Psychological Assessment Services for Low-Income Clients

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					        Psychological Assessment Services for Low-Income Clients
Psychological assessment is a critical step in educational and treatment planning for children, as it can identify
learning and attention disorders, as well as emotional problems that may interfere with learning. Furthermore,
accurately identifying students’ needs through evaluation can increase the efficacy and efficiency of interven-

The Center for Clinical Psychology Services is an in-house mental health training clinic for the doctoral
students enrolled in the programs in Clinical and School Psychology. The Center offers therapy and psycho-
logical assessment services to a broad range of clientele from the University, Charlottesville, and surrounding
communities. We aim to offer services to clients at all income levels while providing enriching training experi-
ences for our students.

The Center currently offers therapy services on a sliding fee scale. However, we cannot offer sliding fee psy-
chological assessments and must turn away low-income clients who would benefit from our services but do
not have insurance. Although the Center is able to occasionally lower the assessment fee somewhat, we have
not been able to offer substantial reductions, as we are already taking a considerable loss on our therapy fees
and on insurance contracts paying less than our billable rate. In 2007, we wrote off over $97,000 in fees as

Our fee for comprehensive psychological testing is close to $1,000, due to the amount of work required.
Typically, the work involves 8-10 hours of testing and interviewing, an extensive written report, a feedback
meeting, and many hours of faculty supervision. Although our rate is lower than the typical market rate for
this type of assessment, it can be a significant burden for a low-income family without insurance.

Annual Needs:

The Center has the personnel resources and infrastructure to offer psychological assessment services, and
we have numerous referral sources that could identify clients in need of our services. We propose a fund that
would enable us to provide comprehensive psychological assessments to low-income clients at no cost to

        A fund to support 20 low income clients                                         $20,000

Note: An endowment of $400,000 would ensure perpetual services to low income clients in the Sheila C.
Johnson Center for Human Services.

Do Some Good!

Your investment will make multidisciplinary assessments available to low-income children so they can benefit
from needed interventions to improve both their well-being and their academic achievement.