Student Staff Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes KHA 329

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					                  Student Staff Consultative Committee Meeting Minutes
                KHA 329 – Individual Differences and Psychological Assessment
                                      Semester 1 2008

In attendance:
Mandy Matthewson (Unit Coordinator)
Kimberley Norris (Practical Tutor)
Anna Parker (Student Representative)
Amanda Heatley (Student Representative)
Lauren Carvosso (Student Representative)
Tina Spencer (Student Representative)

The following was feedback given by the above representatives regarding KHA329:

Individual Differences stream
   • Students felt there was little link between the Assessment and Individual Differences streams.
       Students felt that it would have been better if lectures in both streams were reorganised to
       match e.g. cover individual differences in personality and assessment in personality in the
       same week.
   • Students found the notes given in the Individual Differences stream difficult to follow and
       would have liked notes on MyLO.
   • Students found the content of this lecture stream interesting.

Psychological Assessment stream
   • Students found the content of this stream interesting and liked the delivery.
   • Students liked that lecture notes were on MyLO and the t-drive and found the extra handouts
      given in class valuable.
   • Students enjoyed hearing case examples and found them constructive. Students wanted to
      hear more.
   • Students found the interview assessment lecture and associated prac particularly useful
      because they learnt about clinician/client interaction skills.
   • Students commented that they learnt a lot about working as a psychologist/counsellor in the
      psychological assessment stream and associated pracs. Students feel this unit has given them
      an excellent introduction to psychological/counselling practice.

   • Students enjoyed the in-class exercises and tests each week in the second half of semester.
       They found these to be excellent learning experiences. In particular, students found the
       “hands-on” nature of the prac classes beneficial.
   • Students commented that they would have liked topics from the Individual Differences stream
       to be incorporated here.
   • Students found the first assignment too complicated. Furthermore, accessing the VPI manual
       needed for this assignment was difficult.
   • Students found exploring the WAIS-III useful and would have liked more time to explore it in
       small groups (students were given the opportunity to look at the WAIS-III in small groups
       during week 8 for half an hour). Students felt that half an hour was not long enough.
   • There were too many students in prac classes.

In general
    • Students requested that lectures be recorded.