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									Writing & presenting
business proposals
          About the seminar
   Skills you need at university or at work – write &
    present a business proposal at formal business

   Business proposal: a document which you write
    usually in response to solving a problem or in
    some cases if you have a new product or idea to
By the end of the seminar, you should be able to:

   structure, form content, & use appropriate format
    and language in writing business proposals

   write effective proposals

   present the business proposals in formal oral
Assessment: In-Class Writing (A
Business Proposal) Description
   bring a laptop for every writing session; if you do not have access to
    one, do your writing on paper

   carry on with your writing out-of-class for revision and redrafting

   write a 1000-word business proposal on a project topic given

   the project topic will be given & you are supposed to form content
    based on it

   you will be taught how to write the business proposal- structure,
    content, format & language

   you will be given writing tasks which need to be completed every

   the writing tasks will be used for feedback & to assist you with the
    final complete business proposal
Assessment: Criteria
You will be assessed on:

   structure

   content

   format

   language
Assessment: Value
   Individual grading: 30%.
Assessment: Format
   the proposal must be submitted with the cover
    page of the proposed project as the first sheet
Assessment: Oral presentation (A
Business Proposal) Description
   upon completion of the written business proposal,
    form groups of 5

   strengthen your business proposals by sharing

   create an overall (one) agreeable proposal to
    present in a 30-minute formal business
Assessment: Criteria
You will be assessed on:

   planning

   organization

   presentation

   use of visual aids & timing
Assessment: Value
   Individual grading: 20%.
Business Proposal Project Topic
Background Information
You work for either:

   Apple, Hong Kong at
    988/WebObjects/hongkongstore/ or
   Hewlett Packard Development Company, Hong Kong at or
   IBM, Hong Kong at

   Your company solves its clients’ computer problems by providing
    business solutions. Toys Direct is a small trading company. As a new
    client, it has requested you to computerize its operations and
    propose a project for a computerisation package which will increase
    efficiency and support its planned expansion.

   At the moment the company is using basic MS applications such as
    Word and Excel Spreadsheets. However, the company feels that the
    work of the 3 departments are inefficient.
Background Information

  Department       Head         Staff   Needs
  The General      Office       12      To type, receive and post mail,
  Office           Manager              prepare sales catalogues,
                                        prepare invoices for mailing,
                                        make out order forms efficiently
  The Accounting   Chief        3       To manage finances, budget,
  Department       Accountant           prepare balance sheets,
                                        prepare tax declarations,
                                        produce invoices, pay
                                        suppliers, calculate costs (to
                                        fix prices) efficiently
  The Sales        Sales        6       To market products, maintain
  Department       Manager              contacts with customers, and fix
                                        prices efficiently
Background Information

   The client’s budget for computerisation has not yet
    been decided.

   The client lacks experience with computers so the
    Managing Director has invited three computer
    specialist companies (of which yours is one) to
    submit proposals. You should not assume that
    Toys Direct will make its decision only on price.
    Quality of equipment and of service will also be a

   Your proposal should cover: hardware, software,
    networking, installation and staff training.
  Writing & presenting
business proposals: Q & A

            About the seminar

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