LHS Parent Council Meeting by lcy20702


									LHS Parent Council Meeting
October 6, 2008 6:30pm in Art Gallery

Officers present: Stuart Kivett, Karla Callaghan


    1.   Administration, athletics and activities comments
    2.   Celebration event summary and critique
    3.   Begin planning for next year’s celebration-possible date change?
    4.   Gather volunteer contact information for school needs-tutoring, career center, etc.
    5.   Gather ideas for a winter/spring fundraiser
    6.   Other topics

Activities (Chelsea Chase, Leadership student)
Homecoming -

        Friday, Oct 24: Homecoming Parade/Food booths-tailgater party/Football game

                Parade (theme: Rockin’ the 80s) begins 5:30pm and goes through the Rock Creek
                Tailgate party at the same time on the back patio (east end of stadium seating)
                Football game against Parkrose begins 7:30

        Food booth space available for tailgate party - need to submit booth request and fund raiser form
         to Nicole Thompson by Oct 9
        No need for individual food handling license, covered by a group license for the event
        Known food booths: pizza, Costa Vida Mexican food, pie & ice cream, hamburger/hot dogs
        Saturday, Oct 25: Dance, tickets go on sale Oct 13

WANTED: Parent chaperones for the dance on Oct 25. If able to help contact Nicole Thompson.

Athletics (Mr. O’Mara)

        Girls soccer undefeated
        Girls volleyball currently in 2nd
        Boys soccer currently in 4th
        Cross-country - doing well
        Freshman Football - doing well

School Pep assembly for games the same night will be held Tuesday, Oct 14

Come support our girl’s teams: volleyball 6:45pm, soccer 7pm

Academics (Mr. O’Mara)
No compiled data yet for mid-term.

PSAT testing next week on Wed, Oct 15
      no fee; mandatory for Sophomores and available to Juniors (95% have signed up) - 700 kids
       taking the test
      Test will be held in morning
      30 min advisory then send Freshman and Seniors off to class
      2-hr first period class (length of the test, no passing bells to disrupt the kids) - so those taking the
       test only miss one class

Parent conferences coming Oct 16 Thur 5:30-8:30pm and Oct 17 Fri 9-11a - will
remind parents on the grade reports that come out

Questions from parents:

      Any new math options for next year? Possibly add class to help students falling between Algebra
       1 & 2. Trying to get consistency for all 4 high schools math offerings.
      Can leadership be a focus program? School allows creation of individual focus program for a
       student - so its possible to choose leadership in this way and do a senior project on it.
      Who is on our site council? See school website which is now up.

Back to the School Celebration
Summary of the event

      Around 100 attendees
      Attendees enjoyed themselves, the food, and the music so we believe it was a successful
       community event - just need to raise awareness and attendance
      All enjoyed Mr. G’s leadership students doing a dance number on the field
      Band appreciated having the covered stage area
      One food vendor (Red Brick Pizza) was a no show even though they paid our fee, leaving 3
       vendors - there were not enough attendees to support the 3 vendors
      Vendors had a high permit cost in addition to our $50 fee, it’s doubtful that they broke even
      Softball - felt too much competition with the other vendors, they were expecting to feed more
       people and purchased too much food. We did not collect $50 vendor participation fee from them
       since we don’t want to hurt our clubs.
      Parent council’s had a net profit of $134.84 (ticket sales=$175; concessions=$151.50; vendor
       fees=$150; expenses=$341.74)

How to improve next year’s event

      Change the name to just “Liberty Community Celebration”, the back-to-school part confused
       people thinking it was a back-to-school night to meet the teachers which they had done already;
       another suggestion “Falcon Fanfest”
      Outside food vendors was not a draw, so just use school clubs next time and get a group food
       handling permit for the event like leadership does for its Homecoming food booths
      Website and LTV are needed to get the word out in school, Donna Tsai has ideas on how to
       improve advertising next time
      Probably can increase participation if hold event prior to a football game, the first home game
       after school begins
      Have band & food begin 5:30 and food vendors can continue selling through out the evening
      Gate sales go to district - so need other ways for parent council to raise money if we want this as
      Could include school spirit sales - beads, clothes, hats
      Face painting and other fun activities could be done as well
      Don’t put celebration flyer on back of other correspondence
      Parent council meeting notice included in student packets needs to be less text/explanation, just
       a bold letter of notice

Gather volunteer info

      Wait until end of year to collect names of volunteers interested in helping with start-of-school rush
       to help staff get books distributed more quickly and assist with directing people in the career

Ideas for Winter/Spring fundraiser
Movie Night - Hold the movie at an elementary school where you are more likely to get a crowd of movie-
goers for the types of movies we’d want to show (G, PG) - our parent club would run concessions and
share some portion of profits with host school. Possibly a new school like Quantama…

Other topics

      Sister City Association of Hillsboro is looking for participants in its 2009 exchange program with
       Fukuroi, Japan. Host student in March and send your student to live with a family in Japan in July.
       Next opportunity is not until 2011. If interested, see website: hillsborosistercity@gmail.com.
      Lowe’s offers a school improvement grant opportunity, must file by Oct. 17

Next meeting is November 3rd.

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