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The Psychological Assessment of Reading by whitecheese


									The Psychological
Assessment of Reading

Edited by John R. Beech
and Chris Singleton

               ' NIEDERSACHS.

London and New York

   List of illustrations                                         vii
   List of contributors                                         viii
   Series editors' preface                                        ix
1 The psychological assessment of reading: theoretical issues
  and professional solutions                                      1
  John R. Beech and Chris Singleton
2 Assessment by classroom teachers                               27
  Denis Vincent
3 Assessment by educational psychologists                        49
  Martin Turner
4 Screening early literacy                                       67
  Chris Singleton
5 Assessment of visual problems in reading                      102
  Bruce J. W. Evans
6 Assessment of phonological skills and their role hi die
  development of reading and spelling skills                    124
  John P. Rack
7 Assessment of memory and reading                              143
  John R. Beech
8 Assessment of affective and motivational aspects of reading   160
  Peter D. Pumfrey
9 Assessment of comprehension in reading                        176
  Jane V. Oakhill and Kate Cain
10, Assessment of spelling and related aspects of written
    expression                                                  204
    David V. Moseley
11 Assessment of adult reading skills                           224
   David McLoughlin
vi Contents
12 Assessment of acquired disorders of reading           238
   Janice Kay
13 Computer-based assessment of reading                  257
   Chris Singleton
14 The legal aspects of the assessment of literacy and
   writing difficulties                                  279
   John Friel
   Test reviews                                          289
   Name index                                            341
   Subject index                                         345

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