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									Insanity and Crime: How to Get a Psychological Assessment for your Client to Determine his Sanity
Have you decided to have your clients mental state assessed? Have you found yourself having difficulty preparing a bullet-proof defense?If that is the
case, you may want to check out what options are available to you when it comes to seeking and finding a mental health assessment expert. Through
this article, you are provided with the guidance that you will need in order to identify those mental health experts who will be of the greatest use and
service to you and your clients today.When you are looking to find a consulting psychologist to assist you with assessing a clients mental state, the
first factor to keep in mind is the reputation of a particular professional. Obviously, when you are dealing with such sensitive and potentially
life-changing issues as your clients culpability in committing a felony or his fitness to stand trial and assist counsel, be sure that you connect with a
reputable practitioner.As with other areas in todays world, there are less experienced professionals who inject themselves into the field of forensic
psychology, the psychological evaluation of the criminal defendant. Therefore, be cautious about the consulting psychologists that you consider
engaging for your clients assessments.Ask how many years the psychologist has been practicing. At least 15 years is appropriate and check with
your state Board of Psychology to determine if any disciplinary action has ever been taken against him.In addition, make certain that you connect with
a professional who does not have the reputation of being a commercial purveyor of testing services to lawyers. Practitioners who run testing or
assessment mills can be superficial, careless, impatient and unavailable by phone and email.Their arrogant and haughty attitude can be a real turn-off
to your client who can be resistant to giving such personal information to someone who is offensive and whom he does not already know. The ability to
develop a genuine rapport with your client is imperative to eliciting useful information from him.The psychologists clinical experience is particularly
important when it comes to dealing with issues relating to psychological assessment. Therefore, make certain that your consultant also has a practice
which is largely clinical and oriented to psychological treatment.Clinicians are best at developing that all-important rapport with your client, and when
testing is only part of their practice, they justifiably create the impression of being a well-rounded and seasoned practitioner, rather than that of being
the operator of an assessment mill.In your analysis of various professionals rendering assessment services, you will want to consider their credentials.
For instance, typically a psychiatrist has only about three years of training in mental health, which is obtained during the residency.The overwhelming
majority of their training is in chemistry, biology and general medicine. They prescribe medication mainly, do very little, if any, family counseling or
psychotherapy and receive no specialized training in psychological evaluation and assessment.On the other hand, the psychologist has the bulk of his
training in counseling, psychology mental health and psychological assessment. This is obtained during his last 2 years of college, his 3 to 4 years of
graduate and professional school and his internship.     Where psychological assessment is concerned, there is no question that the consulting
psychologist will be more suitable to the assessment needs of your practice. Therefore, make sure that those professionals who you are considering
have their doctoral degree in psychology and are licensed to practice independently.The Internet has now become a valuable resource for attorneys
who need psychological services for their clients. There are a number of different resources available to you today in this regard.You will find that by
accessing the web site of the American Counseling Association, the American Psychological Association or your states psychological association, you
will be able to make smarter and faster decisions regarding your practices needs for psychiatric assessment services.

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