered across the media,                                      A pack a day or more.......29%
            preached by elders, and taught in school. I know

            some people from home who smoke, but they                                                   Smoke at AUP..................38%
            are either “trying to quit,” or “on their last pack.”
            Californians now regard smoking as a dangerous
                                                                                     I’LL STOP SMOKING WHEN…
            habit rather than as fashionable.
                       Before coming to Paris I took for granted                                 …I have lung cancer...............14%
            laws in California that prohibit smoking inside pub-                                 …the price rises dramatically...10%
            lic places. At my home university school policy                                      …one of the Olsen Twins wins best actress
            forbids smoking on campus. At AUP smoking is                                        or hell freezes over.....................5%
            commonplace. Sometimes I cannot believe my
            eyes. Packs of people standing outside Grenelle
            casually smoking: preposterous! A professor                              OF NON-SMOKERS: Why don’t you smoke?
            having a cigarette between classes: unheard of!                                      It’s Unhealthy...................43%
            Someone in a bar who smokes not one but five                                          It’s Disgusting..................31%
            cigarettes per hour: dizzying! In California smok-                                   Expensive........................17%
            ing connotes negative stigmas; in Paris smoking                                      Asthma or other ailment...5%
            personifies culture.
                       So, what is a girl to do? Take up smok-
            ing? Single-handedly lead a crusade against                             Note: Incomplete/self-conflicting surveys were disqualified
            smoking in France? Carry around a personal fan                          for accuracy. Survey conducted by John Paul Parmigiani for
            and breathe through a bandana? I’ll take none of                        The Planet.
            the above. Smoking is one habit I don’t plan to
            pick up in Paris, but it’s one I’ll learn to live with.
> Another Slip-Up, Mr. President?

                                                                                                                                                > OPINION & PEOPLE
             Julie Abramoff                    help. The President who so aptly comfort-      breached New Orleans’ levees, Bush was
                                               ed the American people after September         not around to safeguard his country and
          In response to what will prove       11th attacks was no longer. Today, he is       not swift enough in taking action.
among the deadliest natural disasters to       a withered man proven wrong in his dec-                    Today, we wait to see if the Pres-
hit the U.S., the President “should have       larations on Iraqi nuclear weapons and         ident can make amends. He has few Na-
done better” according to sixty-seven per-     unable to secure the homeland against          tional Guardsmen who are not deployed
cent of Americans. Our president, who          Mother Nature.                                 to Iraq. Those lucky enough to escape
threw America and an unnamed number                       Instead of uniting America in the   New Orleans find themselves in long lines
of young soldiers into war against the         aftermath of Katrina, Bush’s misdirected       and sweltering heat. Our President, so
faceless enemy he calls “terror,” was try-     and delayed reactions have caused his          confident to invade and command foreign
ing to preserve his conservative support       approval rating to go down four points.        countries but unable to protect or take care
group last Monday while tragedy struck         He has become the reverberate image of         of his own people, has quite the problem
Louisiana.                                     his father who thirteen years ago franti-      on his hands. Katrina will end up costing
          The President, having recently       cally commanded Washington’s all-too-          billions. It is an expenditure the President
returned from his August vacation, spent       slow response to Hurricane Andrew’s            cannot handle, yet he continues to prom-
Tuesday in Arizona before making his way       devastation. Bush’s reaction last week is      ise tax cuts. In his fight to save the world,
to a San Diego celebration. When weath-        what Eleanor Cliff calls a “colossal failure   America got left behind. Thousands are
er reports showed floodwaters ready to          of leadership,” what Mary Landrieu refers      dead, hundreds of thousands are home-
destroy a prized American city, he was on      to as “staggering incompetence...insult-       less, and George W. Bush lacks the
holiday. When disaster struck and thou-        ing to the people of our States.”              power to respond. He was on vacation
sands of Americans were missing, he was                   In today’s advanced world, Kat-     when we first called, discussing politics
discussing Medicare in Arizona. From the       rina, unlike a terrorist attack, was amaz-     when we found him, and now misusing
man who believes it’s his duty to lead the     ingly predictable. The storm, named ten        U.S. forces while we need him.
new world, he was overtly unprepared. By       days before it hit, had federal workers
the time Congress’ initial $10.5 billion was   following its trail through the Bahamas,       Read more on Katrina on pages 6 & 7.
finally put to use, ninety countries from       Florida, and on its way to the Gulf Coast.
around the world had stepped in to offer       When the all-too predictable storm

> People News
                                                                       - her dog Tinkerbell. The cute Chihuahua with disgustingly
                                                                       tiny doggy couture has been passed to Paris’s mother so that
                                                                       Paris can devote more attention to her younger dog, Bambi.
                                                                       I’m sure Bambi will serve just as well as Paris’s new acces-
                         Celeste Rhoads                                sory.
                                                                                 Naomi Campbell’s also been prone to junior high
                                                                       antics lately. Actress Yvonne Scio has accused long legs Nao-
          There are some huge stories this month in the celeb-
                                                                       mi of attacking her after some squabble over a Fendi dress.
rity world.
                                                                                 Mariah Carey and Eminem are at it once again as
          It’s a boy for Britney! The pop singer was “ecstatic”
                                                                       well. Eminem is using Mariah as the butt of a few jokes for his
to announce the birth of her and hubby Kevin Federline’s, first
                                                                       Anger Management tour, leading Mariah’s manager, Benny
child together. The baby was delivered by Caesarean section
                                                                       Medina, to make a catty comment about Eminem’s “declin-
on Wednesday, September 14th, in Santa Monica. Now she
                                                                       ing record and concert-ticket sales” lately. Ouch. There’s your
can finally kiss her baby one more time...
                                                                       dose of uselessly enlightening and terribly important informa-
          Sean, “P-Diddy” Combs has dropped the P and
                                                                       tion about the celebrity world. Enjoy. And please, don’t follow
will now be known only as “Diddy”, not” Puff Daddy”, “P. Did-
                                                                       the lead of the filthy rich and start any fights, okay?
dy” or “Puffy Combs”, but simply “Diddy”.
          Paris Hilton has also dropped one of her trademarks

> Coming to Paris                                                                 You speak like a cockney and you can locate Sussex
                                                                       on a map then Revolver, Guy Ritchie’s new film, is made for you;
                                                                       Lock, Stock… and Snatch resurrected the British gangster movie
                        Jean-Julien Kahn                               now we can only wish that Revolver won’t bury it on the 28th of
                                                                                  The coolest “brother and sister” of garage rock are com-
           On the 22nd of September everyone is expected at La         ing all the way from Detroit on the 17th of October; The White
Maroquinerie to listen to the Editors; with a wicked mixture of        Stripes accompanied by all the songs from their killer album are
new wave and rock this band will blow your mind away and make          probably going to make the Zenith explode.
Joy Division sound like Coldplay.                                                 Anyone who has read and liked Dicken’s Oliver Twist will
           Jamiroquai is going to tear Bercy apart on the 23rd of      probably want to see Twist (28th of September) by Jacob Tierney
September; he has a couple of new hats and many new songs so           with Nick Stahl in the lead role; this movie is a twisted Oliver Twist
this could easily be the resurrection everyone has been waiting for    (I know that was really easy) with Oliver as a male prostitute. The
all these years.                                                       other you will want to see is the much more classical adaptation by
           The MK2 awaits you on the 21st of September for the         Roman Polanski with Ben Kingsley being released on the 19th
release of David LaChapelle’s hit documentary Rize; this extraor-      of October; Polanski will probably magnify this story and release a
dinary journey through South Central will introduce you to a new       new Oscar winning movie.
form of dancing/art called Krump.                                                 And last but not least, the best thing that has happened
           The crazy E is coming to Paris on the 10th of October       to rock in the last 5 years will crash the Zenith on the 28th of Octo-
with Eels at the Grand Rex; let’s hope that this uptight stage will    ber; Franz Ferdinand’s new album isn’t out yet but if it is as good
not scare our favourite (but also the weirdest) American folk/rock     as their first one this concert will be a memorable experience.
        > Interdependence Day at AUP
               Allie D’Aurora             hard to prepare a series of       mental organizations (NGO)         talent displayed at the White
                                          events that would speak to        conferences. The first day of       Mask and Spoken Word per-
                  As the rain poured      the youth at AUP, and would       events occurred on the AUP         formances was incredible
        on Saturday, September 10,        hopefully let them overcome       campus, while the other two        and she valued the student
        AUP students and faculty          their prejudices.                 days took place at the Opéra       body gathering to see a big-
        gathered in the Grenelle and                According to the        Bastille and the Hôtel de          ger picture. Even though
        Combes buildings to take part     invitation Comparative Lit-       Ville. The affairs taking place    Rhoads said she thought
        in Interdependence Day. This      erature professor Celeste         in the Grenelle building gave      AUP students are tolerant of
        day marks an international        Schenck sent students AUP,        AUP students a chance to           other nationalities, she en-
        celebration of the interde-       partnered with CiviWorld and      be involved with the celebra-      courages the concept of In-
        pendence of world cultures,       Collegium, held three days        tion by running those events.      terdependence Day.
        nations and religions. Faculty    of activities ranging from                  Junior       Crislaine             “I don’t think AUP
        and student leaders worked        spoken word to non-govern-        Medina said she became             has a problem accepting
                                                                            involved with Interdepend-         other cultures, but it’s never
                                                                            ence Day when heads of             a bad idea to bring people
                                                                            the organization asked her         closer,” Rhoads said.
                                                                            to read poetry. Medina said                  While students did
                                                                            she has been involved with         attend the student perform-
                                                                            Spoken Word at AUP and             ances, Medina said she
                                                                            joined Interdependence Day         wants more of the student
                                                                            to spread the message of in-       body aware of the concerns
                                                                            terdependence.                     raised by Interdependence
                                                                                      “To me, Interde-         Day. However, Medina said
                                                                            pendence Day is taking the         she recognizes that the
                                                                            separation between people          number of students who re-
                                                                            and trying to make it invis-       ceive the message is not im-
                                                                            ible,” she said. “It shows         portant.
                                                                            people how much the same                     “Sure, I wish the en-
                                                                            we are, instead of how differ-     tire student body paid atten-
                                                                            ent.”                              tion to these issues, but you
                                                                                      The message stu-         don’t need a huge group to
                                                                            dent leaders portrayed was         make a difference,” Medina
                                                                            appreciated by most of the         said. “We might not attract
                                                                            students who attended this         the bigger population of AUP,
                                                                            presentation, like junior Ce-      but as long as we attract
                                                                            leste Rhoads. She said the         some people it’s cool.”

        > Orientation seen by a new student
                   Maximilian Hagen                   fromage we were “treated” to bunless          US didn’t prepare me for a single conver-
                                                      burgers and big slices of greasy pizza.       sation here in Paris.
                                                      Home didn’t feel so far away after all. Af-              That night the student advisors
                  I remember what I thought           ter a few meetings and one lecture the        took us out for a night on the town. For
        when I scanned the crowded lobby of the       day came to a close, and I found myself       the first time in history I was allowed to
        FIAP for the first time: What have I gotten    back in my dorm room with a cultural          legally drink wine. The night turned out
        myself into? Nowhere did I see the fear-      melting pot of people. With me was a          to be fabulous. With the combination of
        loathing, crêpe-eating, barrette-wearing      Filipino, a Russian, a Hungarian and a        discounted beer and friendly classmates
        French intellectuals who had painted my       Texan. We all got along splendidly; a few     I was beginning to feel right at home here
        dreams for the past few months.               of us even stayed up late into the night      at AUP. I danced to aged American tech-
                  Instead I was greeted by a slith-   and bantered about politics, the meaning      no music and chatted with bartenders
        ering line of normal looking American         of life and other bizarre things I usually    who nodded at everything I said (though
        college students. I felt disappointed by      don’t talk about with people I just met.      I have a sneaking suspicion they didn’t
        this first impression, but shrugged it off     It was incredible to hear so many differ-     understand me). I wouldn’t have let the
        and joined the end of the slowly mean-        ent points of view in one conversation. I     night end had I not had student lectures
        dering line. Soon I fell into conversation    heard a Russian talk about the Cold War       the next morning.
        with the people around me, and my initial     for the first time. He managed to con-                    Over the next few days I con-
        disappointment dissolved. I met people

                                                      vince me that Sputnik was a benevolent        tinued the cycle of attending student
        from countries that I barely even knew        satellite and not the angel of death that     lectures during the day and going out at
        about -- Hungary, Bulgaria, Tahiti, and       once taunted my father’s dreams. I never      night. The experience was fun but as the
        other places I still can’t pronounce. I was   realized how biased the education sys-        days went on the number of AUP stu-
        already falling in love with life at an in-   tem in the US was until that moment.          dents at the FIAP slowly dwindled and
        ternational school and felt happier than                 The next morning I awoke to        eventually I was the only person left in
        ever that I wasn’t among all the buzzing      an empty room, except for a maid whose        my room until I, too, found a home-stay.
        WASPs that I left behind back home. I         presence surprised the hell out of me.        Now I am settled in my new location,
        quickly made new friends as we circled        She began speaking to me in French and        ready to begin my college life abroad. I
        around and talked about our native lands      I immediately panicked and ran out of the     am very grateful for the excellent intro-
        over a cigarette, taking advantage of our     room, taking only a breakfast ticket with     duction Orientation gave me to my new
        newly acquired privilege to smoke in-         me. I found no release in the cafeteria,      life in the amazing city of Paris.
        doors.                                        where the servers spoke only French as
                  Then it was time for lunch. But     well. Five years of French classes in the
        instead of croque monsieurs and fresh
> Who will be your next Info Manager?

                                                                                                                        > AUP
The SGA elections begin this week: make sure you know who the candidates are before voting!

     Liz Mott
     Previous Experience:
        A cappella choirs
        White mask musicals
        Student ambassador
        Student advisor

     What I want to do:
       Archive space for clubs
       Intercom system throughout buildings, to make announcements
       Fun, easy, informative weekly emails                                “Info Manager links the students to what
       Posters and flyers that get students excited                         AUP and the SGA are offering. I’m a
                                                                           hard worker, a team player, outgoing
       Get the TV screens (SGN) working in all buildings                   and know almost every new student.”
       Have someone at every event recording with a digital or video
       camera, for archiving purposes.

    Dana Bancesco
    Previous Experience:
        Head of student body newspaper
        Tutored 300 level and higher French courses at Boston
        In Paris; translation for expatriates as well as language

    What I want to do:
      Find more effective ways to communicate to student body              “I have seen the inner workings of the
      Create a virtual message board on the SGA website                    SGA and admire what this association
      Increase transparency of information between students and            does for the student body at AUP. I want
      administration                                                       nothing more than the opportunity to
      Deliver important messages in a more exciting way                    represent the students of AUP”
        Motivate the student body to want to know what’s going on

    Natalie Khanamirian
    Previous experience:
        Secretary/treasurer of the club SADD (students against destruc-
        tive decisions)
        President for several months of SADD
        Helped organize events promoting the club’s ideals

    What I want to do:
                                                                           “I’m interested in public relations since
        Help manage events in terms of advertising, getting more par-      I’m an IC major, this position would allow
        ticipation from AUP                                                me to further explore the communications
        Make professional looking posters, flyers to reflect talent at AUP   field.”

        > Counselors Quit, continued.
        Continued from front page.                   the department with a mission to recruit        sions counselors, and at the same time
                                                     for the AUP Masters Program and assist          maintain our academic standards?”
                   Today, AUP alums have taken       part-time in undergraduate admissions.                    One way was to prolong the
        the vacancies left by the former admis-                Amanda Williams remains               admissions deadline – students were
        sions staff. Joumana Hassan (class of        sceptical as to the aptitude of a brand         allowed to register at the University as
        ’04), is now the senior admissions coun-     new admissions staff being able to recruit      late as September. The admissions
        selor after eleven months of service.        an increasing number of students. “To at-       department decided to take this extra
        Alongside Hassan are Anna Törnqvist,         tract students, alums can talk about how        measure to increase the incoming AUP
        hired in May, and Fabrice Mercier, who       great the classes are and about their           population. The second move was made
        began his training in September. Mercier     AUP experience,” says 33-year-old Wil-          by Professor barnet during the August
        graduated from AUP in spring 2005 and        liams, “But will they be able to instill con-   fervor of pre-orientation. He called upon
        is a part-time DJ at Bar Three, where the    fidence in the students’ parents – those         Peter Hammer to help with last-minute
        Orientation night-out was held Septem-       who will pay for the college education?”        recruiting. Hammer’s communication
        ber 3rd.                                               Williams continues, “The ques-        skills were put to use to harnasse-in a
                   Meanwhile, Lynn Richardson        tion remains: how can we wish to in-            maximum number of students within the
        from the AUP computer lab has joined         crease the number of entering students          remaining thirty days before the fall se-
                                                     while decreasing the number of admis-           mester.

        > A University in Motion
         An interview with Peter Barnet, Executive Director for the University.

                    Libby Malcolm                    and growth at AUP. Some improve-
                                                     ments include the focus on the ad-
                                                     vancement of scholarship which our
        Q. When did you come to the Ameri-           president brought in with him and our
        can University of Paris, and what is         introduction of graduate schools which
        your position?                               are going extremely well. The univer-
        I came to AUP four years ago as an           sity’s reputation is growing, our enroll-
        associate Professor in the Communi-          ment is growing.
        cations department, had always been                    I would describe AUP today
        interested in teaching and after having      as a University in motion. There is a           admissions counselors in Colorado,
        spent thirty-six years in the market and     huge advancement in scholarship. As             they were telling me that more people
        advertising world. I had retired from my     so many people said at orientation,             have called them interested in the uni-
        agency here in Paris and had always          which went very well, by the way, be-           versity and commenting about how it
        wanted to teach and that’s how this all      tween the middle of September and the           sounded because every day the web-
        started. Today I teach two courses at        end of term there’s hardly a night here         site was changing with new activities
        AUP and I have a lot of fun with that.       when something exciting isn’t taking            happening and that was a good indica-
        Classes are a great source of pleasure       place. That’s all part of the motion.           tion of how vibrant things are. People
        for me, so it’s something that I enjoy                                                       are increasingly interested in AUP, po-
        very much doing.                             Q. In terms of advertising, what has            tential students and others.
                   Given my background, one          led to growth at AUP?                                     As we complete orientation
        thing led to another and first I became       We have advertised more than we                 week, we will have probably over 300
        involved in things with President della      have in the past. We had a full page,           new students, which is about 8% above
        Paolera with the whole issue of the po-      in color, in Le Monde, announcing our           last year.
        sition of the university transition from a   open house and talking about the Uni-                     I believe that we are going to
        fine liberal arts college to a top notch      versity in June, that earned us a great         see an excellent quality of students in
        world university and what implications       deal of attention and has further ad-           the class this year. Not only will it be
        that would have for our communications       vanced the reputation of AUP.                   larger than last years class, but also
        and our branding. So I spent some time                 Our website and the new               the quality is going to be very good.
        consulting with him on that subject and      graphics have helped a lot. A year              There are two pieces of evidence for
        that is where the new brand of “knowl-       ago, we averaged 500 new hits a day             that, we have been giving out a number

        edge, perspective and understanding,”        on our website from people who hadn’t           of merit scholarships this year and of
        came from.                                   been there before. We were, last week,          course a merit scholarship is given on
                   About a year ago I ceased         at 1,500 new hits. When you triple the          the basis of academic merit. When
        being a consultant to the university         number of people who are interested in          merit academic scholarships go up,
        and joined the President’s staff as ex-      the University, that’s rather good.             that means higher quality students.
        ecutive director for university advance-               We have seen a significant in-         Our SAT scores from the US students
        ment which entails the admissions and        crease in our applications this Fall. Ap-       are averaging 1184, which is ten points
        enrollment management and external           plications for fall 2005 have been 21%          higher than last year. This is the high-
        corporate corporations with the outside      above applications for Fall of 2004. Our        est average SAT score from entering
        world.                                       improved website, our improved visibil-         class from the U.S. ever. That’s one
                                                     ity improving reputation, the advance-          of many kinds of indications of student
        Q. How do you see the future of AUP?         ment of scholarship, the new brand are          quality.
        We are in an exciting period of change       all contributing to that. In talking with
> French House fiasco

                                                                                                                                                   > AUP
                Bill Kutz                     It was almost noon before one of the              the girls may have been upset at how
                                              girls saw the problem and called the              long it took us to get back to them, but
                                              Housing Office. On the phone she was               we really were trying to figure out what
           Every year in May we AUP
                                              told that Brittany Stone (one of the first         was best to do.”
students say goodbye to our graduating
                                              three to arrive that morning) should not                    Around five that evening, a
friends. In the fall we greet a new batch
                                              have been on the list. Stone called the           mother of one of the girls went to AUP
of students, fresh off the boat. Many of
                                              Office soon after to confirm if this was            to inquire about the situation. On the
us looking back on our first days often
remember the disorder and excitement
of that time. “Where will I live?” Or
rather, “What am I doing here?” But for
                                                     “One idea was to kick out a girl who’s parents
the French House freshmen, this past           weren’t here so that [AUP] wouldn’t have to deal with
August will always be remembered as            them. Another idea was to drop the girl who registered
especially chaotic.
           Some ten years ago AUP es-
                                               for AUP last.”
tablished the French House (see Orien-
tation Issue - “Too many bitches in the
                                              true. She said the Housing Office told             way she found Rachael Burrington,
House?”) . It has been a place where
                                              her, “Oh no, you’re not the one. We’re            the RA, and told her what happened.
young girls live and support one an-
                                              going to draw straws for the one who is           Rachael raced to the Housing Office to
other during their first year abroad. The
                                              going to be kicked out.”                          see what was being done. In that meet-
initial idea behind it was for the girls to
                                                       An anonymous source said                 ing she proposed to the University to
only speak French, but that never hap-
                                              that administrators outside of the                buy an extra bed and house all seven
                                              Housing Office suggested other less                girls.
           The house is limited to six
                                              sensitive options. “One was to kick out                    News of the meeting reached
freshmen and one resident advisor
                                              a girl who’s parents weren’t here so              the weary seven at six o’clock that
(RA). On the morning of August 29,
                                              that [AUP] wouldn’t have to deal with             evening. They agreed that since no-
while most of AUP was being housed,
                                              them,” said the person, “Another idea             body wanted to leave, it was best to
the French House accepted seven new
                                              was to drop the girl who registered for           sacrifice space to make everyone hap-
occupants and gave them their keys.
                                              AUP last.”                                        py.
No one saw the discrepancy in the
                                                       For the rest of the afternoon,                    The end result of the French
numbers. The seven went off to 10, rue
                                              the seven girls waited to find out who             House fiasco was that each girl would
de Rivoli to see their new home.
                                              was going to leave. Nothing happened.             receive reduced rent to compensate
           “It was all my fault,” said Nan-
                                              While the rest of AUP was being                   for the extra girl. Next semester the
cy Le Balc’h, AUP Housing Coordina-
                                              housed, the girls were missing housing            number of girls in the House will go
tor. “I thought there may have been in-
                                              appointments at other places.                     back to six after one of the girls’ study
sufficient beds at the FIAP and wanted
                                                       In the meantime, Nancy and               abroad session will have ended.
to get everybody out and housed as
                                              Janine Brimbal, AUP Housing Assist-                        “We can assure you,” said
fast as possible.”
                                              ant, did serious brainstorming. “We               Nancy “This sort of thing won’t happen
           The girls trickled in at differ-
                                              were all upset,” said Nancy. “Some of             again.”
ent hours and claimed their new beds.

> A University in Motion, continued.
          The other one that is important     cellent students here, they are all a mar- this year will be traveling to more fares,
is that we are selective. We didn’t accept    velously bright, motivated, and attractive seeing more alumni, having more events,
as many people as we had more applica-        bunch of people and I think we will have seeing more students than ever.
tions because our standards have been         the finest effort                                                                    I believe that
raised.                                       we’ve ever had in                                                         we have a team in
                                              recruiting students. I    The answers students present at                 place in our admis-
                                                                        the AUP Open House of June 25,
Q. Can you tell us a bit about the reor-      do not expect to see      2005 gave when asked “How did                   sions department who
ganization in the Admissions Office?           us become smaller         you find out about AUP?”                         are living, breathing
There has been some turnover in the           or struggle in any                                                        evidence of the kind
admissions department this summer.            way. In the contrary,     AUP website............................11       of terrific person who
Some people who were here for a long          I expect to see us        AUP Mailing.............................11      graduates from AUP.
time decided that it was time to do other     grow, I expect to see     Friends...................................... 8 Nobody in the world
things and we have had some new peo-          the standards rise.       Advertisement in Le Monde......6                is more equipped to
ple come in. There will be a bit of a re-                We have        Posters.......................................3 talk about the Univer-
organization, which will help the admis-      expanded our territo-     A counselor at school................3          sity than its most suc-
sions counselors with their work load. At     ries. We have made        No answer..................................3    cessful students.
this time, they really don’t have enough      our first efforts in In-   (Open House attendance.......45)                          I think we
administrative help. Some new people          dia. We will make                                                         have the team, the
are coming in, which will enable our ad-      our first serious ef-                                                      strategies, the mo-
missions counselors to travel and recruit     forts in China in the coming year and as of tivation, the enthusiasm, the tools, and
new students.                                 this week we are going to the first college certainly the travel tickets to get around
          The new team in place are all       fair that we have ever attended in Bue- and spread the word about the American
recent AUP graduates. They were all ex-       nos Airies. Our admissions counselors University of Paris!                                             7
                  > Tulane students make new home in
                  Paris after Katrina destruction
                               Stephanie Vosk                     the city.                                      of Washington had he not been abroad
                                                                           “Living in that area, you know        this semester.
                             His clothes, his books and           it’s always a possibility, but it’s always               He said his friends have left
                  even his writing portfolios were packed         a very distant possibility, like it’ll never   the city for their home states, but his
                  away in the attic of his New Orleans            happen to me,” Walker said.                    cousin, who lives permanently in New
                  home. His sophomore year at Tulane                        As the first days of the re-          Orleans, tried to hold out.
                  University was over, and Jordan Vance           covery process passed, Tulane presi-                     Vance said his cousin, who
                  planned to spend the summer in Seat-            dent Scott Cowen announced the                 restores houses, was trying to pro-
                  tle before heading to Paris in the fall.        school would remain closed for the             tect his latest project from looting for
                             Now, if and when he does             fall semester. Universities both in the        the first few days after the hurricane
                  return to his three-bedroom college             United States and abroad, including            passed through. His wife and child
                  home, he has no idea what he will               AUP, opened their doors to the dis-            fled to Kentucky, and when the police
                  find.                                            placed students, offering deals rang-          stopped patrolling the “Garden Dis-
                             “I’m really not expecting [my        ing from tuition wavers to application         trict” where he lived, he eventually had
                  possessions] to be there when I get             fee wavers.                                    to make a decision.
                  back, but that’s really the least of my                   Jillian Davis, a junior art his-               “When it came down to it, it
                  worries,” Vance said.                           tory and psychology major from Tu-             would be him and his gun against a
                             As Vance and several of              lane, said she is relieved she will not        bunch of looters with their guns, so he
                  his classmates were boarding flights             have to make alternate plans at the            had to make the decision to leave,”
                  across the United States to be on time          moment, and hopes to return to Tu-             Vance said.
                  for orientation at AUP, Hurricane Kat-          lane in January.                                         His cousins were part of the
                  rina was snaking its way toward the                       “We realize that we’re really        reason he decided to attend school in
                  Gulf Coast. The devastation it would            lucky to be here this semester,” Davis         New Orleans in the first place. How-
                  leave in its path was still unclear.            said.                                          ever, he said, he was also attracted to
                           By the weekend, the Tulane e-
                  mail system and website were down,
                  the students who had moved into their
                  New Orleans dorms had fled the city,
                  and the only access to information for
                  the AUP visitors was through the cy-
                  ber café at the FIAP.
                             “You feel displaced, unsure
                  of what’s going on, unsure of what’s

                  happened,” said Leslie Loeb, a junior
                  art history major from Tulane, sitting in
                  the Amex Café nearly two weeks after
                  the disaster. “It’s just really sad. It’s
                  hard to keep hearing about it.”
                             Loeb said at first it was diffi-
                  cult to reach her friends with no e-mail
                  system and cell phones frozen. But it
                  wasn’t long before she began to hear
                  from her classmates to find out both
                  their personal plans and anything they
                  knew about the state of the city.
                            Junior cell and molecular biol-
                  ogy major Addie Walker said she was
                  also frustrated by the lack of news.
                          “I feel that if I’d been in the Unit-
                  ed States, I would have had a better
                  idea, there would have been more in-                      Davis said some of her               the uniqueness of the city, especially
                  formation circulating around,” Walker           friends from school are now looking            its “European” qualities.
                  said. “Here, it’s easier to be detached         into going abroad, and others are at-                    “I know New Orleans is never
                  from it.”                                       tending local schools such as Cornell          going to be the same, that’s what you
                             Though Walker said she now           and Syracuse.                                  keep reading in these articles,” Vance
                  has a television in her apartment, it                     Dean of Academic Admin-              said, “but I hope it can be close at
                  does not work, and she receives most            istration Marc Montheard said as of            least. I hope people can try to make it
                  of her information from and             September 8, at least five Tulane stu-          a city again.”
                  the online edition of the New York              dents affected by the hurricane had                      While Vance said he had de-
                  Times. She also said she has used               signed on for the fall semester at AUP.        cided even before news of the disas-
                  The Facebook as a source of infor-              The university previously had a “co-op         ter spread that he would like to stay at
                  mation, as her friends have started to          agreement” with Tulane, and around             AUP for the year, he has made a home
                  post their plans and feelings about the         nine students were already attending           in New Orleans and plans to return for
                  political implications of the situation.        this semester, he said.                        his senior year.
                           She also said most of the infor-       He said the university has tried to be                       “I wouldn’t want to gradu-
                  mation she has read has been about              “as accommodating as possible.”                ate from any other school, so I really
                  the city’s downtown area. Tulane is                       Vance said he would likely           hope I can make it back to Tulane,” he
                  uptown, in the more affluent part of             have chosen to attend the University           said.
> Terrorism: What now?

                                                                                                                                        > INTERNATIONAL
           Cassidy Flanagan                   according to the BBC. Ten years later        on the streets they didn’t feel much of a
                                              Paris has remained more or less free         change in the way the city of Paris was
                                              of any fatal terrorist activities. Yet af-   approaching anti-terrorist activity.
           In the wake of the London
                                              ter the events in London, the French                   “Since I live close to many of
bombings this past July, residents of
                                              are not taking any chances. There has        the embassies in Paris I have noticed
Paris may have begun to question their
                                              been increased security in all metro and     many police on the streets, yet it does
own safety on this side of the Channel.
                                              RER stations, as well as in national and     not seem much different than before,”
The attacks of September 11, 2001,
                                              international railway stations. Some         said sophomore Lily Frandsen.
though localized within North America,
                                              students have noticed a change in the                  Junior Vasilije Perović and
seem to have found their way onto Eu-
                                              amount of police in public areas.            former student Anouk Lepretre say
ropean soil. However, France reacted
                                                        “There are definitely more se-      they have not felt unsafe at all in Paris,
to those attacks in 2001 within days.
                                              curity officials on the streets and I have    even with the knowledge of the London
On September 18, 2001 the French
                                              noticed that there have been more            bombings.
government passed the Vigipirate Ren-
                                              warning signals over the city’s inter-                 Both the U.S. State Depart-
force, which allows the government to
                                              coms,” said junior Candice Vu. Despite       ment and the Préfecture de Police in
mobilize its police force and military per-
                                              the attacks in London, Vu has not felt       Paris report that the best way to stay
sonnel in times of heightened security.
                                              any real fear of using the public trans-     safe on the métro and other public
At the time airports, train and métro sta-
                                              portation in Paris.                          transportation systems is awareness.
tions as well as high-profile areas such
                                                        AUP staff member Phil Von                    They encourage passengers to
as schools, embassies and government
                                              Eiff, who rides the RER twice a day,         report any suspicious activity or strange
installations ha an increased number of
                                              says he has not noticed any heightened       packages to the station manager or
armed forces.
                                              security on the trains. But another staff    police in the station. Passengers must
           While France has always been
                                              member who rides the TGV daily has           always be aware of their surroundings
active in searching out terrorism, it is no
                                              witnessed French armed forces patrol-        and not to hesitate to seek out help in
stranger to train bombings. In 1995,
                                              ling every car of the train.                 case of any emergency. While there
eight people were killed and more than
                                                        Two AUP students as well as        should be no immediate fear of traveling
two h hundred injured when bombs
                                              one former student described that al-        within Paris, we should remain alert.
went off in the St. Michel RER station,
                                              though they had noticed more police

> Do your part: stay informed
            Laura Macomber                    parents and friends. Some of us, as           much more difficult without a constant
                                              housing and Carte de Séjour appoint-          radio and television source to keep us
         And we, the AUP freshmen,            ments crowded our already packed              informed. But it is important, even as
thought we had it rough. Arriving in          schedules, did not follow the event.          our own lives change drastically and
a foreign country with just a few suit-       But as the protective bubble of the           we adjust to life in a foreign land, to
cases to get us through a whole nine          FIAP burst and students began mov-            keep abreast of world events, espe-
months of living and studying, we             ing to their new apartments, news of          cially those in our home country.
were scared and unsure as to what             Katrina became unavoidable: our fam-                    And though most college stu-
the future held in store. But just 24         ilies, Le Monde and the visiting stu-         dents don’t have a dollar (or euro) to
hours after arriving at the FIAP, our         dents from Tulane acted as constant           their name to donate to the disaster
lives were put into greater perspec-          reminders to the travesty happening           relief and tend to feel helpless in the
tive as news from abroad reached              abroad.                                       face of such a large-scale disaster,
our ears: Hurricane Katrina, the storm                  It is hard enough being away        they should know that just by being
that most of AUP’s American students          from our families. But hearing the hor-       informed they are doing their part.
had just barely heard mentioned as            ror stories of disaster-stricken Ameri-       Too many people are suffering un-
they boarded their respective planes          cans with nowhere to go, no home to           necessarily because of poor planning,
to fly to Paris, was wreaking havoc all        return to and no possessions to their         irresponsible government spending,
across the Gulf Coast of the U.S.             name made the experience of enter-            and slow government response. We
         For most of us, it was hard          ing AUP much more surreal.                    should be learning from the mistakes
to process this information. Some of                    It was hard for a lot of us to      of our country so that when we be-
us devoured articles online, keeping          connect with the country we had just          come fully-functioning, financially in-
up with the latest news and getting           left behind: understanding the full           dependent citizens, we will not let his-
nightly updates via telephone from our        impact of Hurricane Katrina was that          tory repeat itself.

   > New Orleans under water, Bush under fire
   “I think it puts into question all of the Homeland Security and Northern Command Planning for the last four years be-
   cause if we can’t respond than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we’re
   prepared to respond to a nuclear of biological attack?”

   Former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich, IHT – 03/09/05
            > Not South African, But Not a Tourist
                       Laura K. Cook

                       Although I think that these
            “anti-postcards,” as I’ve taken to call-
            ing them, and the message on the
            back could stand alone, a few words
            of explanation might be in order just
            to be sure that my points is clear, and
            also to contextualize them, as they
            constitute a very personal reaction to
            my time here in Cape Town. The more
            I travel, the more annoyed I become by
            the industry of tourism and the mindset
            that most tourists have, or perhaps it is
            their utter lack of engagement with the
            places they are visiting. However, in
            not being a native of South Africa and
            trying desperately not to be a tourist,
            I find myself in a very curious and un-
            certain position in relation to the local
            culture. I have been living and studying
            here for about four months, so I believe
            I can legitimately say I have experi-
            enced life in South Africa at a deeper
            level than tourists who are only here for   any number of dismal things, but the      to capture the whole thing in the
            a few days.                                 scope of that would have been much        frame, thus creating such a scale that
                       What I wished to do with my      too large. So instead I chose to focus    little else that might live in its shadow
            postcards is show the South Africa that     on my personal experience as a se-        is visible. The view of the mountain
            one would never see portrayed on a          mester study abroad student, and how      with which I am most familiar, how-
            normal postcard. I do not claim to be       that differs from the experience of a     ever, is from the back, with Devil’s
            presenting reality, and I am conscious      tourist, or perhaps what they choose      Peak dominating. This photograph is
            of the fact that I have focused entirely    to experience. I will start here with a   taken on Station Road, Mowbray, the
            on the negatives in an effort to bal-       description of my reasons for each        route I walk to school every morning.
            ance out the idealistic images. Also,       photograph and a few words on the         From this angle and perspective, the
            one of the limits of the postcard genre     poem, then return to the problematic      buildings appear nearly as large as
            of photography is that it can only offer    relationship between postcards and        the mountain, and the ridges of the
            a slice of life, and that in very static    culture.                                  mountain in the background are in
            images, usually of scenery. In keep-                                                  some way less impressive than the
            ing with this, I decided to merely take     The Mountain: Table Mountain is the       neat rows of spikes on the fence in
            pictures of things/places I see in the      image which graces nearly every sin-      the foreground. Also, even if it may
            course of a normal day, and not, for        gle postcard of Cape Town. It is usual-   turn out to be a sunny day, early in the
            instance, attempt to capture a shot of      ly taken from the city side, most often   morning the sky is usually grey or of-
            a mugging. If I truly wanted to show        from Bloubergstrand (Wildman), its        tentimes the majority of the mountain
            the underbelly of life in Cape Town, I      craggy greyness set off by an immac-      is completely obscured by cloud and
            could have taken pictures of the town-      ulately azure sky. The distance to the    mist with Rhodes Memorial just barely
            ships, or street kids sniffing glue, or      mountain is most often great enough       visible.

                                                                                                  The Used Condom: Also on Station
                                                                                                  Road on most days there is at least
                                                                                                  one used condom along that fence,
                                                                                                  thanks to the customers of the ladies
                                                                                                  who stand at the top of the road. At first
                                                                                                  this was a bit of a shock to me, and I
                                                                                                  wasn’t sure whether to be disgusted
                                                                                                  or glad that at least used protection.
                                                                                                  The latter reaction was why I chose
                                                                                                  red for the font and also to put “South
                                                                                                  Africa,” as the problem of HIV/AIDS
                                                                                                  is nationwide (although I suppose in
                                                                                                  reality I could have put “Earth”), some-
                                                                                                  thing about which most tourists try not
                                                                                                  to think, and usually they are able to
                                                                                                  avoid situations that would remind
                                                                                                  them of it. In seeing these condoms
                                                                                                  every morning, I was daily confront-
                                                                                                  ed with the harsh reality of living in
                                                                                                  HIV/AIDS-plagued South Africa. This
                                                                                                  rather somber routine forced me out
                                                                                                  of the complacency of the “sheltered”
                                                                                                  student life and reminded me that life
                                                                                                  in fact isn’t sheltered by anything.
> Not South African, But Not a Tourist

                                                                                                                                              > GET OUT
The Safe Walk Post: Again this repre-        friends who have uttered such shocked
sents a wider issue, that of violence and    comments as, “You mean you walked
                                                                                                      To Bloke
crime here in South Africa. Interestingly,   down Mowbray Main Road all the way to
this is an issue experienced by resident,    Rondebosch—what were you thinking?”
                                                                                                   I dreamed of Africa
tourist and student alike. The common        At the same time, there is a risk: I know
                                                                                                   But little did I know
postcards of UCT show the upper cam-         six people who have been mugged along
                                                                                                   The nightmare that is Africa
pus with the mountain as a backdrop,         the route I normally take to the grocery
                                                                                                   But not my nightmare
or Jammie Hall with its columns lit up       store, but I have to eat, and I don’t have
at night—again safe, static scenery. Al-     a car, so I keep going.
                                                                                                   I get the postcard Africa
though tourists may worry about crime,
                                                                                                   Buy wooden animals
and are in fact prime targets for theft,                The School: I remember the
                                                                                                   And try to smile ubuntu
the likelihood they will get mugged going    first day I arrived. We turned down this
                                                                                                   Into hollow eyes
from the hotel to the bus to the museum      street and on the left passed this school
                                             with the graffiti and razor wire and broken
                                                                                                   Do they secretly choke with rage
                                             out windows, and I was though “Where
                                                                                                     like you?
                                             in the world am I?” Then the shuttle
                                                                                                   And hide the violence
                                             stopped to let me out. On the right side
                                                                                                   Welling up inside
                                             of the street was a row of beautiful Vic-
                                                                                                   Caused by my comfortability
                                             torian townhouses, complete with fancy
                                                                                                   My easy, white-bread life
                                             wrought-iron-painted-white balconies,
                                                                                                   No bile to flavor my sandwich
                                             one of which was to be my place of resi-
                                             dence for the next five months. After I’d
                                                                                                   But must I atone
                                             gotten my suitcases moved in and had
                                                                                                   For the sins of history?
                                             a shower, I wandered back down the
                                                                                                   Is my soul also tainted white?
                                             street. It was a Sunday so the kids (who
                                                                                                   A rainbow nation
                                             I later found out to be from Guguletu)
                                                                                                   Still means refraction
                                             weren’t there, and the place had the
                                                                                                   Then what does it mean
                                             air of a ghost town. I was also able to
                                                                                                   That combined light is white?
                                             read the inscription “AIDS kill our soci-
                                             ety” for the first time, and I almost cried.
                                                                                                   Perhaps only in darkness
                                             And standing there in the middle of the
                                                                                                   Are we all “equal”
                                             street, looking left, then right, then back
                                                                                                   So shall we stumble blindly?
                                             left, taking in the stark juxtaposition, I felt
                                                                                                   And only really see each other
                                             I understood South Africa.
                                                                                                   When we cease to see at all?
                                                       The Poem: I actually wrote this
                                             poem more toward the beginning of my              all day in the hot sun forcing smiles to
in a large pack is very small. Living here   time here, when I didn’t feel as comforta-        white tourists who flounce in and argue
as a student though, has been a large        ble as I do now and still felt like a tourist,    over a price as meagre as twenty rand.
adjustment: to have to think about when      or even sometimes trespasser. I was still         Something inside me snapped and sud-
it is getting dark and how am I going to     excited about exploring Cape Town, and            denly everything seemed to be in very
get home, to make sure to walk with other    one day we stumbled across a market,              clear focus. I went through the entire
people and think about hiding your mon-      and I indeed was buying some wooden               basket and bought all the deformed ani-
ey in various places on your body. I don’t   animals for my mother (long story). I             mals.
feel, however, that I have been living in    was looking down at them while trying                        The whole week after that I
fear here; living in wariness is more ap-    to make sure they would stand up, when            couldn’t get the woman’s face out of
propriate. I have often been surprised by    I chanced to glance up at the woman               my mind, and finally after a discussion
the fear of white South Africans who live    helping me, and in that fleeting second            of ubuntu in my African Traditional Re-
behind their gates and only venture out      saw her life in the townships, struggling         ligion class, and a session debunking
in cars. While this may sound like stere-    to carve these figurines (or to buy them           the rainbow nation in our seminar, this
otyping, I have directly experienced it in   from someone who was), standing there             poem squeezed its way out of me. I do
                                                                                               wish to qualify it now as showing my
                                                                                               early reaction to the `reality’ of Cape
                                                                                               Town as I was discovering it. As such,
                                                                                               the end of the poem reveals my lack of
                                                                                               tools to adequately address discuss this
                                                                                               reaction, and instead slips into a bit of
                                                                                               that rainbow nation, can’t we all just get
                                                                                               along rhetoric. It was originally my plan
                                                                                               to write a second poem now after having
                                                                                               had all the class discussions on theoreti-
                                                                                               cal pieces and literary works, and also
                                                                                               having been here longer and having be-
                                                                                               come better acclimated. However, I feel
                                                                                               as if that moment in the market I saw a
                                                                                               big knot clearly that I could describe, and
                                                                                               now, having attempted to untangle it, I
                                                                                               am sitting in the middle of a pile of small-
                                                                                               er knots, myself now also ensnared, a
                                                                                               mess that I could address at best nebu-
                                                                                               lously.                                            11
              > Jet-Setter’s Regret
                         Cassidy Flanagan                    with my family and got the most emo-         hadn’t known him for very long or that
                                                             tionally challenging yet exciting experi-    the idea of him was so irresistible, but
                         Ever since I was a little girl, I   ence to date.                                as I sat in the airport less than twenty-
              have always loved films where the hero                    Now, the problem with con-         four hours later I couldn’t help ques-
              or heroine is jetting around the world. I      stantly jet-setting around the world is      tioning not whether this man was the
              wanted to be that character who sud-           that you are always moving. Relation-        perfect man but whether he was the
              denly finds herself in a strange land,          ships, whether platonic or romantic,         perfect man for me. Or was it simply
              forced to adapt to a different language        are often tested and besides the few         the idea of him that was perfect? Or
              and different culture. I always imag-          exceptions, they only last for so long       was he perfect because he was unat-
              ined myself as the person who was              before both parties seem to grow apart.      tainable, which meant anything could
              forced to cleverly manage sticky situ-         Romantically, I have never been too          be possible?
              ations and who could charm an entire           disappointed because I have always                     But then who am I kidding?
              army without saying a single word.             been excited to see what and who else        This man, the man who appeared to
                         And, in reality, I have man-        was out there. It never mattered that        stick out from all the train wreck rela-
              aged to do those things in my own way.         it didn’t work out with guy A because        tionships of my past, could end up be-
              While I have never actually wooed              guys B and C could be just around the        ing the same as all the men I have met
              the Soviet Army to dance with me in-           corner where I was headed.                   so far; except that I will never know.
              stead of kill me, nor have I ever saved                  So when I went home for five        While there is always a frightening as-
              an entire village from destruction with        days, I never expected to meet a man         pect to the unknown, there can also be
              only a piece of rope, fishing line and          who was not only better than guys A-M        something comforting about it, too. If
              some quick thinking, I like to think that I    so far but also made me question if I        you never truly know a person, then
              have accomplish certain feats all on my        even wanted to meet guys O-W (which          they can remain in whatever light you
              own.                                           only makes you wonder whether there          want them to be. There is no emotion-
                         For any person who has found        will ever be a guy Z!). With all the feel-   al messiness, and the only person you
              him/herself lost in Paris at 4 a.m., just      ings that were driving through my body,      can blame for feeling hurt is yourself.
              making it back to your doorstep on a           all I could think of doing was complain-               However, living like this
              street which you can’t remember the            ing! It was so unfair! There I was, days     seems slightly shallow. Yes, it might
              name of seems pretty impressive. And           before I had to board a plane and I was      keep you from feeling betrayed, hurt,
              sometimes just making it through the           trying to come up with excuses as to         disappointed or even vulnerable, but it
              day in Paris without being on the verge        why I couldn’t pack my bags.                 is also a pretty lonely way to live. But I
              of tears because of something the                        As I boarded the plane two         have learned to accept that with some
              French do differently feels like a step        short days later, I found myself won-        people you have to let it run its course:
              up in maturity.                                dering where all this world traveling        you cannot force a relationship nor can
                         Yet, whichever feeling moti-        was leading me. Ironically, it seemed        you hide from it. Yet for as much as I
              vates me to keep moving in the world           to lead me back home. But despite any        pride myself on my mobility and eager-
              and encourages me to satisfy that trav-        feelings I may have had for this man,        ness to be somewhere exotic, I sud-
              el itch, I am always happy to hop on a         our paths were headed in a complete-         denly find myself having to leave again
              plane and explore somewhere new. Af-           ly different directions, and there was       when every bone in my body wants to
              ter spending the summer in yet another         nothing controllable about that.             stay rooted—and that is my jet-setter’s
              place, I made my biannual check-in                       Perhaps it was the fact that I     regret.

              > To be or not to be... a virgin

                        Rachel Burrington                    that an increasing proportion of Ameri-                To many college students, vir-
                                                             cans consider premarital sex ‘wrong.’        ginity seems an almost archaic notion.
                         Virginity Rules! At least that’s    Their statistics show that while two         Google the word “virgin,” and the first
              what organizations like the East Texas         years ago 39 percent said premarital         few pages are all about Richard Bran-
              Abstinence Program would like us all to        sex was wrong, today it is 46 percent.       son’s cola, airline, and record stores -
              believe.                                                 Conversely, there is the opin-     not self-restraint.
                         With the release of Steve           ion that, 2 virgins, even after making                 Celebrity magazine Us Week-
              Carell’s new film, “The 40 Year Old Vir-        it honest in the eyes of God, generally      ly indulged its readers with the “first
              gin,” there has been a renewed interest        equals very bad sex. Of course, Jes-         times” of paparazzi favorites like Tara
              in the concept of virginity. Perhaps the       sica Simpson waited until marriage at        Reid, who lost it at 17: “It was down at
              most prevalent question on everyone’s          22 years of age to lose her virginity, but   my Jersey shore beach house… It was
              mind when it comes to mature virginity         she and her husband are also very sexy       disgusting. Four hundred mosquitoes.
              is, “WHY?” The majority of AUP stu-            people. If you can make washing a car        I had hives everywhere.” Us Weekly:
              dents, when asked for their thoughts on        look that hot, chances are you’re not        doing its part to deter the masses from
              virginity in college retorted, “Lose it as     going to have too much trouble in the        screwing Tara Reid…or having sex on
              soon as possible,” while those who do          bedroom behind closed doors.                 the Jersey Shore.
              not consider it a burden often cited reli-               Sexually transmitted diseases                The website
              gion or lack of booty (for lack of a better    also deter some from engaging in pre-        gin is an online game of “Guess the
              word) as the deciding factor.                  marital sex. Abstinence, some believe,       Virgin,” in which you spot the virgin in
                         For some, maintaining their         empowers youth by removing the stress        the photo.This concept of judging who
              virginity is a moral issue. Often a matter     of possible diseases or pregnancy. On        is and who isn’t brings up the stigma
              of spirituality, remaining “pure” for one’s    the other hand, some STDs can be             that often accompanies mature virginity.
              future spouse is seen as the ultimate          caught from little more than heavy pet-      Particularly for men, virginity at an older
              gift. A report from the Princeton Religion     ting or a toilet seat.                       age is often deemed bizarre.
              Research Center recently announced
> Inside the Ganesh Festival of Paris

                                                                                                                                                > PARIS
      Amelia Neumann-Samek

           White men in khaki vests shove
wide-angle lenses in my face. Dark-
haired Sri Lankans grab their cell phones
and quickly snap my photo. They hold it
up to their friends who then giggle and
           I am splashed by milk as the
woman in the orange sari just in front
of me begins to violently sway and con-
vulse. Her eyes roll up into her head, and
her face turns green. Shirtless men with
a yellow armband reading “Volontaire”
hold the crowd back around her.
           Possessed people are highly
respected in Hindu festivals, so the volun-
teers make sure she has enough space
to freely “exorcise” bad spirits from herself
or let Ganesh take over her body.
           Meanwhile, behind me, a fa-          chariot parade of Ganesh, the elephant-          to the God. The shell of the coconut is
ther dangerously holds his two-year-old         headed Hindu lord of success, education,         said to symbolize the world, the flesh the
daughter in a bushy, jade dress in the          and knowledge, celebrates his birthday           individual karma, and the water the hu-
same arm as a metal baton tipped with           and takes place every year according to          man ego. By smashing the coconut, we
a disc of flaming camphor. He waves it           the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated all         offer our heart to Ganesh.
around carelessly and I feel for the first       over the world, especially in Mumbai, In-                  Anyone interested in learning
time that I truly understand what the ex-       dia, where a giant statue is built and car-      more about Hinduism can go to the tem-
pression “spontaneously combustible”            ried around the city on men’s shoulders,         ple for their ten, twelve, or seven o’clock
means.                                          then symbolically released into the Indian       puja (worship ceremony), as it is open to
           I suddenly got a thick whiff of      Ocean.                                           the public. There are two areas that are
punguent camphor smoke that coats my                      A special “abroad” version of the      known for Indians/South Asians in Paris.
nostrils with a thin film of black grease. I     parade takes place in the streets of Par-                  The       10th    arrondissement
twist to look left and my elbow is slightly     is, organized and sponsored by the Sri           around métro Château d’Eau is home to
burned by another red-hot camphor fire,          Manika Vinayakar Alayam Hindu Temple             Passage Brady, one of the oldest covered
the culprit of my distress.                     at 72, rue Philippe de Girard in the 18th        gallery passageways in Paris, which is
           Instead of fire waving on a disc      arrondissement. This year was the tenth          now lined with nothing but Indian restau-
behind me, this time it is contained in a       anniversary, and so it was a very special        rants. The hosts of the restaurants stand
terra cotta pot on a woman’s head. Her          parade. Preparations included importing          in the street among the passersby, en-
daughter walks beside her and constantly        more than five hundred coconuts from              thusiastically inviting them to eat at their
feeds it with white cubes of fuel. I quickly    Sri Lanka, Ganesh’s preferred variety,           restaurant. There is also Cinéma le Brady
weave through the crowd, deftly attempt-        as well as hiring musicians and Kavadi           l’Albatros, at 39, Boulevard de Stras-
ing to miss camphor landmines.                  dancers (dancers who carry a wooden              bourg, where Bollywood fans can catch
           Partaking in the 10th annual         structure with flowers and peacock feath-         their favorite movies on the big screen.
Ganesh festival of Paris, I got to walk five     ers on their shoulders).                                   Also, the 18th arrondissement
kilometers of the 18th arrondissement of                  The city was paid to close down        around the métro stations Marx Dormoy
Paris barefoot, in sari, with a milk pot and    the streets and have street cleaners wash        and La Chapelle offer a variety of Indian
coconut on my head. Overall, my impres-         the road with a mixture of rose water and        and Sri Lankan restaurants as well as sari
sion of the Ganesh festival of Paris is as      saffron to purify it for the offering of coco-   shopping, Indian grocery stores, and In-
follows: it is an attack on the senses, a       nuts and barefoot participants in the pa-        dian DVD stores to the heart’s content.
possible disaster at any moment, a crowd        rade. At certain points, before the Ganesh                 For more information on Indian
of people, flying coconuts, wailing horns,       chariot which carried him throughout the         cultural events, such as concerts and
spastic dancing, and possessed women.           18th, men would clear back the crowd             dance performances, check out the In-
           The Ganesh Chaturthi, or             and begin rapidly breaking sandalwood-           dian Embassy webpage and www.ambe-
                                                dusted coconuts on the ground in offering

> To be or not to be, continued.
           This is what makes the con-          the idea of “getting lucky” is the very                   So, to answer that resounding
cept of “The 40 Year Old Virgin” funny          genuine and all-too-common dilemma               “WHY?” when it comes to virginity, there
and brings us to the most sensitive rea-        of actually wanting to truly care about          are number of perfectly sane motiva-
son for advanced virginity.                     the person you sleep with. Whether it            tions. Whether it’s a matter of spiritual-
           As difficult as it may be for         is love, like, or just trust you’re looking      ity, health, personal taste, or royal am-
some to believe, “losing it” isn’t always       for in a lover, it isn’t always easy to find,     bition, the obstacles are there and not
that easy. It seems simple, but when you        which can contribute to an almost un-            always easy to overcome. The next time
work in all the details - finding someone        bearably drawn-out virginity.                    you snicker at the idea of a 40-year-old
clean, hopefully nice, and protection - it                  Let us not forget also that to       virgin, bear in mind these complications,
can get downright complicated, espe-            be eligible to be the next wife of the King      and do not overlook the fact that who-
cially if you’re hoping for a cuddler…or        of Swaziland, virginity is an absolute           ever you’re laughing at may very well
aren’t that attractive yourself.                necessity. So, that’s another completely         become the next queen of Swaziland.
           Of course, beyond looks or           understandable reason to abstain.
                     > Nikki’s Films
                     Reviews by Nikki Peterson                                            Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ☺☺ / 5
                                                                                          Critics had high hopes for Tim Burton’s remake of the 1971
                                                                                          Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, inspired by the Roald
                     Mr. and Mrs. Smith ☺☺☺ / 5
                                                                                          Dahl book -- after all, Burton’s visual capacities are perhaps
                     The Hollywood blockbuster that is better known in the press          beyond those of any other modern director. What critics failed
                     for breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston than for its          to take into consideration, however, was that the original Willy
                     “content,” finally made its grand debut this August in Paris-         Wonka would be somewhat less coherent when mixed with
                     ian cinemas. The verdict? Like Brad and Jen’s split, it is in        Edward Scissorhands. Although Burton’s dreamlike aesthetic
                     every way typically Hollywood. The story was taken from              and fantastical cinematography are ideal in this film, his ee-
                     Hitchcock’s 1941 film by the same name about two spies who            rie and quirky style turn what was once a child’s tale into a
                     marry one another, unaware of each other’s true identities.          strange hybrid. In the original film, Gene Wilder perfectly cap-
                     When the tangled web unravels, each attempts to destroy the          tures the spirit of solitary genius Willy Wonka, the owner of
                     other to save their position in their respective companies. As       the chocolate factory to which five lucky children win golden
                     banal as this remake could have been, its Hollywood perfec-          tickets allowing them to visit the premises. Burton’s version,
                     tion is (for once) its saving grace. The carefully crafted, cliché   however, portrays Wonka as a tortured soul who makes awk-
                     portrayal of the couple coincides perfectly with Hitchcock’s         ward remarks and does not seem any more virtuous than
                     original commentary on dull suburban America, transforming           the spoiled children touring his factory. Although Burton goes
                     it into a fabulous satire. If one overlooks the irony, however,      into a deep explanation of Wonka’s childhood, the audience
                     it remains a typical summer blockbuster, packed with enough          never attaches to his character, leaving the film with a sort
                     explosions and sexual tension to eternally satisfy a craving         of emptiness. However, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
                     for action. Surely independent cinema fans will find it leaves        does remain a visual feast, and those who have not seen the
                     something to be desired, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith brings out           original may still be enchanted by the charming tale despite
                     the best of what Hollywood has to offer, making it a rather          its shortcomings.
                     pleasant surprise.

                  > Google touches down to Earth
                                          Leigh Mathews                                   taurant highlighted on the map. Click ‘Schools’ and you can find
                                                                                          your old high school. Type two locations and the program will
                            “Leigh, did you know there are 167 trees on our prop-         highlight the quickest driving route between them. Magic.
                  erty?” my dad recently asked me during one of our weekly                           Although my trees were clear enough to count, not all
                  phone calls. “No,” I replied, wondering why he brought up               the world has been photographed in such high resolution. A lot

                  this fact from out of the blue. I know he doesn’t care about            of land is blurry; you can just make out the infrastructures of a
                  the amount of vegetation that surrounds our Colorado home.              city. Also, the satellite photos are out of date. Google Earth is
                  “Download Google Earth,” he continued, “and be amazed.”                 a compilation of images taken over the last three to four years.
                            I expected that this “Google Earth” program was an-           (Don’t be disappointed when your picture doesn’t show up on
                  other one of those 20 Question games, magically and correctly           screen, since you’ve just spent the last five minutes waving to
                  guessing random facts. I downloaded the program, opened it,             the sky outside your house).
                  and a globe appeared on my screen. Click. Click. Drag… I was                       While Google Earth is a fun program, some people
                  zooming in on the globe. “How far in can I go?” I wondered. It          I’ve spoken with are skeptical and even worried. After zoom-
                  was as if I was falling from space toward Earth like an astro-          ing in to her Nantucket home, AUP student Michelle Soverino
                  naut. Magic.                                                            exclaimed, “Wow, it makes me feel violated!” The program is
                            I landed somewhere in the mountains and continued             available to anyone with an internet connection, so there are
                  scrolling. Eventually I found my city, then my neighborhood,            virtually no limits for stalkers.
                  and--! My house! There was my truck! My garden! And yes, you                       Michelle continued, “It seems that as a global commu-
                  could count each tree on the property. There are exactly 167            nity, we’re struggling to define the lines between the personal,
                  trees, clearly seen from a satellite image on my desktop.               the private and the public.” So where do we draw the line? And
                            I investigated this fascinating program a bit further.        who draws the line? “What next? Will there be live footage of
                  On the side of the globe there are options for different ‘layers.’      what’s going on in my living room? Am I to be the next reality
                  Click ‘Restaurants’ and you can find your favorite Mexican res-          TV show with a Google’s click away?”
                                                                                                     Spin your Google Globe to Europe and zoom on the
                                                                                          Netherlands. Recently Dutch officials expressed concern that
                                                                                          Google’s program could be used by terrorists to facilitate at-
                                                                                          tacks, giving details of the Port of Rotterdam, The Hague and
                                                                                          Amsterdam Airport. These landmarks are already potential tar-
                                                                                          gets for terrorists. Even in Australia the Minister of Defense
                                                                                          described the program as a potential threat to Australian na-
                                                                                          tional security. Google Earth illustrates the location and layout
                                                                                          of nuclear power plants, military bases and government build-
                                                                                          ings-- all possible targets for terrorists.
                                                                                                     John Hankey, the general manager of the keyhole
                                                                                          group at Google states that they “are paying close attention
                                                                                          to what is being said…” they don’t want their “tool to be mis-
                                                                                                     So is Google Earth the next handbook for terror-
                                                                                          ists planning attacks? Or for botanists counting trees? Or for
                                                                                          your average Joe trying to find an Italian restaurant close to
                                                                                          his house? Maybe all three. But for AUP students sitting in the
                                                                                          Amex crowding around a laptop, it’s the perfect opportunity to
                                                                                          show off your million dollar mansion.
> Road to Germany: World Cup 2006

                                                                                                                                                              > SPORTS
             Haby Assevero                            pect of having to go through the playoffs.              matically qualified and so their pre-World
                                                      Why Spain’s wealth of talent doesn’t                    Cup preparation is dedicated to a series
                                                      seem to translate into results when they                of friendlies.
            It seems that the French na-
                                                      need it most remains a mystery.                                    The first of these during the
tional team are saving by the skin of their
                                                                 England are also having a                    current international break went horri-
teeth what almost looked like a lost cause.
                                                      tough time at the moment. Their cam-                    bly wrong. The 2-0 loss to Slovakia only
A poor showing at Euro 2004 provoked
                                                      paign towards Germany is well advanced                  served to heap more criticism on an al-
the early retirement of several key play-
                                                      but losing 1-0 to N. Ireland puts a serious             ready beleaguered German side. A 4-2
ers, notably Zinedine Zidane. Voted sev-
                                                      dent in the proceedings. Given Poland’s                 victory over South Africa in the second
eral times France’s favorite sportsman,
                                                      win in Wales, England are now five points                friendly is unlikely to stem the public con-
Zidane provided a spark to the national
                                                      off the pace with a match in hand. With                 demnation of Germany’s coach Jurgen
team that they clearly can’t do without.
                                                      an England v Poland in the not so distant               Klinsmann and his attack minded ap-
            Without Zidane and fellow
                                                      future, the Brits have made life more com-              proach to football. For most German pun-
early retirees Lillian Thuram and Claude
                                                      plicated for themselves than it needed to               dits winning 1-0 is better than winning 4-2,
Makelele, France started their World Cup
                                                      be.                                                     the idea being not to concede goals like a
2006 qualifying campaign with three 0-0
                                                                 Not everyone in Europe though,               leaky faucet, as Germany have been do-
draws and two laborious victories against
                                                      is finding the road towards Munich’s Alli-               ing.
Cyprus and the Faroe Islands. These re-
                                                      anz Arena, where the opener of the World                           Meanwhile across the Atlantic,
sults combined with those of other teams
                                                      Cup will be held, hard traveling. Italy are             under the scorching sun of Brasilia and
in the qualifying group put France in dan-
                                                      well on their way, a 4-1 win over Belarus               to the rhythm of samba drums, the five-
ger of not qualifying at all.
                                                      has stretched their lead at the top of the              time and defending World Champions
            And so for all his rhetoric about
                                                      group to five points. Norway losing 2-1 at               (they beat Germany in the 2002 final)
breaking with traditions and starting a
                                                      home to Scotland while Slovenia won 2-                  were securing the right to defend their title
new cycle, French coach, Raymond Do-
                                                      1 away from home does nothing to take                   next summer. And they did so with style,
menech, was obliged to bring the veter-
                                                      away from Italy‘s serenity.                             thrashing Chile 5-0. Coach Carlos Al-
ans back to the frontlines. And sticking
                                                                 Other results include Holland’s              berta Parreira took advantage of Ronald-
with the military metaphor, Zidane and his
                                                      4-0 win over Andorra and the Czech Re-                  inho’s suspension to align the “Fantastic
faithful Lieutenants Thuram and Makelele
                                                      public’s victory 4-1 against Armenia in                 Four”, Ronaldo, Robinho, Adriano and
have made a most remarkable differ-
                                                      that same group. The gap between the                    Kaka. Given that Adriano scored a hat
ence. Each sector of the team, defense,
                                                      two sides is currently four points but they             trick, Brazil fans are calling for Ronaldo
midfield and attack has a boss and now
                                                      face off in the next match. A Czech victory             to be sacrificed when Ronaldinho returns.
the French national team is playing better
                                                      could see them within 1 point of the top                That choice falls on Parreira but believe
than it has in months. This doesn’t mean
                                                      spot.                                                   me, every coach wishes he had that kind
they are playing well but it’s a marked
                                                                 Also in the top spot of their re-            of headache.
improvement since the beginning of the
                                                      spective groups are Portugal and the                               As for Brazil’s potential oppo-
Domenech era.
                                                      Ukraine. The Ukraine officially qualified                 nents next summer, it can’t be reassur-
            France’s 3-0 win over the Ivory
                                                      for their first ever World Cup after the                 ing to see a master-class performance of
Coast in a summer friendly is proof of
                                                      first qualifier of the new season. Their 1-               that level and imagine how much worse,
that. More importantly though, they’ve
                                                      1 draw with Georgia was enough thanks                   or better depending on your viewpoint, it
won the two qualifying matches that keep
                                                      to a 2-2 draw between Turkey and Den-                   would have been with Ronaldinho in the
their hopes for Germany alive. The 2-0
                                                      mark. Their 1-0 loss to Turkey in the                   team. If you need proof that this current
win over the Faroe Islands and the recent
                                                      second match being of no consequence.                   generation of Brazilian players is as good
1-0 win over Ireland mean that France
                                                      Likewise, despite their 0-0 draw with Rus-              as anything the country has ever pro-
top their group, tied with Switzerland. The
                                                      sia, Portugal remains firmly in control of               duced, take a look at the second goal they
next match is Switzerland - France that
                                                      their group, five points clear of Slovakia               scored against Chile. Adriano crosses
will likely determine definitively who auto-
                                                      and Russia who are disputing second                     and the next three passes are one touch
matically qualifies for Germany and who
                                                      place.                                                  deviations from Kaka to Ronaldo and fin-
has to go through the play offs.
                                                                                                              ished by Robinho. Simply genius. So in
                                                      Revenge in the Air                                      case you were wondering, the World Cup
The Usual Suspects
                                                      All that’s left is to mention the two teams             next year isn’t there to be won; it’s there
The French aren’t the only European
                                                      who fought for supremacy at the last                    for Brazil to lose. But somehow, I doubt
powerhouses in trouble. Spain’s 1-1 draw
                                                      World Cup in 2002. Germany is having a                  that will happen.
at home to Serbia-Montenegro puts them
                                                      torrid time of it. As hosts they are auto-
second in the group and facing the pros-

            World Cup 2006 qualification
            Europe - top 3 of each group*                                                                             Key matches

           Group 1           Group 3                              Group 5                 Group 7                    October 8
            1. Netherlands 28 1. Portugal 24                       1. Italy 17             1. Serbia - M. 16           Netherlands - Czech Rep.
            2. Czech Rep 24   2. Slovakia 19                       2. Norway 12            2. Spain 14                 Danemark - Greece
            3. Romania 22     3. Russia 19                         3. Slovenia 12          3. Bosnia - H. 13           France - Switzerland
                                                        Group 6                                                        Italy - Slovenia
           Group 2                    Group 4                                             Group 8
            1. Ukraine 24              1. Switzerland 16 1. Poland 24                                                  Croatia - Sweden
                                                                                           1. Sweden 21
            2. Turkey 20               2. France 16      2. England 19                     2. Croatia 20             October 12
            3. Greece 18               3. Israel 15      3. Austria 12                     3. Hungary 13               Slovakia - Russia
                                                                                                                       England - Poland
            * Thirteen teams will go to Germany: each first placed team automatically qualifies along with the two       Ireland - Switzerland
            best second placed teams. The six remaining second-placed teams will play against each other to
                                                                                                                       Bosnia-H. - Serbia-M.
            distinguish three teams that will go on to the World Cup.
           > Dear AUPeople,
                     First, thanks for all of your participation             We have numerous other activities
           and enthusiasm. We’ve loved seeing all of your           planned for you - Open Mic Nights, Social Com-
           faces, whether it be at La Galerie, the Back to          mittee, the budget meeting . . . just to name a few.
           School party, in Senate applications or in our office     Every Monday, read details of upcoming events in
           hanging out. That said, we have even more activi-        the Weekly Email. Check out the huge calendar in
           ties for you . . .                                       the Lounge, stop by our office (B-12) or go to our
                     On Tuesday, September 27th the SGA             website ( Our office hours are on
           Senate election results will be announced in the         our doors, or you can always drop us an e-mail at
           AMEX. Clubs Night will follow - look for individual
           clubs to have stands set up in the Amex, in the                   We’re always available for you to voice
           Lounge, and stop by the publications office. Club         your concerns, share your opinions, or simply to
           leaders will be present to answer all of your ques-      get involved. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch
           tions and will help you get involved.                    with us at any time.
                     You’ve probably seen their racy photos
           all over campus – on Thursday, September 29th            Thanks!!
           twelve AUP bachelors will be auctioned off at the
           first Coup de Pouce Date Auction. Free food, open         Your SGA Exec
           bar, good music and a good cause!                        Annie, Kat, Mike, Miruna, and Max

     Photo by Alicia Karpetsky

                                                     AUPers hang at Bar Three during Orientation

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