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Pool Room quick guide ver 11 050905


Pool Room quick guide ver 11 050905

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									Reporting a Fault                                                     Estates Division

1.   Please report a fault as quickly as you can.                     For General Pool Room Maintenance
                                                                      Problems or queries relating to lighting, seating, air-conditioning,
2.     Problems with the computing or AV equipment should             and general maintenance of the Pool Rooms:
     initially be reported to the local departmental technician.
                                                                      Contact the Estates HOTLINE on extension 74477
3.   Each of the Pool Rooms has a notice with contact details of
     the locally based technician responsible for the room.

•    Should you not be able to contact the local technician then      To Book a Pool Room
     you should contact the Pool Room Support Coordinator.            Contact the Room Bookings & Timetabling Section, they have a
                                                                      comprehensive website where you can check on the facilities

                                                                                                                                             Pool Room Support
                                                                      offered in each poolroom, dates and availability of rooms and you
Departmental Technician                                               can make a room booking online at:
Your departmental technician can advise you on Pool Room
equipment in your D     epartment. The departmental technician is
                                                                                                                                             Audio Visual/IT Equipment
                                                                      Or you can contact them on:
essential to our partnership in providing Pool Room Support, they
are your first line of contact/support should you have problems. If   Cathays Park Campus room bookings: 74057
the Departmental technician is unavailable then contact Pool          Email:
Room Support.
In the event of problems when using a pool room, contact details      Heath Park Campus room bookings: 74815
for the locally based technician are advertised.                      Email:

The Pool Room Support Team

If you would like help and advice please contact us at or contact:

Pool Room Support Coordinator
Richard Powell
Information Services Directorate, 40/41 Park Place.
( Ext: 77119 or Mobile: 07966 467144

Alternatively you can contact either of the two dedicated AV

                                                                                                                                              QUICK REFERENCE

Ian Salter                               Carl Snellgrove
( Ext: 76849
Mobile: 07814 747293
                                         ( Ext: 76868
                                         Mobile: 07814 747295                                                                                      GUIDE
For information on Pool Room policies and procedures and for
enquiries relating to special events please contact::                                                                                                 Version 1.1

Tony Morgan
Information Services Directorate, 40/41 Park Place.
( Ext: 74817                                                                                                                                                        Pool Room Support
                                                                                                                                                                      September 2005
The Pool Room Support website is available at:
Introduction                                                            How to use the networked PC                                           How to Use the Touch Screen

The majority of pool rooms have an audio visual control system          Ensure that the Computer and Monitor are switched on.                 Please note that at present Touch screen layout varies across the
operated by a touch screen mounted on the lectern. This                                                                                       Cathays Park Campus.
controls the data projector, the slide projector and the VCR/DVD.       The computer installed in the lectern has two selectable options
It also allows for sound volume adjustment and in many rooms            when it is first started.                                             When you first enter a pool room with a touch screen panel you
also controls the lights.                                                                                                                     may notice that the touch screen is blank.
                                                                        •    These are “Network Enabled” and “Network Disabled”.
This ‘Quick Reference Guide’ is to assist you operate the audio                                                                               1.   To activate the touch screen simply press once with
visual equipment and provide contact information for Cathays            •    The user has 3 minutes (180 seconds) to make a decision               moderate pressure anywhere on the screen.
Park Campus Pool Rooms.                                                      or the default option of “Network Enabled” will be selected.     2.   You will then be presented with a large button to activate the
                                                                                                                                                   system which upon pressing will warm up the data projector;
A more comprehensive set of guides is available from the Pool
                                                                        Network “Enabled”                                                          this can take up to a minute.
Room Support Team. Alternatively they can be downloaded from                                                                                  3.   All functions are controlled by a series of ‘buttons’ on a
our website at: (check         This option boots to the standard Information Services Windows             number of screens or ‘pages’.
the website to ensure you have the latest version available).           XP image.                                                             •    A ‘screen saver’ function operates after a present period of
                                                                                                                                                   inactivity, a touch anywhere on the screen will reactivate it.
                                                                        1.   Your network username and password will be required to
                                                                             use this option.
                                                                                                                                              To Output the computer display to the projector
                                                                        2.   In addition to the default image installation the following      •   Press the button labelled “Computer” on the touch screen.
Pool Room Support is always interested to have any feedback,                 applications are pre-installed on the lectern PC ready for       •   On the next menu press the button labelled “Network
suggestions for improvement or any other requests for additional             use: Microsoft Office 2003; Acrobat Reader 6; CyberLink              Computer”.
requirements.                                                                Power DVD 6 OEM.                                                 •   The projector will now display the computer image.

In addition, if you have any comments/suggestions about our             Network “Disabled”                                                    Using the Video Player
documentation please do not hesitate to contact us:                     This option boots to a standalone Windows XP installation             •   Press the “video” or “VCR” button on the main menu.                                                                                                                       •   If you are in a sub menu you can press the red “back”
                                                                        1.   This option does not require a username or password.
                                                                                                                                                  button. This will switch the data projector to display the
                                                                        2.   This service is designed to compliment and not replace the           video image and also switch on the video player.
                                                                             “Network Enabled” option. It allows for guest access to the      •   Insert your tape and press the “play” or forward triangle
                                                                             PC and the means to continue lectures/ presentations in the          button on the touch screen to start the video playing. The full
                                                                             event of a network failure.                                          range of video transport controls (fast forward, rewind etc) is
Help and Training                                                                                                                                 available on the touch screen.
                                                                        The following services are NOT available using this option:
                                                                        GroupWise or other email service; Internet; Local network             Using the Slide Projector
If you’d like help, training or a quick refresher course in using the   including H:\, S:\ etc.                                               •   Press the “Slide” or “Slide Projector” button on the main
audio visual/IT equipment please contact your Departmental                                                                                        menu.
Technician or Pool Room Support.                                        If the computer fails…                                                •   If you are in a sub menu you can press the red “back”
                                                                        On each lectern there is a “Lecture Rescue” CD. This is designed          button. Then load your slide carousal onto the projector.
We are happy to make arrangements for one of our AV                     for use if the user is unable to start Windows XP for any reason.     •   The touch screen has slide forward and back controls and
technicians to meet you at a suitable time during the day to offer      1. To use the disk place the CD in the CD/DVD drive of the                also focus controls so there is no need to manually operate
one to one instruction on the operation of audio visual equipment.           computer.                                                            the slide projector.
                                                                        2. Restart the PC.
Alternatively, we are happy to provide training to groups of staff if   3. After a short time you will be able to access the following file   Using the DVD Player
requested.                                                                   formats: PowerPoint; Excel; Word; PDF document reader
                                                                                                                                              •   All lectern PC’s have a multi format DVD player installed.
                                                                                                                                              •   To use the DVD player ensure you have selected to output
                                                                        Using Laptops and USB Devices                                             the computer display to the projector.
                                                                        If you plan use a USB device or Laptop and have not done so           •   Insert the DVD into the computer. Double click the Power
                                                                        before please contact either the departmental technician o a              DVD icon on the Computer to start playback.
                                                                        member of the Pool Room Support Team prior to the lecture /           •   If you want playback to be full screen double click anywhere
                                                                        presentation.                                                             in the viewing window.

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