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1. Introduction                       3

2. Setting up an Account              5

3. Using Your Account                 10

4. Importance of Quality Score        11

5. PPC Advantages & Disadvantages     12

6. Tips & Tricks                      13

7. Conclusion                         15

You’ve made a wise decision to download this ebook. Congratulations!

The purpose of this ebook is to make you familiar with the world’s most popular PPC
advertiser – Google Adwords. We will take you step-by-step on how you can open your
Adwords account, create your first ad, selecting relevant keywords, and write winning

As an Affiliate, Your role is simply to send people to the merchant site where you get
paid if the user buys the product or sign-up.

Read this Guide and take action. If you don’t apply these techniques, You are simply
wasting your time. Taking action is more important than reading this guide.

I recommend you to print this guide for easy reference and writing down notes.

I wish you all the best towards achieving your goals.

Jason Pereira

What is Adwords?
Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click marketing tool designed by Google.

In the below picture, for the search term (hereafter mentioned as “keyword”) “Make
Money”, the Adwords ads (Which is called “Adsense”) are pointed. Users who are
interested in the ads click them.

Adwords is the main revenue maker for Google. Advertisers pay Google to have their
ads displayed on their search engine and content network. The best part is, Adwords
shows ads that are highly relevant to the search term.

We’ll see how we can set up an Adwords account in the next page.

Setting Up Your Adwords Account
1. Go to - Click on “Start Now” button. (Sshhh! Go to “Tips
& Tricks” section of this ebook to find how you can get free Adwords credit!)

2. Click on “Standard Edition”

3. Set the page an in below, then click “Continue”

4. Create and Ad like the below one:

5. Choose Keywords.

6. Choose your daily budget: I recommend you enter a small amount to test. Increase the
amount when it proves to be profitable.

7. Chose your bid price: Keep the bids low.
8. Click on “Sign in to your Adwords account”

9. Once you sign in, submit your payment information (Credit/debit Card)

10. Your ad campaigns will be activated once you enter your payment details. Click on
“Campaign #1”

11. Now you can view your Ad. Click on “Summary” “Keywords” “Ad Variations” to
familiarize yourself with your account.

12. You can add text ads, image ads, etc under the “Ad Variations” option.

That’s it! You are done with setting up and ad! Now, we’ll see how you can use
Adwords to make you money.

Using Adwords
Once you find an affiliate program to promote, it is essential that you find profitable
keywords to use. There are many online keyword tools and softwares to help you gather
a massive list of keywords related to the product that you are promoting.

I recommend the following free keyword tools:

   5. - Free keyword software.

Just enter a broad keyword like “Learn Math” and submit. The tool fetches you a
massive list of related terms, which you can add to your Adwords ad group.

Be careful while entering your daily budget and max bids for the ads. If you are a
beginner, start with what you can afford to try. Once the conversions are high, increase
the daily budget and adjust the bids accordingly.

You can have unlimited number of campaigns and ad groups in your Adwords account.
Try using them for various keyword groups. Experiment, observe and track your ad
progress. That’s the only way you can make highly effective ads.

Your Adwords account bills you every month. Update your billing details regularly to
have your ads running without interruption.

Importance of Quality Score:
Adwords Quality Score is a very comprehensive method used by Google to enhance
user experience as well as to eliminate/slap crap ads or irrelevant content. You should
certainly be aware about this as it WILL help you rank higher in search results and pay
less     for   the    bids.     Read      More     about      Quality    Score     here:

Basically, Quality Score means this:

A. Ad Content:

If you have a Keyword related ad in you ad content, the quality score goes up. For
example, Consider the below ad with the keyword “Learn Math”:

Learn Math the Easy Way
We Make Learning Math Fun & Easy!
Learn Math together with an Expert!

Did you notice how many times the main keyword “Learn Math” is highlighted? This
serves dual purposes. It attracts attention of the user, and the quality score will also get

B. Ad Grouping

Concentrate on grouping an ad according to the keywords. Make a list of highly similar
keywords and create an ad exclusively based on the keywords.

C. Landing Page Content

Make sure that the Adwords ad is relevant to the webpage that you send the users to.
Your landing page MUST contain contents relevant to the ads.

D. Click-Through-Ratio (CTR)

CTR is the percentage of the clicks your ad gets from a number of search impressions.
For example, If there is 100 searches made on on keyword “Learn Math”,
and your ad gets 15 clicks, then the CTR is 15%. More the CTR, Better the quality

PPC Advantages & Disadvantages
Advantages Using PPC (or) Adwords

  • Testing
  • Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Immediate
  • Targeted
  • Can be refined on the fly

Disadvantages using PPC (or) Adwords

  • Expensive
  • Competitive
  • Strict Rules
  • Click Fraud
  • Requires expertise

Tips & Tricks
This section will help you get better results with your Adwords campaigns.

1. Hot Tip: Did you know that you can get started with Google’s money? You got it!
   Adwords run promotions and free trials for you to try running Adwords ads for free.
   To get the promotional offer, go to and type “Adwords Vouchers” or
   “Adwords Coupons”.

One such promotional page is
You get an instant $55 credit once you activate your Adwords account by entering your
billing details.


2. Click this and enter
your details to have them send you a promo coupon worth $60.

3. Read Adwords optimization tips at

4. Read interactive help center here
This WILL help you get more out of your efforts.

5. Improve ad performance by learning from

6. In the beginning, ALWAYS keep your daily budget and bids low. You can adjust
them any time you want!

7. Target extremely relevant keywords. Don’t go for generic terms.

8. Test, Re-Test, and tweak your ads and keywords regularly. This will enhance the
quality score.

9. Double check the URL like you provide while creating the ads. You can’t get a
refund if it’s your mistake.

10. You can click “Pause Ad Group” anytime you decide to stop the ads.

11. Add misspell keywords to your list.

12. Split-test your ads regularly. Eliminate poorly performing ads.

13. Use Google’s content network for cheaper ads.

14. Use attention grabbing words in your ads, like Fun, Easy, Free, Instant, Fast, Bonus,
Grand, Offer, Discount, Secrets, Revealed, Exposed, etc…

15. Go to “Advanced Options”, Activate “Rotate: Show ads more oftenly”

16. While promoting products/services based on English language, target only English
speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. This will cut costs and gives
better conversions.

Congratulations! I hope you have understood the basics of Adwords. This is just the
beginning. There’s a lot more to learn from your own experiences and research.

Feel free to contact us when you need help.

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Description: Learn how to use pay per click advertising with Google Adwords, a step by step guide for any one who want to use PPC advertising, which is the quickest way to bring your site in front of Internet browsers in just minutes !