This is the constitution for Echline Parent Council by lcy20702


									This is the constitution for Echline Parent Council
Definitions used in this constitution:
 A parent is a person who has parental rights and responsibilities for a child attending
 Echline Primary School and includes legal guardians.

 The Parent Forum is the parents of all pupils attending Echline Primary School.

 The Parent Council is a group of parents selected by members of the Parent Forum to
 represent all parents of pupils at Echline Primary School.

 The school is Echline Primary School.

 The Parent Staff Association is the existing Parent Staff Association at the school.

 The Chair is the person responsible for the smooth running of Parent Council meetings

 An Agenda is the schedule the Chair will use to direct Parent Council meetings

1.        What are we called?
1.1       We are called the Echline Parent Council (Parent Council).

2.        Why do we exist?
2.1       The Parent Council exists to support the school in its work with pupils and to promote
          and encourage greater parental involvement in our children’s education and learning.

3.        What do we aim to do?
3.1       The Parent Council will aim, at all times, to represent the views of all parents and
          encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, the City of Edinburgh Council,
          associated pre school groups and High Schools and the wider community.

4.        How will we achieve our aims?
4.1       We will seek to achieve our aims by:

      •   The wide ranging and active involvement of all Parent Council members.
      •   Putting in place ways to effectively liaise with the Parent Forum.
      •   Seeking the continued support of the Parent Forum.
      •   Influencing and shaping opinion and policies within the school and its community.
      •   Providing active support and joint working with school groups including the Parent
          Staff Association and representative pupil bodies.
      •   Working effectively with other groups and organisations
      •   Being flexible to ensure no barriers are unintentionally put in place

5.        How many members will we have?
5.1       The Parent Council will have a minimum of four members. It will not have a limit on
          numbers other than for reasons of practical operation. If those who wish to be
          members exceed what is considered a manageable size for the Parent Council, the
          Parent Council will find ways for those parents to be involved e.g. within sub groups
          or on specific issues. The Parent Council will decide the membership if/when this
          becomes an issue.
5.2       It is anticipated that the ideal membership (not prescriptive) will be:

      •   2 members, representing each of the school classes, from nursery to P7 (full voting
      •   Additional parent members taking on other roles such as chairing meetings (full
          voting rights)
      •   1 Parent Staff Association member (ideally an office bearer) (full voting rights)
      •   The Head Teacher or Depute Head Teacher
      •   Another school staff member
      •   A local councillor
      •   Other members of the local community

6.        How will members be selected?
6.1       Any parent of a child at the school can volunteer to be a member of the Parent
          Council and /or one of its sub groups. The Parent Council will seek volunteers for
          possible co-opted members. Membership will be for a minimum commitment of one
          school year and of 12 months duration.

7.1       All members of the Parent Council are expected to be actively involved. This may
          mean individual members taking on specific roles. In particular, the Parent Council
          will select annually from its parent membership a minimum of three parents to form
          an Executive Team to manage the running of the Parent Council. In the event that
          more than three parents want to take on this role they should outline their reasons to
          the Parent Council and the Parent Council will then select by a secret ballot. In
          addition the Parent Council expects to require the services of a Clerk to provide
          administrative support.

8.        Termination of membership
8.1       In the unlikely event that a Parent Council member acts in a way that is considered by
          other members to undermine the aims of the Parent Council, the Parent Council can
          decide to terminate their membership, if the majority of Parent Council parent
          members agree. The Parent Council would confirm this decision in writing to the

9.        Will the Parent Council have sub groups?
9.1       The Parent Council may set up sub groups to help it carry out its duties. Sub groups
          may include people who are not members of the Parent Council i.e. they may be
          Parent Forum members.

10.       What meetings will take place and how will they be run?
10.1      The Parent Council will have at least one meeting each school term. In addition the
          Parent Council will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) early in the school

10.2      Any three members of the Parent Council can request that an additional meeting be
          held and all members of the Parent Council will be given at least one week’s notice of
          date, time, place and the agenda for the meeting.

10.3      If circumstances arise that result in Parent Forum members wishing to call a meeting,
          where reasonable, this will be accommodated.
10.4   Each meeting will have a Chair and an Agenda. The Chair will be responsible for
       ensuring that an Agenda is produced and publicly available, along with minutes of the
       previous meeting. Minutes should be publicly available as soon as possible after a
       meeting and ideally no later than two weeks after a meeting. Ideally an Agenda for
       each meeting should be publicly available at least 5 days before meetings.

10.5   Our intention is that any parent or invited party can attend any Parent Council

10.6   The Chair will be responsible for the orderly conduct of meetings. The rulings of the
       Chair are final. Before making a ruling, the Chair should listen to all contributions
       and may seek the advice of the Head Teacher or nominated substitute.

10.7   If the need for a vote arises, the Parent Council members at the meeting will decide
       on the appropriate method – secret ballot, show of hands etc. Only parent members of
       the Parent Council have voting rights. In the event of a tie, the Chair will have the
       casting vote. A minimum of four votes are needed for a decision to be carried.

10.7   If the nominated Chair is not present at a scheduled meeting then the parent members
       will select a stand in for that meeting.

11.    Who will assist the Parent Council?
11.1   The Parent Council can request reports and information about the school from the
       Head Teacher. The Head Teacher has the right and duty to give advice to the Parent
       Council on any matter within the Parent Council’s remit. The City of Edinburgh
       Council also has a duty to give advice to the Parent Council when requested, on any
       matter within the Parent Council’s remit.

12.    Who will manage Parent Council finances?
12.1   The Parent Council sees fund raising for the school as the responsibility of the Parent
       Staff Association. However, if the need arises for the Parent Council to have its own
       funds, it may set up a bank account. In this event the Parent Council will select, from
       its parent membership, a Treasurer to manage the Parent Council’s finances and to
       keep simple and transparent accounts. Bank account withdrawals will require the
       signature of the Treasurer and one other Parent Council parent member.

12.2   The accounts will be independently examined at least annually by someone who is
       out with and independent of the Parent Council. The Parent Council finances will be
       subject to query at any time to establish availability of funds.

12.3   The Parent Council will be responsible for ensuring all funds are used in accordance
       with the aims of the Parent Council.

12.4   Should the Parent Council cease to exist, any remaining funds will be passed to the
       Education Authority to be used for the benefit of the school, where this continues.

13.    How will amendments be made to the constitution?
13.1   The Parent Council may amend its constitution as and when necessary after obtaining
       consent from members of the Parent Forum. The Parent Council will send a copy of
       any proposed amendment to members of the Parent Forum who will be given a
       reasonable time to respond. Members of the Parent Forum who do not respond will
       be deemed to have consented to the proposed amendments.

Prepared by: Echline Parent Council 28 August 2007

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