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					Sansome School
Parent Council
                                                                    January 2010
Snow Shoes Have Arrived!                                             Winter Issue

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed a safe and             Dates to
happy holiday season. Parent Council would like to share
some wonderful news. Through our fundraising efforts this          Fri. January 22 -
year, and in a joint effort with the school, we have been able     Fun Lunch
to purchase brand new snow shoes for our children. With            Tues. February 2 -
any luck from mother nature, the kids should be able to try        Lincoln Middle
                                                                   School Open House
them out soon. Please join me in wishing for a little snow so
they can get the full experience of how snow shoes work!           Tues. February 16 -
                                                                   Sansome School
                                                                   Kindergarten Open
                                                                   House 7:00pm
                                                                   Mon. February 22 -
Jenny Ducharme, President of Sansome School Parent Council         Sansome School

                                                                   Wed. March 3 -
                                                                   Sansome School
                                                                   Parent Council
                                                                   Meeting 7:00pm

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Sansome School Parent Council Newsletter—January 2010 Winter Issue                         Page 2

Parent Council Committee Updates
The Mom’s Pantry/Shelmerdines fundraiser went very well. Thank you to everyone who
helped out.
                                              Our first Think Recycle shipment of used print
                                              cartridges and cellular phones made $43.05.
                                              That means we have already had one tree
                                              planted in our school’s name. And we just sent
                                              out two more boxes! Keep sending in your used
                                              print cartridges and cellular phones to be
recycled. The collection box is just inside the front doors of the school.

The next fundraiser is Alantra/Donelli Foods and local honey.
The order forms will be going home soon.

Glenlea Greenhouses order forms will be going home in
March and orders will be delivered to the school in May.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

Fun Lunch
                    The first Fun Lunch in November was a success. We made $628.01.
                    The second Fun Lunch is this Friday January 22.

                    There will be two more Fun Lunch Days later this year. Thank you to all
                    the volunteers who help out.

Campbell’s Soup Labels
In an effort to collect more soup labels for merchandise for the
school, we have started a classroom challenge. For the
months of January and February, collect your labels and give
them to your child to take to their classroom. The labels will be
counted during the first week in March and the classroom that
collects the most labels will win a prize.
For more information on eligible products, see the poster just
outside the school office, or visit
Please note that labels from the United States are not eligible.
 Sansome School Parent Council Newsletter—January 2010 Winter Issue                          Page 3

Parent Council Committee Updates
Parking Lot Safety
                             Parents are reminded to park their vehicles when picking up and
                             dropping off their children. Please do not use the parking lot exit
                             by the cross walk to enter the parking lot.

                             Be sure to drive slowly at all times. A child may step in front of
                             your vehicle without warning. Snow and ice make it difficult to
                             stop quickly. Always give children and others walking in the
                             parking lot the ‘right of way.’

                             If you would like to help with monitoring the safety of the parking
                             lot, call the school office at 889-6000.

Lunch Program
Sansome School is always looking for Lunch Program Supervisors.
If you are able to help out as a substitute or as a full-time supervisor
as positions become available, call the school office at 889-6000.

Lost and Found
Is your child missing a piece of clothing? The Lost & Found bin is located behind the gym.

Thank you to all who have volunteered this school year. We appreciate your time and effort.

Allergy and Health Awareness

Cold and flu season is still upon us.
Be sure to wash your hands regularly.
If you have to cough or sneeze, do so
into your sleeve, not into your hands.
Sansome School Parent Council Newsletter—January 2010 Winter Issue                    Page 4

2009-2010                                  Visit us on the web:
Sansome School
Parent Council
Executive:                                 Click on the Parent Council link on the left
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                                           Parent Council Meeting and for the Parent
                                           Council Constitution.
Jenny Ducharme

Vice President:                               White Milk and Chocolate Milk
Tammy Johnson
Email:                        Available at Lunch Time
                                           Milk Tickets are available
Secretary:                                 at the Sansome School
Lyndsey Ambrose                            office. The cost is 75¢
Email:            per milk ticket and they
                                           can be purchased in
Treasurer:                                 sheets of 10 for $7.50.
Diana Heise                                The office accepts cash or
Email:                     cheque. Please make your cheque payable to
                                           Sansome School Parent Council.

                                             to drive slow
                                             in the school
                                             parking lot!