Portable Steam Sauna B4 Assembly Instructions 1 Pull out sides

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					                                   Portable Steam Sauna B4

Assembly Instructions:
1. Pull out sides of flattened sauna cabinet to extend it.
2. Unzip zipper on rear panel (board). Fold rear panel back to complete the rear of the sauna
   cabinet. Zip the zipper up to hold the rear panel in position.
3. Attach the spacer rods (on Velcro fasteners) to the Velcro connections inside the cabinet to
   hold the side walls of the box at the correct width.
4. Place the tray in bottom of the cabinet then put the wooden chair at center of the tray.
5. If the head cover is to be used, place the head cover over the steamer cabinet. Then
   attach the Velcro fasteners at both sides of head cover to the strips on the outside of the
   cabinet. To hold head cover in place.
6. Insert the steam tap into one end of steam supply hose.
7. Insert the other side of steam supply hose into the steam intake connector on the side of
   sauna box.
8. Reverse the process for disassembly.

Instructions for Use:
1. Put the tray and wooden chair into the cabinet and zip the zipper.
2. Add clean water to “Full” level in the steamer (when adding any additives, water should be
    below “Mid” water level)
3. Make sure the steam supply hose is snugly connected to the steam intake connector of the
4. Set the “Timer” switch of the steamer to select the time of your preference, up to 60min.
5. When the water boils and the steam begins, allow the steam to circulate in the cabinet for about
    five minutes until the temperature is sufficient to begin your sauna session.
6. Remember to unplug from electrical source when not in use
7. When the steamer cools after use, pour out the remaining water and clean the steamer, interior of
    cabinet, and tray.

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