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					Welcome to Psychological
          Things to do tonight…
• Ice Breakers (you know you love ‘em!)
• Get comfortable …
  – Then get up for the Living Likert exercise
• Syllabus
• Details
  – 16PF (online interpretations, only $14 for a basic one
    and $30 bucks for a comprehensive report)
•   Mental Status Evaluation
•   Clinical interview
•   Diagnostic determination
•   Competency evaluation
•   Forensic evaluation
    – Including custody evals
•   Pretreatment eval. and recommendations
•   Reevaluation
•   Educational placement
•   Vocational recommendations
• Tina Panteleakos was referred by Dr. Freud on
  April 6, 1911 to evaluate her suitability for
• Joe and Jane Schmo were referred by Gloria Liu
  on April 6, 2005 for full psychological exams to
  assist with legal custody hearings.
• Joe Schmo was referred by the CIA on April 6,
  2005 to determine whether the nature of his
  psychological disabilities would interfere with his
  ability to keep and work with classified and
  confidential material.
                  Referrals for kids
• Academic performance (a big one…also LDs)
  – Social Factors
     • Peer group
     • Teachers
  – Conduct/behavior
     • Drug abuse
     • Sexual behaviors, aggression, etc.
  – Motivation
     • Attention level, makes little effort, etc.
• Affects
  – anger, fear, anxiety, depression, level of emotional
• Physical
  – Accident prone? Problems with fine or gross motor
Think of example referrals you
   would make for children
   Mental Status Examination
• Remember the last time you had a
 physical medical exam?
  – Doctors check your organs and orifices
       Mental Status Examination
• Therapists check your head! …and fashion sense and
  moods and stuff
  – Consciousness (are you in a coma?)
  – Orientation (date, place, person, things)
  – Attention (distractible, selective attention, alert?)
  – Concentration (is it difficult?)
  – Memory (forgetful, confused, needs reminders?)
  – Information (do you know stuff?)
  – Stream of thought (restricted? rapid?, coherent?
    preoccupied? dissociated? cognitive slippage?)
  – Reasoning/Abstract thinking (concrete? generalized?
  – Judgment (common sense? impressionable?)
  – Insight (denies presence of problems, peripheral
    understanding, self-aware)
               Generally speaking…
•   General Appearance and behavior
•   Feeling (affect and mood)
•   Perception (hallucinations?)
•   Thinking
    –   Intellectual functioning
    –   Orientation
    –   Memory, Attention, and Concentration
    –   Insight
    –   Judgment
    –   Thought content