6% Humic Acids with Seaweed Bios

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					   6% Humic Acids with Seaweed & Bios
                            NONPLANT FOOD INGREDIENT                                                      GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS
                                                                                SUPER HUME™ is a very concentrated form of humic acids and is recommended
                                                                                for use with fertilizers and micronutrients.
                             GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:                               SUPER HUME™ can be added to the irrigation water of gravity, sprinkler systems
                                   6% Humic Acids                               and drip systems
                               derived from Leonardite
                                                                                PRE-PLANT: Apply 1-2               FOLIAR FEEDING:
                                      Weight Per Gallon 8.7 LBS
                                                                                gallons per acre of                A. Aerial Application: Apply 2-6 quarts of
                                         Limited Warranty:                      SUPER HUME™                           SUPER HUME™ with a foliar fertilizer in
                                                                                incorporated into the soil.           5-10 gallons of water per acre when crop is
                             Manufacturer or seller makes no                                                          three (3) to four (4) weeks old. Repeat as
                             warranty, whether expressed or                     SIDE DRESS: Apply 2-6                 needed.
                             implied concerning the use of this                 quarts per acre of SUPER           B. Ground Rig: Apply 2-6 quarts of
                             product, other than for the purpose                HUME™ with liquid                     SUPER HUME™ with a foliar fertilizer in
                             indicated on the label. Neither                    fertilizers.                          sufficient amounts of water.
                             manufacturer or seller shall be
                             liable for any injury nor damage
                                                                                SUPER HUME™ can be applied to most vegetable crops, grains, row crops, deciduous fruit and nut
                             caused by this product due to
                                                                                trees, grapes, melons, ornamentals, turf, pasture, range grasses and most other crops.
                             misuse, mishandling or any
                                                                                SUPER HUME™ is a concentrated Humic Acids liquid which may increase the uptake of
                             application     not     specifically
                                                                                micronutrients. ALWAYS check compatibility before mixing products together.
                             described on the label.
                                                                                              STORAGE: Do not store above 120 F. Keep out of direct sunlight.
                                    For Information regarding the contents                   SAFETY: Do not take internally, avoid eye or prolonged skin contact.
                                   and levels of metals in this product visit
                                   HTTP://www.AAPFCO.org/metals.htm.                                      Should contact occur, wash with water.

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