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Angel Bra


A Current Need
Nowadays, manufacturers are producing a great variety of models that are beautiful and sensual, but do not consider the main function of a bra: to support the breasts. Such function has not been the priority of designers and manufacturers. Though it continues being a need for every woman, it has not been satisfied yet. For this reason, Ardyss created: Angel Bra. Angel Bra is specially designed to reshape the breasts, enhance the natural beauty and protect the back by favoring a correct posture and weight distribution.


A Special Bra
When using a conventional bra, your shoulders support 100% of the weight of your breasts. With Angel Bra, they only support 25% since the suspension system supports the remaining 75%. Angel Bra reduces the load of the shoulders and relaxes the muscles to prevent contractures and pain. It also favors the correct posture of the spinal column. Angel Bra is an internationally acknowledged haute couture garment. It is manufactured according to the highest quality standards regarding materials, tailoring and finish in order to provide safety and comfort. Ardyss has scientifically designed garments for every need, achieving a new concept in reshaping. Ardyss does not promise miracles, it guarantees benefits.

03. Ardyss Guarantee

More than 15 years in the market and a huge amount of testimonies from users of different ages and various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, as well as doctors who offer their professional testimonies, support this important company. As a result of research and careful studies performed by doctors specialized in body morphology, we have developed daily wear undergarments that offer excellent benefits and guarantee a great esthetic and body beauty. Consequently, Ardyss makes a psychological contribution by helping to improve the self-esteem, improving lifestyle and offering health benefits.

You won’t believe it yourself!
Instant body reshaping while accelerating the process of weight loss is now possible without surgery.

04. Since time immemorial

05. A garment with a long history

The idea of body reshaping has existed since time immemorial. To resemble an esthetic model of beauty has always been a human obsession. Regarding the breasts, there have existed a number of different resources to support them: fabrics to cover the area and cloths to hide and support them. Human creativity has made use of a variety of techniques that, although they seemed unlikely, achieved the expected results.

The first bras were manufactured in order to meet a need of every woman: prevent breasts deformation so as to keep them healthy and beautiful no matter the effects of time and gravity. In 1945 natural or very light synthetic fabrics were used. The first collection of bras was presented in France in 1956. Nevertheless, in 1955, French companies had already produced 2.355.000 more bras than in 1954. Since 1954 the bras have experienced modifications and improvements. However, as the manufacturing improved, the industry of bras started to relegate the main objective of the garment: “Support the breasts, prevent deformation and keep them healthy.”


06. Unique benefits
It places the breast between the second and seventh ribs, its anatomical position, and also recovers the original hemispherical shape of the breast.


Breast size is increased by pushing flaccid tissues into the suspension triangle and by bending the suspension band in order to press adipose cells.

Increases breast size

The suspension triangle, the band and the straps prevent the breasts from sagging.


Corrects posture

03 02
Prevents flaccidity Models the shape


It prevents liquid retention in the area. Even if such pain is usual, angel bra is recommended to be used in the night during the menstrual period.

07. Position and posture
Angel Bra has a suspension band that evenly spreads the weight of the breasts so as to prevent pressure points and irritation. It also has a suspension triangle that prevents the breasts from sagging. Angel Bra supports the back, favoring the correct distribution of body weight.


08. Angel Bra Design
Angel Bra is an internationally acknowledged haute couture garment. It is manufactured according to the highest quality standards regarding materials, tailoring and finish in order to provide safety, comfort and a unique design that will favor the following benefits for the breasts:

Increase Firm-up Shape Equal size
To t i g h t e n a n d loosen straps.

Tricorchet Hooks
To fasten the bra. It has three positions so that it can be adapted as size is reduced.

They are made of fabric and do not have elastic components, so that they do not burn and turn loose with body heat and washes.

Lino Spandex Flower
Ard y s s f e m in in e d is t in c t iv e t h a t h e lp s t o center the garment. It provides elasticity so that the body can move naturally and comfortably.

Upper band
It provides firmness for bra sides and cups.

To tighten and loosen cups.

It has a curved shape to avoid the ugly appearance of bulges in the back.

Seams of the cups
To favor the correct position of nipples.

They prevent the appearance of fat tissue under the armpit.

Lace cups
To a l l o w a i r c i r c u l a t i o n in the breast skin, so that the area does not sweat.

Lower elastic band
It allows flexible movements of the thorax. It does not lose elasticity.

Suspension bands
They help to increase, decrease or equal the size of breasts, as well as to support their weight.

Suspension triangle
It softly reshapes the breast in its correct position, compressing and firming up the tissue.

10. A perfect complement for each stage of life
Ligaments, small bands of tissue that help to keep breasts firm, tend to lose elasticity. For this reason, Angel Bra is the perfect complement for each stage of life: ADOLESCENSE
It favors a correct and feminine development of the breasts. It prevents the spinal column from bending and provides comfort for practicing any sport. In cases of premature development it also prevents excessive growth. angulations and pressures. It prevents spontaneous discharges and favors a comfortable lactation.



Angel Bra maintains a youth and straight posture preventing neck, shoulders and back aches caused by the weight of breasts.

Is it noticeable under the clothes? No, it isn’t. Since it has an anatomical design, it adapts to the breast providing a natural appearance that is unnoticed under the clothes. Does it turn loose with frequent use? No, Ardyss Bra is manufactured with the highest quality and the best materials to ensure that the garment does not turn loose or get larger. How many hours a day can it be worn? The amount of hours you wish. Angel Bra is specially designed to accompany women in each stage of life. Using Angel Bra regularly improves and firms up the natural shape of breasts. Can it be worn by large breasted women? It is perfect for large breasted women since it redistributes adipose tissue when correctly fitted.


Angel Bra favors a straight posture, hides breasts when they are too large, pushes them up when they are too small, and eliminates fat tissue under the armpits. It also equals the breasts sizes when they are visibly different and improves the overall figure. Furthermore, it is comfortable and safe for your everyday activities.


Angel B ra fi x es t he breas t s o as t o avoi d movements, favoring a much faster healing.



Angel Bra accompanies you during all your pregnancy since the cup and thorax can be gradually enlarged. When used regularly, Angel Bra prevents the appearance of stretch marks, since it provides 100% protection.

This benefit is due to the fact that Angel Bra favors an excellent blood irrigation and lymphatic circulation.



It relieves prenatal swallowing. Shortly before childbirth, breasts notably increase their size and hurt. Using Angel Bra day and night, the pain will be relieved and, when used constantly, the pain may disappear. Angel Bra prevents milk discharges. It keeps the breasts in a straight position, avoiding

This is probably the most important health benefit offered by Angel Bra when it is used regularly. Though the cause of breast cancer remains unknown, some risk factors like lack of blood irrigation in the nipples have been proved. Angel Bra maintains the correct position and direction of the breasts allowing sufficient blood irrigation. Using Angel Bra turns to be essential for changing your lifestyle.

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