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                      MINUTES – MEETING OF OCTOBER 8, 2008

The Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization, created by the State of Florida in accordance
with Title 23 United States Code, Section 134 and Chapter 339.175 Florida Statutes, met in regular
session on Wednesday, October 8, 2008 in the chambers of the Pinellas County Commission, 315 Court
Street, Clearwater, Florida.

Frank Hibbard, Chairman – Mayor, City of Clearwater
Chris Arbutine, Vice Chairman – Mayor, City of Belleair Bluffs, representing PSTA
Jeff Danner – City of St. Petersburg Council
David Eggers – City of Dunedin Commission
Herbert Polson – City of St. Petersburg Council
Robin Saenger – Vice Mayor, City of Tarpon Springs, representing Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, and Tarpon
Karen Seel – Board of County Commissioners (arrived 1:14 p.m.)
Robert Stewart – Board of County Commissioners (arrived 1:08 p.m.)
Don Skelton, ex officio – Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation District 7

Harriet Crozier – Vice Mayor, City of Largo
Ronnie Duncan – Board of County Commissioners
William Mischler – Mayor, City of Pinellas Park

Brian Smith – MPO Executive Director
Sarah Ward – MPO Transportation Planning Division Manager
David Sadowsky – County Attorney's Office
Mahshid Arasteh – Pinellas County Public Works
Rob Meador – Pinellas County Public Works
Brian Beaty – Florida Department of Transportation
Bob Clifford – Florida Department of Transportation
Ricardo Feliciano – Florida Department of Transportation
Paul Bertels – City of Clearwater
Bob Bray – City of Pinellas Park
Joe Kubicki – City of St. Petersburg
Tim Garling – Executive Director, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
Wilfred Sergeant – Transportation consultant
Sandi Moody – Bay Area Commuter Services
Bob Klute – City of Largo
Fred Metcalf – City of Gulfport
Heather Sobush – MPO
Anne Funicello – MPO Staff Secretary
Carolyn Kuntz – MPO Recorder

      Chairman Hibbard called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
                                                       Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

       Chairman Hibbard gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. The Board members
       introduced themselves.

       Sandi Moody, Bay Area Commuter Services, reminded everyone this is Commuter Choices
       Month, with one activity being held today at Clearwater City Hall.

       A. Approval of Minutes – Meeting of September 10, 2008
       B. Approval of Invoices –
          1. Tindale-Oliver and Associates
          2. Renaissance Planning Group
          3. American Consulting Engineers
       C. Approval of PSTA Planning Funds Joint Participation Agreement Amendment 1
       D. Approval of City of St. Petersburg Planning Funds Joint Participation Agreement
       E. Approval of Printing of Transportation Disadvantaged Program and MPO Citizens
          Guide Brochures

       Councilman Danner moved, Commissioner Eggers seconded, and motion carried to approve the
       Consent Agenda as presented.

       Sarah Ward indicated part of federal requirement is for MPOs to evaluate and maintain a public
       participation process. The MPO periodically assess all activities included in the Plan in
       compliance with the federal requirements.

**At this time, 1:08 p.m., Commissioner Stewart arrived at the meeting**

       She reviewed the objectives included in the Plan:
       • Raise the level of understanding of the transportation planning process in the region and
          identify how interested citizens can become involved;
       • Maximize opportunities for public involvement in the transportation process;
       • Maintain contact with interested citizens and key stakeholders throughout the process of
          developing MPO plans and projects;
       • Be responsive to citizens;
       • Involve traditionally underserved persons (those who are of minority, low-income or elderly or
          those addressed by the Americans With Disabilities Act) in transportation planning issues; and
       • Inform and educate incoming MPO Board members and local commissioners/council members
          regarding the MPO’s functions, responsibilities, and programs.

       She reviewed the specifics under each objective (report included in the MPO agenda packet),
       noting the MPO’s website is updated on an ongoing basis and includes the MPO documents. Due
       to the poor turnout for advertised public meetings/workshops, etc., regarding the Long Range
       Transportation Plan, MPO staff is taking advantage of venues and activities already planned where
       the public will be in attendance.

**At this time, 1:14 p.m., Commissioner Seel arrived at the meeting**

                                                       Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

      Following some general questions, Councilman Polson moved, Commissioner Saenger seconded,
      and motion carried to accept the report and transmit to the state and federal governments as
      part of the compliance.

      A. Review of the Goals, Objectives, and Policies
         Sarah Ward stated the MPO is required to update its Long Range Transportation Plan by
         December 2009. The initial step is to update the Plan’s goals, objectives, and policies to
         guide the Plan’s development. Staff performed a review of the document to reflect changes
         in federal and state planning requirements. Currently, staff is going through the committee
         review process for input. After final committee review, the document will come back to the
         MPO in December. She then highlighted the changes to date of the draft document
         (document included in the agenda packet), noting the document can be further modified up to
         the final adoption in December 2009. Regarding Page 17, new Policy 2.6.3., the Citizens
         Advisory Committee suggested changing the wording “recently enacted state law” to “2008
         state law” since the document will be in effect for several years and, therefore, staff will be
         making that change. The Bicycle, Pedestrian, Technical, Traffic Signal, and Citizens
         committees have reviewed the document and the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
         Advisory Committee will review the document at their November meeting. The document
         will be on the December MPO agenda to review comments and input from the committees
         and partner agencies.

           Councilman Polson noted Policies 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 seemed redundant and reference to the
           recently-enacted law seemed unnecessary. Ms. Ward responded the Pedestrian
           Transportation Advisory Committee recommended that specific language regarding the new
           act be included since our area initiated it. Staff will review the document for redundancy.

           Mr. Smith added the intent was to promote the new law since there are several ongoing
           initiatives to make sure it’s included in the drivers manual, whether existing signs need to be
           changed, and other initiatives to make sure people are aware of the law.

           Councilman Polson suggested rewording Policy 2.6.2 to address the new law. Mr. Smith
           agreed to look at the policy. Chairman Hibbard agreed the two could be melded.

           Commissioner Eggers noted Dunedin is looking at a comprehensive review of S.R. 580
           similar to Gulf Boulevard (Policy 2.1.6) and asked if S.R. 580 could be incorporated as
           a policy. Ms. Ward responded she would coordinate with Dunedin staff.

      B.   Approval of Long Range Plan Socioeconomic Data Projections
           Mr. Smith noted the MPO approved a general concept at their last meeting and staff has
           continued to work with the local jurisdictions on the projections. He indicated the refined
           projections have been included in the members’ folders, noting staff will continue to refine
           the projections.

           Councilman Polson expressed his concern in receiving the data today in the folders and not
           having the opportunity to review it. He queried if the MPO could wait until the final
           document before taking action. Mr. Smith responded the idea was to approve the data and
           continue working with the local jurisdictions on their review and comment. This information
           is needed to work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to begin the model
           runs. In addition, there is agreement with the local governments the information would be
           available and staff is actually behind in getting this data.

                                                        Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

            Mr. Skelton added the MPO is in the middle of their Long Range Transportation Plan
            (LRTP) Update process, which includes detailed modeling. This information is needed for
            FDOT to run the models to test the alternatives to complete the LRTP and this data cannot

            Mayor Hibbard noted his concern with the projections considering the current economic

            Commissioner Stewart moved, Mayor Arbutine seconded, and motion carried to endorse
            the projections.

       A. Call for Proposals for the Use of Remaining New Freedom Funds
          Mr. Smith noted this was a coordinated program between Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough
          Counties, with Pinellas County administering the program. They issued a Request for
          Proposals but did not receive enough proposals to expend the amount of funds involved,
          leaving a balance of $850,000. They reviewed this with the Local Coordinating Board (LCB)
          and they recommend the MPO proceed with another round of proposals. The program
          requires a 50% match and other stipulations. Staff will be working with various
          organizations to receive more proposals, with the intent to receive proposals that are regional
          in nature. Each of the three MPO staffs is seeking authorization from their respective Board
          to issue a Request for Proposals for the balance of the funds.

            Commissioner Eggers added the proposals to date have been acceptable to the LCB but they
            would like to have an emphasis this time on the regional intent of the Tri-County Access

            Upon query by Councilman Polson regarding the discrepancy of the balance between the
            Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged (CTD) and MPO staff, Mr. Smith
            responded the CTD was using the original amount and they now concur with the remaining

            Commissioner Eggers moved, Councilman Polson seconded, and motion carried to
            authorize staff to begin the Request for Proposals process.

       B.   Recommended Policy Changes on Medicaid Co-Pay
            Mr. Smith stated the Medicaid Program has a guideline that allows the option for the client to
            contribute $1 co-pay. Under the Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) Program, the client is
            required to pay $3 co-pay. This is causing confusion because some of the taxi drivers are
            asking for the co-pay and others are not. The LCB reviewed this issue and determined there
            was not a lot of money being collected and it was causing some friction between the taxi cab
            driver and the client since the clients was not always able to pay. The LCB recommended a
            change to the policy to eliminate the ability of providers to request $1 co-pay for Medicaid

            Commissioner Stewart moved, Commissioner Saenger seconded, and motion carried to
            approve the elimination of $1 co-pay for the Medicaid Program.

       C.   Recommended Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Qualified Providers Listing
            Mr. Smith indicated the MPO has a contract with the management entity that assigns the
            trips and other contracts with companies to provide the trips. Since it has been awhile since

                                                Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

     there has been a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), the MPO approved the issuance of an
     RFQ. Based on the RFQ, several applications were received. A subcommittee of the LCB
     was formed to review and rate the applications. The LCB reviewed the subcommittee’s
     recommendations and approved the recommendations to be forwarded to the MPO for
     action. The LCB approved the qualifications for two ambulatory providers and four non-
     ambulatory providers and found one provider not qualified. The subcommittee reviewed the
     qualifications, requiring that a minimum of 60% of the criteria be met. The provider that did
     not qualify was Independent Taxi and they have submitted a letter to the MPO protesting the
     decision. The MPO established a procedure for the process to handle a protest. The process
     has the Executive Director review the procedure, the steps taken, and the recommendation
     made and then makes a determination whether the procedure is adequate. The process is
     currently going on and will be complete by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. The MPO can take action to
     approve the six providers as recommended by the LCB and then, if Independent Taxi is
     determined they qualify, that action can be taken at the next MPO meeting.

     Upon query by Commissioner Stewart as to who was on the subcommittee and their
     expertise, Mr. Smith responded Al Bartolotta, Nicole Mathis, Bob Henriquez, Doug Town,
     and Joan Andrade and that they had been involved in other types of evaluation.

     Commissioner Eggers as Chairman of the LCB commended and thanked those who
     participated on the subcommittee for their effort and time involved.

     Upon query by Councilman Polson whether the protest procedure allowed for additional
     information, Mr. Smith responded no, it was to review the steps taken to make sure the
     process was done correctly but they would work with Dave Sadowsky, the MPO attorney.

     Upon query by Chairman Hibbard, Mr. Sadowsky responded MPO staff worked closely with
     Independent Taxi before the deadline and then they submitted their application. The protest
     procedure ensures a review of the process to see if there are discrepancies. Mr. Sadowsky
     noted the evaluation was consistent by the subcommittee members. Mr. Smith clarified that,
     if it is determined they are qualified, action can be taken at the next MPO meeting.

     Commissioner Seel suggested inviting all qualified providers to review all the components of
     the evaluation criteria so that information can be shared and possibly improvements can be
     made and to help with consistency. Mr. Smith responded this is something to consider.

     Commissioner Seel moved, Commissioner Eggers seconded, and motion carried to approve
     contracts with United Taxi, Yellow Cab, Care Ride, Medfleet, Wheelchair Transport
     Services, and Express Medical Transporters ad TD providers.

D.   State Submittal of the Annual Operating Report
     Mr. Smith stated the Annual Operating Report is required to be filed annually with the State.
     The LCB reviewed the report and recommended the MPO approve it for forwarding to the

     Commissioner Eggers moved, Commissioner Saenger seconded, and motion carried to
     approve the report for filing with the State.

                                                        Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

      A. BRT Corridors to be Evaluated in the Countywide Bus Rapid Transit Plan
         Mr. Smith noted the plan was reworked as the second phase to PSTA’s Transit Development
         Plan. He noted BRT is a generic term to mean more than typical bus service. The Pinellas
         Mobility Initiative (PMI) Committee reviewed the network and identified ten corridors for
         more detailed review. These corridors will be reviewed as to what BRT features can be used,
         develop implementation plans, and preliminary cost estimates. Updated reports would be
         presented at both the PMI and MPO meetings, working in coordination with PSTA.

            Commissioner Saenger noted that some of the cities with trolley service are having a difficult
            time with maintaining the systems due to budget constraints and queried how that fit into the
            overall picture. Mr. Garling responded the study is to look at the top ten corridors for
            opportunities to provide premium service and faster headways. PSTA has had discussions
            with the local communities regarding the trolleys and the maintenance involved and, long
            term, PSTA should be operating these systems. The first step is to look at premium network
            with the next step looking at the rest of the County and continuing with those discussions.

            Councilman Polson moved, Commissioner Eggers seconded, and motion carried to
            approve the bus network concept.

      B.   Transit Alternatives to be Tested for the MPO Long Range Transportation Plan
           Mr. Smith noted the intent is to identify alternative transit networks to be tested for inclusion
           in the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The transit alternatives are:

            • All bus network;
            • Fixed Guideway on the western side of the County through Tyrone to downtown St.
              Petersburg and across-the-Bay TBARTA (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation
              Authority) corridor;
            • Fixed Guideway on the eastern side of the County from Countryside down U.S. 19
              through the airport area to downtown St. Petersburg and across-the-Bay TBARTA
              (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority) corridor;
            • CSX rail line from St. Petersburg to Clearwater through the north County to Tampa, east
              Guideway, and across-the-Bay TBARTA (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation
              Authority) corridor; and
            • CSX rail line from St. Petersburg to Clearwater through Safety Harbor and Oldsmar and
              across-the-Bay TBARTA (Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority)

           These alternatives would be tested as to the decisions to be made regarding demand and cost.
           The PMI Steering Committee has recommended the MPO approve these alternatives.

           Upon query by Commissioner Stewart as to what is involved in the testing, Mr. Smith
           responded they run the computer model using the land use and population projections with
           each network to determine which corridor has the highest demand. Then the costs would be
           analyzed as to which corridors should be included in the Plan. He noted the LRTP is updated
           every five years; however, if Pinellas County is designated as a nonattainment area for air
           quality, then the Plan would be updated every three years.

           Upon further query by Commissioner Stewart, Mr. Smith responded the ultimate objective is
           to select one corridor. Ms. Ward added, by early 2009, staff will present the cost of the

                                                      Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

           various alternatives versus the anticipated revenue. One assumption is the transit surtax,
           which is used in the current Plan. The alternatives would be analyzed in terms of serving
           existing and future population and employment, ridership, implementation viability, cost to
           construct and operate, supporting growth strategy, and determining economic impact. In
           addition to the Cost Feasible Plan will be the Policy Plan, which might not have the
           associated revenues. The public will also be engaged during early 2009 for their input.

           Upon query by Councilman Polson whether the Plan would be modeled as if Pinellas County
           is designated as a nonattainment area, Ms. Ward responded staff would come back to the
           MPO if Pinellas County receives such a designation. Mr. Smith added the designation would
           be applied to the next Plan Update. Ms. Ward responded the Environmental Protection
           Agency (EPA) has a schedule as to when the new designations would become effective and
           have already identified some counties that are currently not meeting the standards.

           Mr. Skelton noted a teleconference is scheduled next week with EPA for the schedule.
           Councilman Polson had a valid point to make decisions as to which transportation alternative
           is best for Pinellas County and its air quality in hopes of not being designated as

           Mr. Smith noted there is an extra model run for areas designated as nonattainment. EPA
           calculates how much air pollution for each alternative and then an alternative would have to
           be identified to bring the air quality into conformance.

           Councilman Danner moved, Councilman Polson seconded, and motion carried to approve
           the transit concept alternatives for testing.

      Chairman Hibbard noted the Technical Coordinating Committee asked this item be continued until
      the November MPO meeting.

      Councilman Danner moved, Councilman Polson seconded, and motion carried to approve
      Cathy Lasky as a St. Petersburg representative to the Citizens Advisory Committee; Jeff Dow as
      the Pinellas Park Planning alternate, Greg Rice as the Dunedin representative, Robert Klute
      with an alternate of Jesus Nino for Largo Community Development, and Leland Dicus as the
      alternate for Largo Community Development – Engineering on the Technical Coordinating
      Committee; and Rafal Cieslak as the Largo representative and Sean VanDerGracht as the
      alternate to the Traffic Signal and Median Control Committee.

      Tim Garling, Executive Director of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), reported, at
      the last PSTA Board meeting, they were discussing their vision of the future as a follow-up to the
      Transit Development Plan (TDP). Discussions continue regarding land use and rail and this would
      be a good time to continue discussions. At the PSTA Board meeting, Mr. Garling suggested the
      PMI Steering Committee and PSTA meet jointly; however, Councilman Polson suggested there be
      a joint meeting with the MPO and PSTA to discuss the vision. A tentative date for a workshop was
      set for November 3, 2008, at 9:00 a.m., in the PSTA office to discuss land use and the future of
      transportation; however, it was noted this was not a good date for several MPO members. The
      MPO concurred by consensus. Mr. Garling will work with MPO staff to find a workable date.

                                                        Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

       A. Update Regarding City of Gulfport Request for Additional Enhancement Funds
          Mr. Smith noted this was a continuance from the last MPO meeting. Gulfport had a cost
          increase for an Enhancement project of approximately $60,000. In addition, St. Petersburg
          recently submitted a cost increase for their Grant Central Enhancement project of
          approximately $198,000. The Gulfport project still needs to be included in the Work
          Program and the St. Petersburg project has gone out to bid and has been included in the
          Work Program. The St. Petersburg project increase could be from this year’s Enhancement
          funds and the Gulfport project could be from next year’s Enhancement funds. This year,
          there is an outstanding balance of approximately $1.7 million available of uncommitted
          funds; however, next year, only $50,000 of uncommitted funds are left from next year’s
          Enhancement funds. Staff is currently researching other projects that are in the queue that
          might be affected. The two imminent projects in the queue are the North Bay Trail project in
          St. Petersburg and the East Avenue Clearwater project. Both the Gulfport and St. Petersburg
          projects’ cost increase is valid and the projects have not changed; however, he wasn’t sure of
          the timing for the St. Petersburg project and if it could be delayed.

             Joe Kubicki, City of St. Petersburg, noted the Grand Central project has been around since in
             2001, the MPO ranked it number 1 two years ago, and FDOT funded the design. The design
             has been completed and the project went out for bids. Bids were received higher than
             originally anticipated. Staff contacted FDOT and FDOT indicated there were available
             funds. If they receive approval for the cost increase, construction could begin by the end of
             the year. If the project is delayed another month, he wasn’t sure how it would affect the 90-
             day bid period to award the project.

             Commissioner Seel noted a cost increase for a Tarpon Springs Enhancement project had
             previously come before the MPO, and the MPO separated various aspects of the project. She
             wanted to make sure the MPO was consistent. Commissioner Saenger indicated the Tarpon
             Springs project was done in partnership and in phases. Mr. Smith added staff had developed
             a chart showing the various design elements and which elements were eligible for
             Enhancement funds, etc. It was noted the St. Petersburg project was similar to the Tarpon
             Springs project.

             Mayor Arbutine stated the agenda item was for a cost increase for the City of Gulfport and
             not St. Petersburg, and they should be discussing Gulfport’s request. He was concerned
             about making a decision for St. Petersburg and not Gulfport, which is a small city.

             Mr. Skelton noted the Gulfport project is not currently in FDOT’s Work Program, and they
             would have to see if it could be programmed in the priorities as they build the Five Year
             Work Program. These decisions will have an impact on the available funding and other
             projects that are waiting to be programmed into the Five Year Work Program. As far as the
             90-day period for St. Petersburg, it would depend on the wording in the advertisement for an
             award period; otherwise, the contractor might not hold that price.

             Commissioner Stewart concurred the agenda item was for the Gulfport project increase and
             not St. Petersburg. He noted, however, there is currently $1.6 million in uncommitted funds,
             so both projects could be advanced and, thereby, reducing the balance. Mr. Smith noted
             there are other projects waiting to be funded next year and, approval of the cost increases
             would impact next year’s funding. Commissioner Stewart noted there should be a priority
             and ranking of all projects.

                                                 Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

     Chairman Hibbard noted these projects could be delayed until November since the bids were
     open September 24. Mr. Kubicki concurred this could be brought back next month.

     By consensus, it was agreed the Gulfport and St. Petersburg projects would come back
     next month, along with other projects, to make a decision from a holistic approach.

B.   Update on Joint Chairs Coordinating Committee (CCC) Meeting of September 12, 2008
     Ms. Ward provided a brief update of the last CCC meeting, noting the meeting was held in
     Hernando County. The primary agenda item was adoption of the TRIP (Transportation
     Regional Incentive Program) priorities for the regional projects. The CCC adopted priorities
     for the Multi-Use Trail Plan, received a presentation on the Strategic Intermodal System
     priorities, and received an update on the Regional Long Range Transportation Plan, which
     has to be adopted by December 2009. The CCC is partnering with TBARTA to hold a public
     workshop on November 12 in the evening at the Clearwater Library. Another joint workshop
     will be held on November 20, mid-day, in St. Petersburg cosponsored by the St. Petersburg
     Chamber of Commerce.

     Mayor Hibbard provided an update on the last TBARTA meeting, noting there was
     discussion regarding the criteria for an Executive Director. They have received several
     applications for that position and the Search Committee has narrowed the applications to
     four. They finalized contractual language for legal services, and there are still discussions
     regarding the $2 million appropriation to see if it could be spread over three years instead of
     the current one, and they are working with the Legislature. They are reviewing the potential
     funding sources and had a work session after the last Board meeting, with further discussion
     regarding the first phase of a regional corridor.

D.   Transit Revenue Work Group
     Mr. Garling indicated the Work Group’s focus is to look at ways to improve PSTA’s bus
     service. A good local bus service is necessary to make regional transportation work. In
     researching the National Transportation database, they found the per capita spending for
     Pinellas County in 2006 was $50 per capita, per person, which is low compared to other
     areas. The Work Group discussed the importance of partnering with others to make public
     transportation more viable. Each Work Group member was requested to think of members of
     the private sector who could be invited to participate. The next meeting is October 27 and
     there will be presentations from the Pinellas County Housing Authority, the Pinellas
     Planning Council, and Pinellas County Economic Development Directors. Each Director
     will discuss the value of improved public transportation and how it can help with their
     mission for their respective areas. They need to look at ways public transportation can be
     used as leverage for more livable communities.

E    Correspondence
     Chairman Hibbard noted the Medicaid balance was included in the agenda packet.

     Councilman Polson expressed his concern he did not receive his MPO agenda packet until
     Tuesday and it takes a lot of time to review the packet. In addition to the packet, they receive
     information in their folders. Other organizations and agencies have deadlines for their
     agenda items. He requested that in the future, the following be considered:
     • Look closely before adding additional items to the agenda;

                                                          Pinellas County MPO – Minutes of October 8, 2008

                • Receive the agenda packet in a more timely manner, such as sending the packet by email
                  (no later than Friday prior to the meeting) in addition to mailing the MPO packet so they
                  have time to review the items; and
                • A concern with making decisions without enough time for appropriate dialogue – there
                  needs to be some flexibility if an item needs to be deferred to a later date.

                Mr. Smith responded staff would work with this, including emailing the packet by Friday.

                Commissioner Seel suggested keeping a running tally of changes and set standards/criteria
                regarding policy decisions for a history in helping make future decisions. Mayor Hibbard
                agreed, noting there will be changes of membership on the MPO Board in the future.

         There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

                                                                           Frank Hibbard, Chairman

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