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Using the Research Participation Website ---- Practicum in


									  Using the Research
 Participation Website

     Rebecca Nusbaum
   Research Administrator
            General Purposes
• Students:
  – View posted studies
  – Select study and sign up to participate
  – If applicable, select time and location to
  – Receive extra credit for participating
• Researchers:
  – Post studies to recruit participants
  – Give extra credit to participants
• Instructors:
  – Easily see which students received extra credit
         Why is this useful?
• The website provides an online sign-up
  tool so students can see what times and
  days the studies are offered.
       What do you need to do?

1. Create an account
2. Log on to website
3. View and select convenient available
   timeslots for studies
4. Arrive for the study
    Website Introduction
• The Login Page:
          Website Introduction

• The Student Page:
  – Where the main menu is located.
• Main Components:
  –   Studies
  –   Schedule & Credits
  –   Profile
  –   FAQ
     Creating an Account
• Visit:
 • Click on “Request an account here”
         Creating an Account
• Enter
  into boxes
• Use your
  UB mail
  account as
• Select your
      Creating an Account
• Account approval
• Login information sent via email
    Logging on to the Website
• Receive login information
• Login to system
• Change password
         Changing Password
• Click on “My Profile”
         Changing Password
• Enter old and new passwords into
  appropriate boxes. Click “Update.”
        Selecting Time Slots
• Return to main page
• Click on “Study Sign-Up”
        Selecting Studies/Time Slots
• Click on
    – “APPL 619 & APPL 703 Room Sign-Up”
• **If you did not select APPL 619 or 703 as one of your courses when you
  created your account, this study will not be visible to you!**
        Selecting Time Slots
• Click: “View Time Slots for This Study”
           Selecting Time Slots
• Find the available time-slot that works for you
• Click “Sign Up”
• If your sign-up was successful, you should
  see the below screen:
    Checking/Canceling Your
• Click on “My Schedule & Credits”
     Checking/Canceling Your
• Your appointments will be displayed under
  “Study Sign-Ups”
      Canceling Appointments
• To cancel your appointment, click on the
  “Cancel” button.
      Canceling Appointments
• You will be asked to confirm the cancellation.
       Provisos and Fine Points
• Setting / Canceling Appointments
   – Must be done minimum 1 hours prior or whatever the
     study indicates
   – If not, will not be allowed to change the schedule
• Credit Allocation
   – You cannot use the same credit for two classes
• Forgotten Passwords
   – Send an email to
   – I will reset your password and send your new login
     information to you.
• Questions / Comments
   – Send email to
Thank You


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