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									                                                          Specialist Assessment Services
                                                            Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment for Work Capacity
Access Employment Service offer specialist psychological assessment services to assist Job Capacity
Assessors to clarify job seeker’s barriers to employment, where it may be difficult to assess the work
capacity and make suitable recommendations to employment. Our psychologists are disability
specialists and have broad experience of assessing the pre-vocational needs of a range of job seekers
who may have: psychiatric disability, intellectual disability, post traumatic stress, english as their
second language, etc. Individualised assessments and diagnostic tests are available to determine the
accuracy of job seekers presenting support needs. We can test in the following areas:

     Psychometric testing to assess intellectual functioning
     Academic achievement testing to assess learning disabilities
     Memory and attention testing to assess memory and attention deficits
     Personality and mental status assessment to identify behavioural functioning

Professional Fees
Access Employment Service professional fees are $750 for assessment with a written report and are
competitively based on industry standards. On completion of the assessment you are provided with a
comprehensive report that will assist you to place your job seeker in the best employment situation
for them.

Cancellation Policy and Fees
In the event that a client does not attend a scheduled Specialist Assessment session, we will attempt
to engage the client by phone and post. If however, the client does not show to the appointment
after three attempts, we will refer back to the Job Capacity Assessor and a cancellation fee of
$150.00 will be charged.

Quality Assurance
Access Employment Service is an initiative of the Cerebral Palsy League, delivering a broad range of
specialist consulting and training services, therapies and specialist assessment services throughout
South East Queensland with offices located close to public transport in Bowen Hills, Caboolture, Gold
Coast and Greenslopes. The Cerebral Palsy League has over 61 years of experience in the delivery of
disability services. Access Employment Service meets the following quality assurance standards:

     Commonwealth Disability Services and Queensland Disability Service Standards approved
     Quality Assurance Accreditation under ISO 9001
     Medicare provider registered
     Australian Psychological Society membership
     Professional indemnity insurance
     Disability service positive notice verified
     Positive notice blue card for child related employment

How to refer a client to Specialist Assessment Services
     Telephone our coordinator on 07 3394 6400 / 0413 201 163 or email
     Or, return this referral form via fax 07 3394 4193. Additional referral forms can be found
      online at cplqld.org.au/access
             Specialist Assessment Services Psychological Assessment

Upon receipt of your referral we will forward you an email confirming a proposed date, time,
location and the professional assessors contact details. From here, a confirmation letter will be sent
to your client giving them details of their appointment with us.

Job Seeker Details
Job Seeker Name:                                                            JSID:
Gender (please tick):  Male  Female               Date of Birth:
Home Phone:                                         Mobile Phone:
                                                                            Post Code:
Comments including any special needs by the client:

Reason for Referral
Comments including expectations and outcomes sought:

Referring Job Capacity Assessor’s Details
Referring Organisation:
Assessor’s Name:
Phone:                                              Fax:
Email Address:
Postal Address:
                                                                            Post Code:

Address for Accounts
Postal Address:
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