Psychological Assessment Lab 5 by whitecheese


									                                 Online Test Critique

You are to write a review of an existing summated rating scale. Locate an
unpublished online psychological rating scale and write a 3-5 page critical analysis
of the scale’s construction and psychometric properties. A hard copy of your
assignment is due by March 14th at 11:30 a.m.. Use the following guidelines to
direct your work:

Choose a summated rating scale not a scale measuring ability or achievement (i.e.,
where items are correct or incorrect). Provide a copy of the survey (preferably just
the web address). Here are some sites that contain a variety of online tests. Feel
free to look elsewhere.

Your assignment is to take an online test and submit a detailed critique of
the scale. Specifically, your paper should include the following sections:

Briefly describe the construct that is supposed to be measured by this scale. Does
the developer describe the construct? Is there any description of the content
domains sampled? From an inspection of the items, can you identify the domains
represented by the scale? Are these domains representative of the construct?

Test Construction
Discuss the wording of the items, the response format used, and other qualities
associated with effective items. If there are potential problems/concerns with
particular item(s), what might the consequences be for including these items “as
is”? How could you remedy these problems/concerns?

 Is there any evidence of the reliability of this test? (Look carefully!). If so, describe
and evaluate. What other forms of reliability might be appropriate for this test? Are
there any item statistics presented? Can you suggest relevant ways to assess and
improve the reliability of this test?

Is there any information on the validity of this test? If so, what types and describe
your evaluation of the evidence? Can you suggest any additional strategies for
evaluating the validity? If no validity information is presented, suggest relevant
ways to assess the criterion or construct validity.
Note. Please include either the URL (if it is a test that is free and did not require
registration) or a copy of the survey with your paper.

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