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									                           Mother Teresa Parent Council Meeting

Date: November 02, 2009                                      Scheduled Time: 1830-2015
Location: Mother Teresa Forum

Chair: Josee Austin                                    Recorder: Giuseppe Peritore
Present: Josee Austin, Marc Caterini, Michelle Clark, Chris Daly, Connie Dicenzo, Christine Julien-
Sullivan, Giuseppe Peritore, Theresa Tabry, Anita Tierney, Pat Vigna
Regrets: Bria McVay, Jennifer Myers

Start Time: 1837                                             Adjournment Time: 2124
Newsletter submissions due:         needed?                  Next Meeting date: November 24, 2009

      Item                                    Details                                     Action
Welcome and            •                                                         •
Intro (Josee)

Opening Prayer         •   All present participated in the Prayer for Halton     •
(All Members)              Catholic District School Board School Councils

Approval of            •   October 04th minutes - Determination of Council       •   approval tabled by
minutes                    Roles error in title noted by Michelle                    Christine, seconded by
(All Members)                                                                        Connie with unanimous
1838-1842                                                                            approval by those present
                       •   October 14th minutes - Addition requested on Kiss’n   •   approval tabled by
                           Ride committee by Christine                               Christine, seconded by
                                                                                     Connie with unanimous
                                                                                     approval by those present
Business Arising       •   Reviewed items of the October 14th meeting that       •
(Josee)                    were not discussed.
                       •   Student representation on council
                              o Discussion with Chris/Pat and it will be done
                                 on an invitational basis, especially when the
                                 students would be able to provide us
                              o Students will also have the opportunity to
                                 share ideas once filtered to Chris.
                              o Chris will open invitation to them through
                                 Madame De Pol.
Item                        Details                                 Action
              o   Student Council items will be in the first half
                  hour of the meeting.

       •   Re: Homework
                o Staff is looking into this at this time and
                    when school improvement plan complete,
                    will be included as topic.
                o “Policy on homework” information will be
                    provided on school website when
                    improvement plan complete
                o HCDSB also addressing these concerns in
                o Evening family events need to be factored
                    in, “Ebbs and flows” of homework
                o Communication between the teams
                    teaching in the class e.g. Math and Social
                    sciences, need to improve to spread
                    homework to avoid all at the same time,
                    where possible. Common planning time
                    should help.
       •   Grade 8 for example (Marc), is that they build
           enough time in class to complete homework but
           differences in children determined how much comes
       •   Each grade level has been asked to target each
           child to determine if rephrasing/regrouping needs
       •   “APE”: Answer, Prove and Extend (to others) the
           question methodology encouraged.
       •   Teachers are giving much more “coaching time” to
           practice with students, after narrative teaching to
           provide students with feedback.
       •   Structured time management skills are taught as
           early as JK.
       •   Communication to families with strategies should be
           bidirectional - teachers to families and reverse.

       •   Developing true parish/school/home partnerships –
           tabled for now and to be revisited after
           Wednesday’s Parent/Home/School partnership day

       •   Fundraising
              o Tabled for now as we need to look at
                 Outreach plans and Budget first.

       •   “Other issues” to also be addressed in budget
      Item                                Details                                    Action
Principles report   •   Fulfilling the Promise is a Strategic Planning and       •
(Chris/Pat)             Renewal Guide - Mother Teresa students well
1907-1936               represented.

                    •   40th anniversary for our Catholic School board
                            o message from board read as well as vision
                                statement from trustees and senior staff

                    •   Catholic Learning Community Our Vision in Action
                            o The HCDSB is a model learning community,
                                widely recognized as distinctly Catholic…
                            o Council requested to complete same table
                                completed by teaching staff
                            o We should be proud of the things we’ve
                                accomplished as a council/school (Josee)
                            o Model Learning Community
                                        Literacy room
                                        Creative ways teachers are
                                        addressing children found to be
                                        below the benchmark
                                        All-Star reading program
                                        Council working closely with school
                                        administration, to understand what
                                        is needed (fundraising), e.g.
                                        establish Literacy room, Living
                                        school, Food for thought and
                                        patience in giving staff time to learn
                                        new curriculum
                                        Continued dialogue to strengthen
                                        the link from school to home
                                        Outreach initiatives
                                        Support of social commitments
                            o Distinctively Catholic
                                        Gospel readings and prayers over
                                        What Would Jesus Do? program
                                        Outreach/Liturgical support from
                                        Grade 8 confirmation retreat
                                        Recognition assemblies
                                        School Masses at St Matthews
                                        Liturgies in the gymnasium
                                        Anti-bullying program from an
                                        enhanced Catholic/Christian values
                            o Exceptional Education
                                        Differentiated instructions
                                        Use of specific language to instruct
     Item                              Details                                          Action
                                        Reviewing concepts
                          o    Nurturing the Call to Love and Serve
                                        Outreach initiatives from council
                                        Student council food drives
                                        Lead by example
                                        Reading Buddies
                                        Comments: More hands on may be
                                        needed – kids not only collecting
                                        food, but also sort and deliver
                                            • so children are more
                                                “hands on” and get the
                                                whole picture – younger
                                                kids could count food items
                                                and determine how much
                                                we use at home to get a
                                                better perspective on what
                                                is collected in classes
                                            • it would be good to get
                                                them to sort and have
                                                these discussions in the
                                        Encourage kids to help others
                                        needed e.g. Through peer
                  •   Council asked to complete table from a school
                      community perspective (School, Home, etc)
                  •   Sometimes school/council needs to sit back and
                      appreciate what we’ve accomplished and then
                      articulate to our community

                  •   Poor Mans lunch
                           o ordered lunch for staff
                           o Broth, bread and water – self sacrificing
                              reminder of what we had, no dialogue,
                              quiet time for prayer
                           o suggestion made to encourage families to
                              try it out
                           o idea from council
                                       to send home a package for what is
                                       needed e.g. a list of meal ideas with
                                       some prayers
Chairs report     •   Wed October 28 – Theresa and Chris attended the
(Josee/Theresa)       Catholic Councils Conference – good evening that
1936-1954             included:

                  •   Info available on OAPCE (Ontario Association of
                      Parents in Catholic Education)

                  •   Catholic School Council training days - 3 sessions:      •   All council members
                          o Nov. 9th at St Matthew, Oakville                       encouraged to register and
Item                        Details                                          Action
               o   Nov. 10th at Bishop Redding, Milton                  attend any session, if able
               o   Nov. 16th at Assumption, Burlington

       •   Parent Involvement Committee – “You can’t make
           me!” session - Wednesday November 4th 7-9pm in
           Guelph, at John F Ross – Catholic Parent
           Involvement Committee (CPIC)

       •   HCDSB Focus on Faith theme 2009-2011: HEAR the
           word of the lord, LEARN to do good, SEEK justice

       •   Presentation from D.A.R.E.

       •   Big “small group” discussion focused on school
               o Council tabled this topic for a later date
               o 2 schools in the pilot program – Guardian          •   The package provided at
                  Angels and St. Gabriel’s.                             the conference will be sent
               o Brought to councils to start discussion. 2/3           out to council members
                  of those who responded voted in favor.                along with the next
               o A template for the process is in place.                meeting agenda. All
               o 2 pilot schools to provide a report.                   members encouraged to
               o Pope John Paul school to have an info night            read and we will have a
                  as council has moved forward – Theresa                discussion at our next
                  and Josee to attend on November 19th.                 meeting.
               o St. Matthew’s council have also started a
                  discussion at their council meeting

       •   Haiti – Focus is on education with Haiti
               o Not asking for donations although schools
                    are encouraged to continue if they choose
               o education focused on the conditions in Haiti
               o Touring dancers at Mother Teresa on Friday
                    November 6th

       •   Catholic Faith Leadership Youth Rallies
               o   November 17-19th at Mary Mother of God
               o   Mother Teresa to participate on the 18th
               o   Youth rally for the grade 8’s - a powerful
                   day of music, faith and social time with their
               o   Bishop Bergie in attendance and to
                   celebrate Mass
               o   Internationally acclaimed Chris Stefanick,
                   who will speak to the youth about
                   quenching their thirst for God, while
                   addressing age appropriate questions like
                   ‘Why should I go to mass?’.
               o   The praise and worship music will be lead
     Item                             Details                                         Action
                            by the Matt York Band
                        o   The local Catholic secondary school
                            chaplaincy leaders have formed a group of
                            10 students from their school to create a
                            team of ‘Young Apostles’, who will act as
                            leaders at each of their feeder school youth
                            rallies - mentoring the Grade 8 students
                            from their feeder schools by encouraging
                            them to join in the actions to the songs;
                            participating in the Gospel drama as well as
                            serving as ambassadors to Grade 8 students
                            who will be encouraged to make the
                            connection with and later attend their local
                            Catholic secondary school during the year.
                        o   More info at

                •   Parent Council suggestion/comment box has been
                    set up today

                                                                             •   Josee to monitor
Committee   Liturgical (Michelle):
Reports         • Michelle and Bria met with the Liturgical/Outreach
1954-2106           committee; we had parent representation from each
                    grade, at least 1
                • Liturgical/Outreach Recommended Programs
                    2009/2010 School Year notes shared with council
                • Focus will be on our community here at the school
                    and then outside community.
                • Would like to bring community involvement back
                    into it.
                        o e.g. sponsoring families – grade 1’s bringing
                             in items for a grade one student
                        o as a whole will need to get a list of families
                             and determine the needs
                        o Students would then be involved e.g. “We
                             have a family that needs this…”, then have
                             the students pick the items, decorate the
                             baskets, and possibly delivering of gifts (if
                             logistics permit).
                        o Committee felt that the Hamilton Catholic
                             Children’s Aid meets their goals, Good
                             Shepherd a little more limited.
                        o Will need to provide a meal as well – either
                             canned goods or gift cards.
                        o Also involves catholicity
                        o Suggestion is to extend out to St. James
                             School as they have a large request             •   Michelle to further
Item                           Details                                          Action
                      annually for food and clothing which Mother          investigate needs and
                      Teresa has supported in the past                     family sizes
                  o   Goal is 30-35 families.                          •   Michelle will investigate if
                  o   Budget of $300 suggested as unsure if                we need to supply the
                      baskets will be supplied to us                       baskets or if they Hamilton
                  o   lists will be of ages as well as general ideas       Catholic Children’s Aid will
                      of what might be given                               supply
                  o   Councils understanding of Family basket
                      idea (meal and a gift) priority: Mother
                      Teresa Families in need > Hamilton Catholic
                      Children’s Aid for sponsored families > Any
                      excess gifts go to St. James, Angel Tree and
                      Good Sheppard for food
                  o   Discussion of other outreach including back
                      packs between lent and the end of the
                      school year
                  o   Angels for Angel Hair was discussed by the
                      committee as an option but the committee
                      wasn’t sure how parents could be involved
                  o   Parents want different ways they can be
                      involved – want to provide them
                      opportunities versus expectations of them        •   approval tabled by Connie,
                                                                           seconded by Christine with
                  o   Winter clothing drive approved by council            unanimous approval by
                      with recommendation to Christmas gift                those present
                      drive as above

                  o   Sales of Poinseattas will proceed and Spring
                      initiative to be tabled at later date, to be
                      discussed at our next meeting.

                  o   Liturgical events tabled to next meeting as
                      we have time.

                  o   2008/2009 Budget still needs to be
                      addressed/consolidated before council can
                      make commitments

       Volunteers (Christine):
                 o Volunteer Parent Coffee - postponed for this
                 o Walk to school Wednesdays – need more               •   Christine will connect with
                     awareness and more involvement                        Pat and Chris, re: popular
                 o KISS’N RIDE                                             teachers at strategic
                            actively recruiting more volunteers            walking route locations to
                            “Blitz” next week                              hand out prize tickets
                                 • focus on east lot
                                 • Thank you flyers for most           •   Giuseppe to incorporate
                                     parents                               suggestions on wording
                                 • Parking notice for curbside             and forward updated copy
      Item                                   Details                                       Action
                                                    parking - ?on orange paper        for review to Chris and Pat
                                                •   Updated copy of “Kiss’n           as well as Kiss’n Ride
                                                    Ride Info for Parents” on         volunteers
                                                •   Don’t want to be antagonist   •   Chris to have sufficient
                                                    - wording in Notice will be       copies printed for Blitz
                                                    improved to be more
                                                    positive rather then
                                                •   Constable Hasenbacher
                                                    committed to attend
                                                                                  •   Giuseppe to forward
                                o   Mr. Vigna looking at logistics at having an       electronic copy of letter to
                                    e-distribution list for parents                   council for review
                                o   Copy of draft letter to parents shared by

                    Treasurers Report (Theresa):
                              o Pizza sales have have been estimated at
                                 14,000 (net)                                     •   Theresa to continue
                              o We appear to have about $2000 left over               working with Jennifer to
                                 from last year (minus cheques written)               finalize 08/09 budget
                              o Theresa needs to finalize last years budget       •   Chris/Pat to develop
                                 – budget tabled for next meeting                     Principles “wish list” for
                                                                                      this year
                                o   Pizza days not voted on for this year?
                                            done traditionally every year as a
                                            service to parents as well as
                                            Council’s primary fundraising
                                            voted on last year after survey
                                            results survey
                                            “Over 90% participation rate with
                                            current Pizza program.” – from
                                            2009 01 05 Parent Council minutes

                                o   Last year payment by term, this year
                                    payment for year is option
                               o Approximately 80% of respondents chose
                                    weekly versus biweekly Pizza
Meeting dates for       •   Council agrees that to meet:                          •
the school year                o Tuesday November 24th @ 1830 and
(All members)                  o Wednesday January 06th, 2010 at 0830
New Business        Re: HCDSB Medical Condition Administrative                    •
(All Members)       Procedures and Protocols
2112-2122              • Bria wanted clarification on who signs the forms
                       Declaring a “medical condition”, ie. Parents, guardians,
                       medical doctor…..
                       As it is now, parents declare the medical condition and
       Item                                     Details                                               Action
                           sign the form.
                       Communication letter re: Council Info and Invitation
                       to parents
                           • draft read by Christine, council approves with
                               addition of next 2 council dates – copies to be
                               printed late tomorrow afternoon
Closing prayer             • All council member participated in Mother Teresa’s              •
(Giuseppe)                     prayer/poem as attached.

This following poem was written by Mother Teresa and is engraved on the wall of her home for children in Calcutta.
Mother Teresa School is our children’s home for much of the year…

                                                Mother Teresa's Prayer

                                People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
                                                     ...Forgive them anyway.
                            If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
                                                          ...Be kind anyway.
                      If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
                                                         ...Succeed anyway.
                                     If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
                                                 ...Be honest and frank anyway.
                            What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
                                                            ...Build anyway.
                                  If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
                                                        ...Be happy anyway.
                                 The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
                                                         ...Do good anyway.
                              Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
                                         ...Give the world the best you've got anyway.

                                You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
                                     It was never between you and them anyway.

                                           "We can do no great things -
                                         only small things with great love."

                                            Mother Teresa,
                         Pray for us to keep your words of wisdom in mind,
                 As we nurture all the children in our home, parish and school union,
                             Emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

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