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					People & Place
Victoria Square Scheme –
Community & Business Opportunity Plan
                                                             People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme   1

                           FOREWORD BY DAVID HANSON MP

When the Department for Social Development          The employment opportunity presented by
embarked on the Victoria Square regeneration        Victoria Square provides the bedrock of this
initiative our vision was to create a new,          Community & Business Opportunity Plan. It is
vibrant retail-led mixed-use scheme in Belfast      estimated that 3,000 jobs will be available
City Centre to restore the City as the primary      during the construction phase at Victoria
retail and leisure destination in Northern          Square and a further 3,000 permanent new
Ireland. We aimed to create a scheme that           jobs will be created in the retail and leisure
would deliver everything that makes city            sectors once the Scheme opens in 2008. We
centre living vibrant and exciting: places to       aim to ensure that as many of these jobs as
live, work, shop and to enjoy the best of           possible become accessible to unemployed
Belfast close to the centre of business,            people living in disadvantaged areas across
entertainment, arts and culture.                    Northern Ireland.

I believe that the huge regeneration effort         Victoria Square demonstrates why we have
now underway at Victoria Square will succeed        every reason to feel confident about the future
in transforming the face of Belfast because it      of Belfast City Centre. With construction of the
has all the right ingredients: a developer with     Scheme underway the time is right to open this
a proven international track record in retail-led   initiative to local business and the community
development; committed civic leadership             by putting in place action plans to maximise
determined to make the Scheme work for              the economic and social development
Belfast; the support of Government; and, the        opportunity presented by the Scheme.
investment of substantial private funds.

Delivering new shopping and investment is
only part of the Victoria Square story. In just a
few years, Victoria Square will provide a new
dynamic gathering place for shopping and
entertainment at the heart of the City. A place
where citizens from across the community will       David Hanson MP
come together to work and socialise. The            Minister of State for Northern Ireland
Scheme therefore presents a real opportunity
to further tackle social need and social
exclusion in Belfast and across Northern
Ireland. I am therefore delighted to introduce
this Community & Business Opportunity Plan
which sets out how Victoria Square will
contribute to Government’s New Targeting
Social Need (New TSN) objectives for Northern
Ireland. The Plan also contains proposals for
utilising the Scheme to contribute to the
development of local business and the
tourism economy.
2      People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme


Multi Development UK is delighted to               regeneration of Belfast City Centre and to
co-sponsor this Community & Business               contribute to the development of the local
Opportunity Plan with the Department for           economy through local sourcing of materials,
Social Development. Multi (formerly AM             goods and services, and tourism development.
Development) aims to work with DSD and             We are committed to playing our part in the
other partners to ensure that the benefits from    collaborative relationship between public,
the Victoria Square Scheme are shared across       private and community stakeholders to give
the community. We appreciate the significant       the entire community access to the benefits
employment potential offered by the Scheme         deriving from Victoria Square.
and will encourage the construction firms and
retail tenants to fully participate in the         As each phase of the Scheme is completed
employment initiatives set out in this Plan.       we shall see Belfast move forward towards
                                                   achieving our aim of revitalising the City
The redevelopment of Victoria Square is an         Centre and repositioning Belfast as the primary
unparalleled regeneration effort in Belfast City   retail destination in Northern Ireland. That is a
Centre. Evidence of change has been visible        goal which all stakeholders in this initiative
since the demolition of Churchill House in         share and is a prize worth striving for.
November 2004. Belfast’s version of the “big
dig” swiftly changes appearance on a weekly
basis, whilst all the time representing the
renaissance of the City.

Multi recognises that Victoria Square presents a   Paul Sargent
unique opportunity to kick-start the               Managing Director, Multi Development UK
                                                            People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme   3

Vision                                             Key Benefits
The Victoria Square Regeneration Initiative, led   Victoria Square is a 75,000 sq m regeneration
by Multi Development UK and the Department         scheme. Chichester Street, Arthur Square,
for Social Development, is the largest             Anne Street and Victoria Street define the
redevelopment scheme in Belfast City Centre        Scheme boundaries.
for decades. It confirms the commitment of
Government to restore Belfast City Centre as       The key economic and social benefit for the
the primary retail and leisure destination in      community presented by the Victoria Square
Northern Ireland.                                  scheme will be:

The overall aim of the initiative is to continue   • the estimated 3,000 jobs to be provided
the renaissance of the City Centre by realising      during the construction period to 2008; and,
the vision of building a vital mixed-use retail-   • the estimated 3,000 permanent jobs in
led development in the heart of the City at          retailing and leisure to be provided when
Victoria Square. The Scheme will connect the         the scheme opens in 2008.
City Centre to the Belfast waterfront at
Laganside and provide a bridge to the North        Additional significant benefits that will arise
and West of the City Centre.                       from Victoria Square are:

                                                   • over £320m private investment;
                                                   • 4.5 acres of redevelopment within the main
                                                     shopping core of Belfast City Centre;
                                                   • in excess of 55,000 sq m of additional retail
                                                     space in the City Centre;
                                                   • a flagship House of Fraser department store;
                                                   • residential apartments in the main
                                                     shopping core;
                                                   • entertainment and leisure at a cinema,
                                                     restaurants and bars.
4     People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme

Key Targets                                      Implementation Partners
Through the regeneration of Victoria Square,     The Department for Social Development (DSD)
create a total of 3,000 construction jobs over   and Multi Development UK as the main public
the period 2004-2008.                            and private sector partners involved in the
                                                 Victoria Square Scheme will jointly lead on the
Through the regeneration of Victoria Square,     implementation of this Community & Business
create a total of 3,000 jobs in the retail and   Opportunity Plan. DSD and Multi will be joined
leisure sectors from the opening of the          by the Department for Employment and
Scheme in 2008.                                  Learning, Department for Enterprise, Trade and
                                                 Investment, Belfast City Council, Arts Council
                                                 for Northern Ireland, Belfast Visitor and
Purpose                                          Convention Bureau and Invest Northern Ireland
This Community & Business Opportunity Plan       in the implementation of the Plan.
sets out how the Victoria Square Regeneration
Initiative will contribute to business and       Action Areas
tourism development, and Government’s New        The Implementation Partners will work
Targeting Social Need (New TSN) objectives       together to realise the anticipated social and
for Northern Ireland across a range of key       economic regeneration benefits from Victoria
activities set out below. Detailed actions,      Square under six action areas.
objectives and targets are set out in the
Annex to this document.                          Employment
                                                 Promote access to job opportunities at Victoria
                                                 Square for unemployed people. This will be
                                                 achieved through the widespread advertising
                                                 of vacancies in the construction, retail and
                                                 leisure sectors. Customised training initiatives
                                                 focused on equipping unemployed people with
                                                 the appropriate skills required for job
                                                 opportunities at the Scheme will also be
                                                 provided. Community groups from
                                                 disadvantaged areas across Belfast will be
                                                 invited to help shape the employment

                                                 Community Involvement
                                                 Engage with the voluntary and community
                                                 sector, employers and trade unions to promote
                                                 job opportunities and other social and
                                                 economic benefits arising from Victoria Square
                                                 within disadvantaged communities. This will
                                                 be achieved through the establishment of a
                                                 Victoria Square Community Forum to assist
                                                 communication and outreach within local
                                                            People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme   5

communities particularly in areas of               Tourism Development
disadvantage in the City. The Community            Maximise the tourism development
Forum will have a particular role to play in       opportunities arising from Victoria Square
helping to shape training and employment           which will enhance Belfast’s attractiveness as
programmes designed to meet the needs of           a leading European regional destination for
those most disadvantaged i.e. long-term            tourists and visitors. This will be achieved by
unemployed who encounter multiple barriers         implementing a specific Belfast tourism
to employability.                                  promotional campaign designed to coincide
                                                   with the opening of Victoria Square aimed at
Shared Space                                       local, national and international markets.
Encourage all citizens and sections of the
community to use and enjoy Victoria Square as      Equality Considerations
a shared City Centre space for employment,         The Department for Social Development is fully
living and enjoying leisure time. The benefits     committed to promoting equality of opportunity
and opportunities presented by the Scheme          and good community relations, protecting
will be promoted through a Victoria Square         human rights and ensuring that resources are
Exhibition to tour Belfast and Northern Ireland.   targeted at those in greatest need.
Special initiatives to inspire and stimulate the
public’s interest in the Scheme will be            Appraisal, Funding and Statutory
provided through competitions for schools,         Considerations
colleges and local communities to design           Implementation of this Community & Business
public art for Victoria Square.                    Opportunity Plan is subject to economic
                                                   appraisal, the availability of funding and
Access for Disabled People                         adherence to relevant statutory requirements.
Promote accessibility to Victoria Square
for disabled people by working with
representative groups and professional bodies
to ensure best practice in accessibility in the
design and build of Victoria Square.

Business – local sourcing of materials,
goods and services
Promote economic development through the
local sourcing in Northern Ireland of materials,
goods and services required to construct and
run Victoria Square. This will be achieved by
providing information seminars for local
companies on the range of business
opportunities provided by the Scheme.
6         People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme


OBJECTIVES                                 ACTIONS                                     TARGETS


1. To provide access to employment         a. Department for Employment and            DSD and Multi Development UK to
    opportunities at Victoria Square for     Learning (DEL) will work with an          set-up Employers Forum by
    unemployed people.                       Employers Forum for Victoria              September 2006.
                                             Square retailers tailored to
                                             facilitate their employment
                                             recruitment and training needs.

                                           b. Vacancies in the construction, retail    DEL Recruitment Service will cater
                                             and leisure sectors related to Victoria   for Victoria Square employers via
                                             Square will be advertised through         Jobcentre Online and Employer
                                             the Department for Employment and         Online immediately on notification
                                             Learning’s (DEL) Jobs & Benefits          of vacancies.
                                             Offices, Job Centres, and through DEL
                                             kiosks in the intermediary labour
                                             market providers.

                                           c. The Department for Employment            DEL will respond immediately to
                                             and Learning (DEL), through its           employers as their recruitment and
                                             Preparation for Work, Vocational          training needs are identified.
                                             and Pre-employment
                                             Programmes, will work with the            DEL and DSD will provide a pilot
                                             Department for Social                     Construction Operatives training
                                             Development (DSD) and the                 course for 32 participants during
                                             Victoria Square employers to              2006.
                                             provide training for employment
                                             opportunities in areas such as the        DEL and DSD will also provide a pilot
                                             construction, retail and leisure          retail and leisure sector employment
                                             sectors.                                  training course by January 2007.

Community Involvement

2. To involve the voluntary and            a. The initiatives in this Plan will be     DSD, Belfast City Council and Multi
    community sector in promoting            implemented in partnership with           Development UK to set up a Victoria
    Victoria Square employment and           voluntary and community sector            Square Forum for the voluntary and
    other opportunities to people from       organisations adjacent to Victoria        community sector by September
    disadvantaged areas.                     Square.                                   2006.
                                                                             People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme           7

                                                  COMMUNITY & BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PLAN

OBJECTIVES                                ACTIONS                                    TARGETS

Shared Space

3. To encourage all citizens and          a. A Victoria Square Exhibition will        The Victoria Square Exhibition and
  sections of the community to use          be provided by DSD and Multi              Roadshow will be ready for the
  and enjoy Victoria Square.                Development UK in Belfast City            opening of the Scheme in 2008.
                                            Centre and an associated
                                            roadshow will travel throughout
                                            Northern Ireland.

                                          b. The Arts Council for Northern            The competitions will be launched in
                                            Ireland will advise DSD and Multi         November 2006.
                                            Development UK on the running of
                                            competitions for local communities
                                            and schools to design public art
                                            for Victoria Square.

Access for Disabled People

4. To promote accessibility to Victoria   a. Ensure that best practice in             Multi Development UK, DSD and
  Square for disabled people by             accessibility is adhered to in the        Office of the First Minister & Deputy
  working with representative               design and build of Victoria Square       First Minister (OFMDFM) to seek
  groups and professional bodies.           through a disability audit of plans       views from disability representative
                                            and designs.                              organisations on design and access
                                                                                      issues by September 2006.

Business – Local Sourcing

5. To promote the local sourcing of       a. Invest NI (INI) to work with Belfast     Belfast City Council to provide
  materials, goods and services for         City Council to provide information       information seminar by June 2006.
  Victoria Square.                          for local businesses, through the
                                            Council’s existing information
                                            seminars for local businesses, on
                                            the range of materials, goods and
                                            services required to construct and
                                            run Victoria Square.

Tourism Development

6. To maximise the opportunities          a. DSD, Multi Development UK and            BVCB to implement promotional
  arising from Victoria Square to           Belfast Visitor and Convention            campaign during 2007/08.
  enhance Belfast as a tourism              Bureau (BVCB) to develop a
  destination and venue for                 promotional campaign focused on
  conferences.                              Belfast City Centre to coincide with
                                            the opening of Victoria Square.
8   People & Place: Victoria Square Scheme

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