Permit to Work Procedure

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                   Permit to Work Procedure

          PROCEDURE NO                     QAL026.20/000

       MANAGEMENT AREA                Vice Principal (Resources)

           APPROVED BY                Senior Management Team

              AUTHOR                         Kim Mantle

           DATE ISSUED                     31 January 2008
Procedure for Carrying out Work using a Written Permit to Work Certificate

1.      Purpose

        This Document describes the Procedure for:

        1.1     Carrying out work using a Permit to Work Certificate.
        1.2     To ensure the College complies with current legislation – Health and Safety at Work
                Act etc 1974; Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999; Work at
                Height Regulations 2005; Confined Spaces Regulations 1997; Electricity at Work
                Regulations 1989; Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and
                Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007.
        1.3     To ensure the College complies with Zurich Insurance requirements.

2.      Scope

        2.1     This procedure applies to all staff, learners, visitors and contractors who undertake
                activities for or at Stafford College. Each Faculty or Unit must ensure that no work
                is undertaken that is deemed as requiring a Permit to Work Certificate, and that such
                work has received a suitable and sufficient Risk Assessment. By the very nature of
                the work it will also require a Method Statement or working procedure based upon
                the Risk Assessment.

        2.2     Work requiring a Permit to Work includes:-

                a.       Working at height;
                b.       Working in confined spaces;
                c.       Working on live equipment or services;
                d.       Hot work to include welding in public spaces;
                e.       Plant maintenance.

3.      Responsibility

        3.1     Vice Principal (Resources) for the maintenance of the Procedure.
        3.2     Head of Corporate Services and Assistant Estates and Facilities Managers to ensure
                compliance with the Procedure.
        3.3     Managers responsible for planning or co-ordinating any works.
        3.3     College Health and Safety Officer for continuing advice to the Procedure.

4.      Applicable to

        4.1     All College employees full, part time and sessional.
        4.2     All approved Contractors.

5.      Relevant Documentation

        5.1     Permit to Work Certificate Form (Appendix 1)
        5.2     Risk Assessment Form (in QAL026.25/000 Health & Safety Risk Assessment
Procedure no.        QAL/026.20/000
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Date issued          31 January 2008
6.      Introduction and Overview

        6.1     It is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 for an
                employer to provide systems of work which are based upon Risk Assessment/s.

        6.2     Permits to Work are an essential procedure for managing the risk to safety or health
                where work can not be performed in a safer way. Without a Permit to Work certain
                designated tasks (2.2) can not go ahead. The need for a Permit to Work will be
                identified in the Risk Assessment that must be made before any work can

7.      Procedure

        7.1     Planning the work

                7.1.1 First Phase – requires a thorough plan of the work to be undertaken,
                      identifying the need for the work and also who will be required to undertake
                      the task, noting required competencies.
                7.1.2 Second Phase – a Risk Assessment must be completed by the competent
                      persons. Either a College employee in liaison with the Health and Safety
                      Unit or Contractors hired to undertake the work. In the latter case all Risk
                      Assessments and other documents must be submitted to the Health and
                      Safety Unit for approval.
                7.1.3 Third Phase – planning the work including Method Statements based upon
                      the Risk Assessments.
                7.1.4 Fourth Phase – application for a Permit to Work should be made no less
                      than seven days prior to proposed work. All applications should be made to
                      the Health and Safety Unit.

        7.2     Certification

                7.2.1   Permits to Work will be provided by the Health and Safety Unit in
                        conjunction with the Estates and Facilities Unit. The Estates and Facilities
                        Unit will be able to provide Permits to Work by prior agreement with the
                        Health and Safety Unit.

                7.2.2   A triplicate Permit to Work Certificate will be issued.

                        a.      One copy to be retained by the issuing approved person, and should
                                the need arise be passed on in person at the end of their working
                                hours to another approved person.
                        b.      One copy will be posted at the access point to the area in which the
                                work is to take place. In the event of there being more than one
                                access point, numbered copies of the original will be placed at each

Procedure no.      QAL/026.20/000
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Date issued        31 January 2008
                        c.     One copy will be retained for the duration of the work by the task
                               supervisor who will have acknowledged the fact that the Certificate
                               stipulates certain working requirements by their signature.

                7.2.3   On completion of the work, once the equipment or area has been made safe,
                        and is returned to its normal working condition the Permit to Work
                        Certificate will be cancelled.

                        The cancellation process consists of:-

                        a.     The supervisor checks that the work is completed and the area or
                               equipment has been made safe and returned to normal working
                               conditions and then signs the Clearance Statement on the Permit to
                        b.     All copies of the Permit to Work will be returned to the authorised
                               person who issued the Certificate of a designated authorised College
                               employee, who falls within the remit of 7.2.1.
                        c.     Once satisfied that the work has been completed the authorised person
                               will cancel the Certificate.

                7.2.4   Where scheduled work has not been completed the Permit to Work will be
                        denoted as such. Should further time be requested the authorised person will
                        need to satisfy themselves that further work is essential and can be
                        undertaken safely.

                7.2.5   All cancelled Certificates must be returned to the Health and Safety Unit.

8.      Further Assistance

        8.1     For further assistance please contact Health and Safety Officer (ext: 3161) - Health
                and Safety Unit (L308).

Procedure no.      QAL/026.20/000
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Date issued        31 January 2008
                                                                                              Appendix 1
                                         PERMIT TO WORK CERTIFICATE

1. Permit Title:                                                                 2. Permit Reference:
3. Location:

4. Equipment to be used or worked on:

5. Work to be undertaken. Specify limitations:

6. Hazards and Risks: (This Permit cannot be issued without a Risk Assessment and Method Statement)

7. Safety precaution’s to be followed:

8. Protective equipment to be used:

9. Authorisation. Confirm all precautions are in place and necessary isolations have been made.
Signed by: Health and Safety Officer/Assistant Estates and Facilities Manager

Signature:                                                                  Date/time:

9a. Permit Limitations:

Date, time and duration of this permit:
10. Acceptance: Signature of work supervisor: I hereby declare that no work other than that stated above and within the relevant
Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be carried out, and all precautionary measures referred to above in the Risk
Assessment and Method Statement will be adhered to:

Signature:                                                                   Date/time:
11. Clearance: I hereby declare that the work stated above has/has not* been completed, that the equipment and area has/has
not* been fully reinstated, and that all workers have/ have not* been informed of cessation of work.

Signature:                                                                  Date/time:
12. Hand back and Cancellation of Permit to Work Certificate: Certifying that the work is completed, all equipment and the
environment are safe to be put back into commission. Signed by (delete as appropriate): Health and Safety Officer/Assistant
Estates and Facilities Manager.

Signature:                                                                Date/time:
All copies of this permit are herby cancelled and returned to the Health and Safety Unit.

Received by the Health and Safety Unit:

Signature:                                                                  Date/time:

     Procedure no.        QAL/026.20/000
     Page                 Page 5 of 5
     Date issued          31 January 2008

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