Proteins and Nucleic Acids by hcj


									Biochemistry Organic Compounds                                     Name_______________________
   Proteins (#3) or                                                Date______________Per.____
  “Life goes faster on Protein.”

1) Proteins (Elements: PSCHON)
•Examples: _______________,__________________
•Ex: _________________, _________________
•Ex: _________________, ________________, _________________
Functions of Proteins
 Structural support: cacoons, webs, tendons,ligaments
 Storage: egg whites
 Enzymes: for digestion and to speed up life processes
 Transport: hemoglobin, proteins in cell membranes
 Fight infections: antibodies
 Some hormones: insulin

Proteins: How They’re Made
•Monomers are____________________! (4 units surround central carbon)
•There are _______ different amino acids!
Amino Acids Polymers:
•Amino acids are joined by peptide bonds (________________________again!!)
•Dipeptide (______ amino acids)
•Polypeptide (_______amino acids)

•What is produced each time they join?? _____________________
The ___________________ of amino acids determine the shape of the proteins!
The shape determines_________________!!

•Denatured = ____________________
•Causes: ___________________, _____, _______________ concentration, and other environmental factors
• Ex: ___________________ vs. ___________________ (meat, raw egg vs. boiled egg)
Shape determines function…
•If denatured or misshapen, it can’t ________________!
Structure of Proteins
 Primary Structure is just the specific order of amino acids in the chain.

    Secondary Structures are either a helix or a pleated sheet formed
     form hydrogen bonds reacting between the amino acids

    Tertiary Structure occurs because of
    attractions between alpha helices and
    pleated sheets.

    Quaternary Structure is a protein consisting of more
      than one amino acid chain.

 To Summarize…
PROTEINS (structure determines function!!)
        _____________________ structure (amino acid chain)
        _____________________ structure (helices, pleated sheets)
        _____________________ structure (bonds between side groups of peptide chain)
        _____________________ structure (bonds between two polypeptides)

    A protein is a very long chain of amino acids joined by ________ bonds by _________________

• Proteins take different SHAPE due to the ORDER of amino acids. This shape is TELLS the
    FUNCTION of the proteins!

• When a protein loses its shape, it is said to be denatured and can no longer function in the
    same way as before.

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