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                              Dunedin Recycling
CURBSIDE RECYCLING:                                       RECYCLER: City of Dunedin
See reverse for sample bin photo.
                                                          FREE MULCH PICK-UP:
l aluminum cans           l newspapers                    4 Lake Haven Recycling Center,
l glass bottles and jars l plastic bottles                  810 Lake Haven Rd. behind Solid Waste (map)
  (clear/no colors)       l steel cans
                                                            298-3215 Open 24 hours/7 days
l mixed paper
To request a curbside bin, call the city at 298-3024.
Place grass clippings and leaves in 32-gallon cans               RECYCLING            GUIDELINES
or bags (up to 50 pounds). Cut brush materials into
4 foot lengths and tie in bundles (up to 50 pounds).                 No plastic bags please!
                                                        Aluminum Cans – Empty aluminum cans used for
DROP-OFF RECYCLING:                                     drinks or food (such as soda or cat food cans). Rinse
                                                        and crush if possible.
3    Highlander Park, 903 Michigan Blvd. (map)
                                                        Cardboard – Clean, empty, dry corrugated (3-layer)
4     Lake Haven Recycling Center, 810 Lake             cardboard boxes or packaging. Please flatten boxes.
       Haven Rd. behind Solid Waste (map)               No pizza boxes.
l   aluminum cans            l mixed paper              Cell Phones – Any size, make, or model of cell phone.
l   cardboard                l newspapers               Cooking Oil – Used liquid cooking oil (such as oil
l   cooking oil (Lake        l plastic bottles          from a turkey fryer). No solids or motor oil.
    Haven site only)         l steel cans               Electronics - View a list of hazardous electronic items.
l   glass bottles or jars                               Glass Bottles or Jars – Empty glass bottles or jars
    (clear/no colors)                                   (clear only/no colors). Labels okay. No caps or lids.
                                                        Mixed Paper – Any clean, dry paper item that tears,
ELECTRONICS RECYCLING:                                  such as white or colored paper, shredded paper,
l electronics (such as TVs or computers)                office paper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, junk
                                                        mail, envelopes, wrapping paper, and paperboard
  fee = $17.12 per electronic item
                                                        items such as cereal boxes or paper towel rolls. No
  Call 298-3215, ext. 21 to request curbside pick-up.   paper towels or tissues.
l cell phones l rechargeable batteries                  Newspapers – Clean and dry newspapers (including
  Drop off cell phones or batteries inside the Solid    inserts). No string or twine. It’s okay to put them inside
                                                        a paper bag.
  Waste building, 1070 Virginia St., M-F 8am-4pm.
                                                        Phone Books – Recycle with mixed paper. Remove
                                                        plastic wrap, bag, or magnets.
BUSINESS & MULTI-FAMILY RECYCLING:                      Plastic Bottles – Empty plastic bottles with a “neck”
Dunedin offers curbside rolling carts to collect:       (opening smaller than the base) such as water, soda,
aluminum and steel cans, clear glass (no colors),       shampoo, or ketchup bottles. No need to check for
mixed paper, newspaper, or plastic bottles (one         #1 or #2—just “check for a neck”. Bottles only; no
item per cart). For cardboard recycling, you can        tubs, cups, or bags. Labels okay. No caps or lids.
request a large commercial container. To sign up,       Rinse and crush if possible.
call 298-3215, ext. 24.                                 Rechargeable Batteries – Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd),
                                                        Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion) and
                                                        small sealed lead (Pb) weighing up to 2 lbs. each.
CONTACT:                                                Steel (Tin) Cans – Empty steel cans used for food such
Valerie Lane, 298-3215 ext. 24                          as soup or vegetable cans. Labels and lids okay. No
www.dunedingov.com                                      aerosol cans or paint cans. Rinse if possible.
                                                                                                                as of 1/10
                           Click here to find out how to recycle MORE!
  Mixed Paper,
Magazines, Junk
                     Curbside Blue Bin
  Mail, Cereal /
  Soda Boxes,                                   Dry Newspaper
Inserts in Brown                                tied or in Brown
   Paper Bag                                       Paper Bag

 Plastics # 1 & 2,                          Clear Glass
Steel & Aluminum                           bottles rinsed
Cans rinsed clean                              clean

           An example of how your bin should look

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