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I would like to express an interest in joining the Overview and Scrutiny
Community Pool.



                                                                            Dive into
Telephone Number (Day):
Telephone Number (Evening):
                                                                            and Scrutiny

I would be interested in joining review panels that look at issues in the
following areas:
Crime and Community Safety               Finance
                                                                            Join our
The Environment                          Housing
Highways                                 Leisure and Tourism

Environmental Health                     General culture                    Pool
Waste Management                         Communications

Services for Children                    Services for Adults
Other (please specify):

                          Please return to:
               Scrutiny Team - Democratic Services,
                    Torbay Council, Town Hall,
                 Castle Circus, Torquay TQ1 3DR
We are looking for members of the                         How much time would it take?
community with specific knowledge and                     Reviews at Torbay Council are ‘task and finish’ which
experience to assist with our Overview and                means they take place within agreed timescales.
Scrutiny reviews.                                         Depending on the subject matter, a review may take
                                                          place over a short period of weeks or a number of
Reviews are undertaken by specially formed panels         months. As a volunteer and advisor the amount of
and look at a wide variety of issues. We would like       time you wish to contribute to a review would be up to
to build a pool of individuals who can be contacted       you. You may want to attend meetings and you may
to assist with these reviews and provide panels with      also wish to undertake your own research to present
specialist information and links to the community.        to the panel for consideration. The Overview and
                                                          Scrutiny Board merely request that your contribution is
What is the community pool?                               consistent and in accordance with the aim of a review.
The Overview and Scrutiny Community Pool is a
group of individuals from the local community who
                                                          What would happen if I changed
have volunteered to join and contribute to the work
                                                          my mind?
of Overview and Scrutiny Review Panels. Panels are        As a volunteer you would have no legal obligation
created to look at a number of issues, including those    within your role as an advisor. If you decided that you
of interest or concern to the public.                     no longer wanted to be a part of a review or wanted
                                                          to leave the community pool you would be free to do
Why should I join?                                        so.
Review Panels gather and review evidence from a
                                                          If you are interested in joining the Community Pool
variety of sources and often seek assistance from
                                                          contact us for further information:
specialists. Your knowledge, experience and ideas
could greatly assist Overview and Scrutiny in reviewing   telephone: 01803 207063
Torbay Council’s policies and holding the Cabinet to      email: scrutiny@torbay.gov.uk
                                                          Or complete the form on this leaflet and return to:
What would I have to do?
                                                          Scrutiny Team - Democratic Services
Once you have joined the community pool and
indicated which issues you would like to be involved
                                                          Torbay Council, Town Hall,
in, the Overview and Scrutiny Board may invite you        Castle Circus, Torquay TQ1 3DR
to join a panel as an advisor or attend meetings to
provide a panel with information and ideas. You may
also be asked to attend site visits with the panel to
look at specific areas but your involvement in a review
could be negotiated.

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