Psychological Assessment for Probationary Psychologists (PAPP)

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Psychology      Clinic
Psychological Assessment for
Probationary Psychologists (PAPP)

What is PAPP?                                                          About the Psychology Clinic
  Psychological Assessments for Probationary Psychologists is             The Psychology Clinic was established at Swinburne
  a course that was developed for probationary psychologists              University of Technology in 1990 as the Centre for
  undertaking supervision for registration. This course provides          Psychological Services and later changed its name. The
  probationary psychologists with the opportunity to gain                 Psychology Clinic provides a professional workplace to
  experience and training in psychological assessment within a            graduate students in Counselling, Clinical and Health
  fully assessed and documented framework. Satisfactory                   Psychology, and a range of low-cost psychological services
  completion of this course will ensure participants have                 for the community. Our staff include psychological
  attained a level of competence in psychological assessment              counsellors, their supervisors and administrators, and our
  commensurate with the requirements of probationary                      patron is Professor Allan Fels. The Psychology Clinic is an
  registration. In addition, this course is eligible for recognition      initiative of the Psychology department that has achieved an
  by the APS as self-initiated professional development,                  enviable reputation for its teaching, training and research.
  continuing education or group supervision hours, as
  negotiated with your supervisor.                                     Course Dates
                                                                          PAPP is conducted over four days on a Saturday from
Course Outline
                                                                          9.30am-5pm and one half day on a Sunday from 9.30am-
                                                                          1.30pm to ensure access for those in full-time employment.
    Day 1: Introduction to Psychological Assessment
                                                                          PAPP courses run throughout the year based on demand. To
    • Course objectives and requirements
                                                                          obtain course dates please contact the Psychology Clinic’s
    • Statistics primer
                                                                          Project Coordinator on 9214 5528 or email
    • History and theories of psychological assessment
    • Structured and unstructured interviewing
    • Role plays
                                                                       Entry requirements
    • Systematic observation of behaviour
                                                                          Applicants must have satisfactorily completed a degree from
    Day 2: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – III
                                                                          an Australian university and completed a four-year sequence
    • Introduction to the WAIS-III
                                                                          of studies in psychology in a course or courses accredited by
    • WAIS-III subtests, IQ scores, scalings
                                                                          the APS, or have equivalent overseas qualifications
    • Administration and practice
                                                                          recognised by the APS. Applicants must also be registered as
    • Scoring, interpreting and reporting
                                                                          a probationary psychologist and have a supervisor.
    Day 3: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – IV
    • Introduction to the WISC-IV (WISC-III will be discussed)
                                                                       Application procedure
    • WISC-IV subtests, IQ scores, scalings
                                                                          Application forms can be downloaded from the Psychology
    • Administration and practice
                                                                          Clinic’s website or by contacting the
    • Scoring, interpreting and reporting
                                                                          Psychology Clinic’s Project Coordinator on 9214 5528 or
    Day 4: Group Tests of Intelligence & Tests of Specific
    • Ravens Progressive Matrices
    • Beck Depression Inventory – II
                                                                          The course fee is $1,395 and includes three text-books,
    • Holland Self-Directed Search
                                                                          various manuals and course notes, and test hire. This fee is
    • Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales
                                                                          payable to the Psychology Clinic.
    • Group intelligence
    • Theory and history of specific functioning assessment
    Day 5 (half day): Issues and Conclusions
                                                                          Psychology Clinic, 33 Wakefield Street Hawthorn.
    • Ethics and code of conduct
    • Ethical dilemmas, reporting (to whom, what and when)
    • Questions and discussion
    Please note that It is compulsory to attend all sessions

Further information
   For specific information about this course contact the
   Psychology Clinic’s Project Coordinator
   Telephone (03) 9214 5528.
   Web Site: