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					Post Title:   Programme/Admin Assistant
Level:        ICS 5 (G-5)
Typology:     Sub-regional Office for the Office
Location:     Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

Organizational Context

Under the overall guidance of the UNFPA Representative and Director, Sub-regional Office for the
Pacific and direct supervision of Country Development Manager in the Federated States of
Micronesia the Programme/Admin Assistant provides secretarial, logistical and administrative
support to the programme activities of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United
Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) in the
Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

Results-Oriented Functional Statement

Provide secretarial and administrative support to the Country Development Manager
       Answer telephone and provide reception services
       managing incoming and outgoing correspondence and maintain filing system;
       assisting with registration of correspondence, pouch and distribution of reports/publications
       in the office;
       preparing drafts of correspondence
       making local and international travel arrangements including liaising with travel agent for
       travel itineraries and costs
       searching the web for relevant information and events; and;
       preparing briefing materials and PowerPoint presentations as needed for supervisor.
       Provides protocol and cultural guidance, liaison with government and donor officials
       Provide administrative and logistical support in the planning and organization of meetings,
       advocacy activities and UN Missions to the country;
       Assist in preparing and reviewing project budgets, management of the safe and petty cash,
       keep track of office expenditures and liaise with vendors to ensure timely payments for the
       Schedules meetings for Supervisors and ensures all logistical arrangements are in place
       during missions, meetings, workshops etc.
       Maintains safe and petty cash
       Research the web for information events
        Compile media information on issues that directly affect UN programmes
       Perform any other related duty as required by the CDM or the Office in Suva

Core Competencies:

Values/Guiding Principles
Take actions that are congruent with what she says. Reliably deliver on promises and honor
commitments made. Demonstrate consistency in upholding and promoting the values of UNFPA in
actions and decisions. Demonstrate an appreciation of the multicultural nature of the organization
and the diversity of its staff. Demonstrate an international outlook, appreciate differences in values
and learning from cultural diversity. Moves from demonstrating sensitivity to encouraging full
participation to leveraging diversity. Demonstrate personal commitment in actions taken and
decisions made on a daily basis. Demonstrate commitment to organizational vision and priorities
and strategic direction. Promote the mandate outside the organization and defending it against
detractors. Create and build coalitions of support for the mandate, vision and strategic direction.

Developing People: Performance Management
Accept responsibility for personal performance and performance of staff. Manage own career
development to enhance value to UNFPA and its staff. Manage the performance of staff, including
fair evaluation of performance. Create the conditions for outstanding performance.

Developing People/Fostering Innovation and Empowerment
Developing a realistic assessment of personal limitations and strengths; demonstrating a desire to
learn. Create opportunities for the development of others. Envisioning and forecasting trends, and
responding to them. Connect people to the future. Have a personal sense of leadership and ability to
achieve. Identify ways for everyone to use their knowledge and experience to lead staff to the right
action. Challenge established methods and generate/enable new, innovative solutions; promote
brainstorming, and foster creativity and reasonable risk-taking. Create an environment where
leaders can emerge.

Working in Teams
Work effectively with colleagues in ways that allow the achievement of shared objectives. Building
teams both within existing organizational structures and outside of them. Create team spirit and
unity of purpose across UNFPA.

Communicating Information and Ideas/Knowledge Sharing
Communicate clearly and effectively. Seek to understand the ideas of others. Facilitating and
encouraging open communication. Create an environment for open communication. Inspire and
persuading others. Take responsibility for one's own learning and development. Actively seek
learning and career development opportunities. Promote organizational learning and knowledge
management. Build a culture of knowledge sharing and learning.

Self-management/Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management/Negotiating and
Resolving Disagreements
Manage moods, responding effectively to stress, situations of ambiguity or crisis. Manage
relationships with others to achieve mutual benefit. Build an emotionally intelligent organization.
Remain calm, collected and patient, when facing conflict. Resolve interpersonal conflict by
focusing on mutually acceptable solutions. Use conflict as a potential source of creativity and
innovation. Developing an environment where conflict or problems can be addressed and resolved.
Set standards for organizational behavior.

Personal Leadership and Effectiveness
Make appropriate and transparent decisions by analyzing complex information, taking into
consideration different points of view. Demonstrate the ability to make tough and/or sensitive
decisions. Having flexibility to both adopt a course of action and change it when required by the

Analytical and Strategic Thinking/Results Orientation/Commitment to Excellence
Identifying, defining and analyzing information, situations and problems. Demonstrating a capacity
to think and act in order to achieve long-term benefits and objectives for UNFPA by breaking
situations into smaller parts or tracing step-by-step the implications of the situation. Use rational
and intuitive processes that result in drawing accurate conclusions, generating viable solutions and
visualizing new potentials. Demonstrate the ability to step above immediate concerns and to see the
'big picture'. Drive to achieve results while pursuing the highest standards. Maximize the use of
resources. Move from basic results orientation to managing for results, to linking results.
Functional Competencies:

Logistical Support
Plans, schedules and co-ordinates travel and logistics for meetings, conferences and special events
using planning skills to avoid scheduling and commitment conflicts and gaining the cooperation of
participants and clients. Ensures availability of relevant factual information and supporting
documentation highlighting key issues and providing appropriate detail for use in meetings,
conferences and other events. Ensures electronic and other equipment is functioning and available
for meetings, conferences, video conferences and other events. Tracks, monitors and
acquires/purchases inventory such as forms, office supplies and equipment to ensure adequate
resources are available.

Managing Data
Thoroughly and methodically collects, verifies and records data demonstrating attention to detail
and identifying and correcting errors on own initiative. Interprets data, draws conclusions and/or
identifies patterns which support the work of others. Collects and compiles data with speed and
accuracy identifying what is relevant and discarding what is not, records it in an accessible manner
and maintains data bases. Transmits file data; creates and generate queries, reports and documents
utilizing databases, spreadsheets, communications and other software packages with speed and

Managing Documents, Correspondence and Reports
Edits, formats and provides inputs to correspondence, reports, documents and/or presentations
using work processing, spreadsheets and databases meeting quality standards and requiring
minimal correction. Ensures correspondence, reports and documents comply with established UN
standards. Creates, edits and presents information (queries, reports, documents) in visually
pleasing, clear and presentable formats such as tables, forms, presentations, briefing notes/books
and reports using advanced word processing and presentation functions and basic database and
spreadsheet software. Shows sound grasp of grammar, spelling and structure in the required

Managing Information and Workflow
Retrieves information easily and speedily by maintaining electronic and paper filing and inventory
systems. Demonstrates understanding of distribution of responsibilities within unit and directs
mail/queries and correspondence to responsible staff following-up and watching deadlines.
Responds to requests for information in a courteous and timely manner identifying suitable sources
of information and/or directing staff and clients to them. Shows sensitivity in handling confidential
information and ensures safe filing.

Planning, Organising and Multi-tasking
Plans, coordinates and organises workload while remaining aware of changing priorities and
competing deadlines. Establishes, builds and maintains effective working relationships with staff
and clients to facilitate the provision of support. Organises and accurately completes multiple tasks
by establishing priorities while taking into consideration special assignments, frequent
interruptions, deadlines, available resources and multiple reporting relationships. Demonstrates
ability to quickly shift from one task to another to meet multiple support needs.

Job Knowledge
Shows detailed knowledge and understanding of clerical, administrative, secretarial best practices
and procedures. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of main office software applications relating to
word-processing, data/financial management and/or presentations as required. Operates, 'trouble-
shoots' and maintains a variety of computerized business machines and office equipment in order to
provide efficient delivery of service. Demonstrates the capacity and willingness to learn and
understand the specific functions, language, practices and concepts of a particular function
necessary to provide efficient support

Job Requirements:

Academic Requirements:
Certificate in Secretarial Studies and/or successful completion of secondary education Certification
in administration desirable

At least 3 years experience at secretarial level

Fluency in oral and written English

Computer skills:
Proficiency in current office software applications

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