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									¿Did you know
that you can reduce up to 3 sizes in

3 minutes?
Body Magic

Body Magic


The perfect body
The idea of body reshaping has existed since time immemorial. To resemble an esthetic model of beauty has always been a human obsession. During the 2nd century BC, Cretans created the corset to emphasize the perfection of bodies. The corset reappeared during Renaissance to reduce the waist and shape the female figure. Throughout the years, this garment has been transformed and improved.


Body Evolution
The modern body has its origins back in the 60’s when the jeans were created. At first, they were high-waisted and tight to reduce the waist, support the hips and push-up the buttocks. In the 80’s the body became popular due to aerobics and ‘high impact’ fashion and it is during that decade that the body acquired its modern design.

You won’t believe it yourself!
Instant body reshaping and reducing up to 3 sizes while accelerating the process of weight loss is now possible without surgery.

Ardyss offers you this extraordinary garment specially designed for every woman wishing to look and feel better.

For those times when…
• You have a date and would like to wear that dress that does not fit you anymore, • You don’t feel well about your body and weight, • You don’t have enough time to work out, • Or you just want to look more beautiful everyday for that special person.
Ardyss has created Body Magic to help you to have that perfect body you wish!


03. The perfect complement

Body Magic is the perfect complement for body reshaping. It is unique since you can instantly reduce 2 sizes thanks to the fat redistribution effect. It also benefits and accelerates the process of weight loss while taking care of the skeletal system, as well as favoring a correct posture of the spinal column. Unlike other reshaping products, Ardyss garments are a guarantee of good results due to the manufacturing quality and reliability of Ardyss products.


04. Attractive benefits
Reduce 2 sizes instantly
Body Magic correctly distributes body fat by means of the fat redistribution system. Just put it on correctly and reduce up to 3 sizes.

Shape your body


Not only will you look slimmer, but your body will acquire an esthetic and female shape. It also controls the correct posture since it protects the spinal column and the hip joint.

Perfect for overweight persons

Body Magic was originally created to help overweight persons to recover their figure, shaping the body while losing weight.


Size reduction, body reshaping and a correct posture will make you look and feel great.

Look incredible

It positions buttocks in their correct anatomical place for a proper functioning and, consequently, prevents them from sagging.

Prevents sagging buttocks

04. 05. AFTER

Improves posture


Breast push-up


Waist reduction


Buttocks lifting


Love Handles reduction



Comfort and effectiveness
Ardyss has combined the best features taken from different tendencies in order to find the perfect balance between the comfort of lycra bodies of the 80’s and the rigidity and effectiveness of antique corsets. Consequently, Ardyss has created a luxury reshaping garment: Body Magic.


A unique design
Ardyss Body Magic is designed to exert pressure on the abdomen, generating a protection that prevents fat accumulation in the abdominal walls (posterior, anterior and lateral walls). Once you put it on, it reshapes your body from the breasts (pushing them up) to the crotch area (helping to eliminate local fat). It redistributes flaccid tissues reducing the waist and lifting the buttocks. The structure of the body also corrects your posture and, since it controls the abdomen, you can instantly reduce up to 3 sizes.


Ardyss Guarantee
° Ardyss International, a company with more than 15 years of experience, is present in USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. ° Ardyss holds many invention patents, a fact that shows its contribution to research and commitment to people’s well-being. ° Ardyss has developed daily wear undergarments that offer excellent benefits and guarantee a great esthetic and body beauty. Consequently, Ardyss makes a favorable contribution by helping to improve self-esteem, health and lifestyle.


Can I wear it after pregnancy? It is perfect for wearing after pregnancy since the fat redistribution system helps to shape adipose tissue and to firm up the body. It is recommended specially after pregnancy since tissues are flaccid and need to recover firmness. Can it produce any allergic reaction? No, not at all. This garment has been designed with hypoallergenic materials and the highest quality so as to prevent allergies, hives and other adverse reactions. How many hours can I wear it? The number of hours you wish. Not only does it shape your body, but it also corrects the posture by helping the spinal column to control the correct body balance. Can I wear it for any kind of activity even when I am working out? You can wear it while doing any kind of activity, even when you are working out. Body Magic is more than a reducing garment since it favors a correct posture and improves blood circulation, enhancing the results of physical activity.


Fat redistribution
Reshaping results obtained with Ardyss garments can be compared to those of liposculpture, but without surgery. This is thanks to the unique fat redistribution system which consists of transporting fat cells. Such cells can simply be transported to those areas where we need fat, for example breasts or buttocks. If there is fat excess it is transported to the solar plexus to favor fat elimination through the lymphatic system. Thanks to the pressure exerted by Ardyss reshaping garments, fat cells can be eliminated through urine. Dr. Leonel Kelly – Orthopedic surgeon


Additional health benefits

Firms up tissues By means of the exerted pressure and the fat distribution it firms up your back, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Controls posture Not only does this garment help to maintain posture, but it directly controls it favoring a straight posture. Improves the function of all organs All internal organs located in the abdominal cavity remarkably improve their regular performance because, with Body Magic, they recover the lost pressure. Helps surgery recovery It is perfect for recovery after a liposuction surgery since it supports tissues, stabilize movements and favors recovery and healing.

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