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Information about the
Psychological Assessment for Airline Pilots performed by GAPF
You can reach GAPF by:

Phone:                    +49 (0) 931-18387
Fax:                      +49 (0) 931-571955
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How can you get an appointment for the assessment?

You first should carefully read this information in order to know the course and the price of the psychologi-
cal assessment for airline pilots. Then please fill in the form of the contract, which you find at the end of this
information and send it by fax (+49 931 571955) or by e-mail or mail to GAPF. Having received this con-
tract, GAPF will send you a proposal of a date for the assessment. Please tell GAPF as soon as possible, if
you accept this date (via e-mail). After your confirmation you are booked at GAPF and you will get a Bio-
graphical Questionnaire. Please answer the questions and bring it to the appointment.
If you have any more questions, please contact GAPF by telephone (between 9:00 and 16:00 h German time)
or by e-mail.

How is the course of the "Assessment for Airline Pilots"?

If you participate the assessment procedure, you will go through the following phases:

1) Interview on biographical and motivational aspects and on technical comprehension
2) Paper and pencil tests for basic mental skills
3) Paper-pencil test for problem operational competences (problem solving)
4) Low fidelity simulator for pilot-specific operational skills
5) Group-test- for teamwork and communication skills.

You do not receive any information about the results of the assessment during the selection process. I n
most cases GAPF can give you the results after having completed all the tests on the second day.
No later than 1 week after the appointment you will get a written feedback about the results of the assess-
ment. The feedback will be given according to the GAR-System, a scale with 3 levels:

3. RED

GREEN: According to the criteria defined by GAPF, you are qualified to join the training for an airline pilot
without any restrictions.
AMBER: You have a positive result according to the defined performance criteria for pilots in general, but
with restrictions with regard to specific performance criteria
In this case GAPF will fix some requirements, which you have to fulfill in a further examination. Not later

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                                     Applied Psychological Research
                              Semmelstrasse 12, D-97070 Wuerzburg, Germany
               Phone: +49 931 18387, Fax: +49 931 571955, E-Mail:
than within 3 months you have to ask for another appointment at GAPF, in order to get a positive result
"GREEN" without restrictions or to finally get "RED".
If you do not participate this second examniation, you will not get a recommendation to become an airline pi-

RED: You did not match the defined cirteria in one or several phases of the assessment. GAPF will not re-
commend you to become an airline pilot. You cannot repeat the selection procedure at GAPF.

The advantages of the assessment for you!

We think, that you only should invest your money in flight training in case of a good chance to be successful.
Furthermore Airlines are interested in educating highly qualified candidates. So they want to have informati-
on on the skills of an applicant. If we can give you an reccommendation to become an airline pilot, this also
is in your own favour.

The selection concept is based on psychological research and empirical studies, conducted in cooperation
with well known aviation enterprises. According to these experiences, you have a chance of about 95% to be
succesful in your training, in the case, you passed the assessment. But please be aware, that a positive eva-
luation of your future success based on the assessment cannot give you a 100% guarantee to become a pro-
fessional pilot, because this is not only a question of your skills and competences but also of the environmen-
tal influences you will be exposed to in the near future. But it can substantially reduce your risk.

How can you prepare for the assessment?

It is most important to be in a good health condition and having enough sleep the days before the date.
You also will take advantage in the case you are familiar with the requirements to a pilot in his daily profes-
sional operation and if you have some knowledge on aircraft related physics, e.g. how lift is produced by the
wings of an aircraft or about the way a jet engine works (basic principles).
GAPF proposes not to train psychological tests in order to prepare for the GAPF test. The tests which are
used by GAPF do not assess school knowledege and they did their work in thousands of cases and even if
you never have seen such a test, you still will make it, if your skills are on the respective level. If you make
any specific training, the results may not reflect your real skill level. In this case the evaluation by GAPF will
not be valid. Finally it will be you yourself, who has to bear the disadvantages.

The selection procedure takes 2 days.

The selection starts at 8:00 a.m. each of the two days. It can take until 5:00 p.m.. There will be several pauses
between the different tests. So you always will have time to recover from stress phases.

The assessment will be performed in groups of 4 persons maximum.

During those 2 days friends or family members cannot stay within the rooms of GAPF.


For the psychological evaluation and the written feedback you have to pay 773.50 Euro (650.- + 19%VAT).

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                                     Applied Psychological Research
                              Semmelstrasse 12, D-97070 Wuerzburg, Germany
              Phone: +49 931 18387, Fax: +49 931 571955, E-Mail:

If you cancel the contract after subscription of the contract, GAPF will charge you 42.- Euro (35.- +

The fee can be transferred via bank or be paid in cash, latest on the date of the test. The bank transfer (773.50
Euro) should be done to the following bank account:

GAPF Prof.Dr. Peter Braun, Würzburg, Germany
HypoVereinsbank Würzburg

IBAN: DE 70 7902 0076 0001 4170 45 SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDEMM455

How to come to Würzburg?

Würzburg is located 130 km east of Frankfurt. Between Frankfurt and Würzburg there is a train connection
(ICE, directly from the airport or the main railway station of Frankfurt), which runs each hour regularly and
takes about 1.5 hours. The same is valid for Munich (train: 2 1/2 hours) and Nuernberg (train: 1 1/2 hours) .
GAPF is quite close to the railway station fo Wuerzburg (about 10 minutes by foot).

Under you will find a map of Würzburg and a lot of additional information. The follo-
wing list of hotels only is a selection. We recommend "Stift Haug" and "Goldenes Faß" because they make a
good price and are quite close (about 5 minutes to walk) to the GAPF.


1.           Hotel Stift Haug, Textorstrasse 16-18, Tel.: 0049 931 53393;
             Fax: 0049 931 53345 (approx. 30 - 50 Euro / night)
2.           Hotel Residence, Juliuspromenade 1, Tel.: 0049 931 53546;
             Fax: 0049 931 12597 (approx. 60 - 80 Euro / night)
3.           Hotel Strauss, Juliuspromenade 5, Tel.: 0049 931 30570;
             Fax: 0049 931 3057555 (approx. 55 - 75 Euro / night)
4.           Hotel Stadt Mainz, Semmelstrasse 39, Tel.: 0049 931 53155;
             Fax: 0049 931 58510 (approx. 60 - 65 Euro / night)
5.           Hotel Spenkuch, Röntgenring 7, Tel.: 0049 931 54752;
             Fax: 0049 931 54760
6.           Hotel Goldenes Faß, Semmelstrasse 13 Tel. 0049 931 45256810
             Fax: 0049 931 4525 6812

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                                      Applied Psychological Research
                               Semmelstrasse 12, D-97070 Wuerzburg, Germany
                  Phone: +49 931 18387, Fax: +49 931 571955, E-Mail:

for a Psychological Assessment for Airline Pilots
between GAPF, Semmelstrasse 12, D97070 Würzburg, and
_________________________________________________(Last Name)                       Passport Photo
___________________(Date of Birth)
_______________(Post Code) ________________________(Town)
__________________________________________________(E-mail address)

Herewith I explain obliging, that I want to participate the assessment for Airline Pilots performed by GAPF.
With regard to the attached information brochure I know the conditions for this participation and the fee of
773.50 Euro I have to pay for it. I also know about the amount I have to pay in the case, I do not meet the
appointment, after having subscribed the contract and confirmd that date.
I want to perform the GAPF-test in the following language:                       English       German

Herewith I explain my agreement with the modalities of the assessment.

 I will pay the fee of 773.50 Euro:                        Via bank transfer in advance
                                                           Cash on the date at Wuerzburg.

                                                   Date of subscription:


 Prof. Dr. Peter Braun (GAPF)                                     Subscription : Applicant

 I would like to pass the assessment as soon as possible            yes     no

 I only want to get a date after :
 I want to start my training at InterCockpit in the following
 month: --------->
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