Inhalant Abuse Prevention FREE TRAINING by lcy20702


									     Inhalant Abuse Prevention
     Thursday, February 18, noon-3 p.m.
      Templeton’s Restaurant, Richford

       One in 10 Vermont students in grades
       8-12 reports having tried inhalants.

Help prevent middle school inhalant abuse with
this 3-part training presented by Gayle Finkelstein
of the Northern New England Poison Center:
      Poison 101 – Understand poison center
         services, poisoning data trends and
         poisoning-related first aid
       Inhalant Abuse Prevention for Adults – Learn about abuse
         trends and reasons for abuse, understand the dangers and
         discuss prevention strategies
       Inhalant Abuse Prevention for Middle School Students – A
         thorough review of four student lesson plans: Poison
         Prevention, Body Pollution, Danger! Toxic Chemicals and Toxic
         Chemicals and Poison Prevention.
Trained partners will have access to adult and middle school education
kits housed at locations throughout the state.

    Sponsored by the Northern New England Poison Center and
    Rural Partnerships. To register, contact Ethan Dezotelle at
    (802) 393-5383 or

                     For more information, visit

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