Psychological Assessment and Treatment

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					Psychological Assessment and Treatment
All patients receive:

   -   A comprehensive psychosocial assessment by a licensed psychotherapist, who
       outlines for the treatment team, the patient’s development history, family of
       origin issues, substance abuse history and continuing care needs.

   -   An assessment of spiritually related problems, abusive religious experiences and
       a desire for spiritual growth, which is incorporated into the treatment plan.

   -   A variety of individual group, and family therapy techniques, which are included
       in the treatment plan, along with recommendations for medical and nutritional
       management of the eating disorder.

   -   Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions on the psychological, social and familial
       aspects of eating disorders.

   -   Expression and recreational therapies designed to provide healthy and
       appropriate avenues for processing the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical
       aspects of the eating disorder.

   -   Comprehensive and definitive aftercare planning, including post-discharge
       therapy, medical monitoring, nutritional support, compliance with medications,
       living arrangements, transitions back to school or work, and support groups.

   -   Formal psychological testing is utilized in varying degrees as clinically indicated.