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									        Rossiter Parent Council News                                            December, 2009

            “The Penguin Who Saved Christmas”
The 2009 Rossiter School Winter Program was a huge success and            Happy Holidays!
provided a great opportunity to showcase our children’s and staff’s
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incredible talents. Our sincere appreciation is extended to our
energetic music teacher, Virginia Wille, for all the time and effort
she dedicated to orchestrating this event. There were many other
talented people who also helped with the program including pianist
Connie Conley and the Rossiter Winter Program committee
consisting of teachers Kelly Blaz, Carol Bruderer, Brigit Lieberg,
Mary Jo O’Brian, Susan Smith and Andrea Tucker. Thank you for
providing the students and families of Rossiter with wonderful
musical memories.
                                                                               Calendar of Events
            Rossiter “Royal Aires” Honors Choir
A large group of dedicated 3rd, 4th and 5th graders gathered before
                                                                        12/18 Class Holiday Parties
school at 8:00 am for over a month to participate in the Rossiter
“Royal Aires” Honors Choir. The group performed at the
                                                                        12/19 – 1/3 Winter Break
Intermountain Festival of Trees, Hunter’s Pointe, the Waterford
and at the Christmas Program. Retired teacher, Sheila Reisch,
                                                                        12/22 MacKenzie River
graciously volunteered her time and talents to lead this choir.
                                                                              Pizza Day
Thank you Sheila, her husband Dick Reisch (general choir leader
assistant), the choir “Road Crew” – Charmaine Barker, Jenny
                                                                        1/5    Parent Council Meeting
Bloomquist, Kathleen Broussard, Karen Latka and Tracy Witter -
                                                                               Noon- SAC Building
and all the parents who helped get their children to school early
each morning. Rossiter School was well represented by this
                                                                        1/18 No School – Martin
outstanding group of young singers.
                                                                             Luther King Day

                     Reading for Royals                                 1/21   Noon Early Release
                      A Huge Success
Rossiter teachers and the library will be getting early Christmas       1/22   No School
presents this week as 92 books were purchased by Rossiter
families through the Reading for Royals program. Our thanks to          1/26   Board of Trustees
library staff Laura Trapp and Mary Drysdale, parents Deanna                    Rossiter Work Session
Hause and Devon McGrorty for coordinating this program and all
the Rossiter families who purchased books.

                                               Shiver Shack
                                             Freezers Donated
 The enthusiastic support of Rossiter families was once again demonstrated when the call for a freezer
 donation was answered by not only one, but two families! Thank you to Decker and Tennille Barrett and
 Ted and Shelly Mathews for donating freezers for the 5th Grade Shiver Shack program. Rossiter students
 can continue to enjoy purchasing their frozen treats on Wednesdays.
  Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates Fundraiser Wrap-Up
Parent volunteers sorted and distributed boxes and boxes of
Martinson’s Ranch Chocolates on Thursday, December 10.
Thank you to all families who participated in the fundraiser and
who picked up their orders Thursday. While it was noted in the      Rossiter Day at
last newsletter that Alex Barker earned top spot for the most       MacKenzie River Pizza
money raised, the Parent Council also chose to honor 1st grader     Tuesday, December 22
Haley Jose for selling the most units. The Parent Council “Prize    The stockings might be hung and tree up,
Patrol” will be at school December 16th and 17th distributing       but getting dinner on the table on Tuesday,
individual prizes and hosting the 1st grade pizza party and 2nd     December 22, might just be easier if you
grade ice cream party as rewards for all their hard work with the   plan to eat at or carry out from MacKenzie
fundraiser. A special thank you is extended to the following        River Pizza! Attached to this newsletter you
businesses for sponsoring sales awards: Big Time Bouncers,          will find a coupon that will earn Rossiter
Exploration Works and Sleeping Giant Bowling Lanes. Thanks          School 20% of your dollars spent at the
also to all the parents who spent the afternoon of the 10th         restaurant during lunch or dinner on
organizing the orders for an easy pick-up system. Your time and     Tuesday, December 22. We hope you will
assistance was very much appreciated.                               use this as the perfect excuse to dine out!

                                      Where Does This Money Go??
 Everyone is keenly aware of the Parent Council’s fundraising efforts, but might not be that familiar with how
 the money is spent. Our current large project is creating a plan for remodeling the library. A Parent
 Council committee is working with Rossiter staff and Helena School District representatives to develop a
 plan of action and budget for the remodeling project. During the November Parent Council meeting,
 $10,000 was set aside in a bank Certificate of Deposit for this project. The Parent Council also reviewed
 various grant requests submitted by teachers and staff for a variety of needs. The following projects were
 funded during the November meeting:
             • Kindergarten Fieldtrip to Exploration Works - $218
             • Honor Choir Bus to Hunter’s Pointe and Waterford - $91.44
             • Christmas Program Bus - $91.44
             • Accelerated Reader/Attendance Awards - $60
             • 4th Grade Artist in Residence Program (Phoebe Toland) - $500
                       Additional grant requests will be reviewed again in the spring.

                                        Mark Your Calendar Now
   Board of Trustees Work Session -Tuesday, January 26, 4:00 pm, Rossiter Library – Rossiter staff will
   be making a presentation to the Helena District School Board of Trustees on Tuesday, January 26, in
   the Rossiter library at 4:00 pm highlighting various Rossiter programs and activities. The Board of
   Trustees uses these meetings as outreach to the school communities. This is a perfect opportunity to
   attend a Board meeting, learn about future plans for our school and show your support for Rossiter.
   Please plan to be a part of this work session.

   Kid’s College – April, 2010 – Plans are underway for the 2010 Kid’s College classes. Kid’s College is an
   enrichment project designed to help nurture the bond between schools and communities; and relies
   on parent volunteers and community members to teach mini-courses. Classes are offered to students
   in designated grade levels once a week, for three weeks, on a variety of subjects – from scrapbooking
   to Japanese. If you are interested in creating and teaching a class, contact Charmaine Barker (442-
   8474) or Karen Latka (458-0466).

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