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Ardyss Resphaping

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Reshaping Panty



Harmonic silhouette
Nowadays, panties are not only used to provide protection but also to shape a harmonious body. For this reason, and considering the evolution and needs of modern women, Ardyss has designed: Ardyss Reshaping Panty. Ardyss Reshaping Panty is manufactured according to the highest quality standards regarding materials and tailoring. We have applied the latest innovations in reshaping with professional orthopedic support.


Reshaping protection
The reshaping panty exerts pressure on the abdomen generating a protection that prevents fat accumulation. Once you put it on, it reshapes your body by redistributing flaccid tissues and lifting the buttocks. The panty structure also corrects your posture and reduces the impact of abrupt movements that might hurt your back.

Ardyss Reshaping Panty is manufactured according to the highest quality standards regarding materials and tailoring.

You won’t believe it yourself!
Instant body reshaping while accelerating the process of weight loss is now possible without surgery.


A very special panty
Ardyss Panty is the perfect complement for persons wishing to reshape the body. It lifts and supports buttocks, returning their round shape. It protects the back because it improves posture and spinal column balance. Unlike other reshaping products, Ardyss garments are a guarantee of good results due to the manufacturing quality and reliability of Ardyss products.


A new concept

Ardyss has scientifically designed garments for every need, achieving a new concept in reshaping.
Ardyss offers unique garments manufactured according to the highest quality, with the best raw materials and state-of-the-art technology so as to obtain reliable, safe and excellent products. Ardyss does not promise miracles, it guarantees benefits.


Reshaping Panty Benefits
All the following benefits are supported and explained by Dr. Leonel Kelly, Orthopedic Surgeon. IMPROVES BUTTOCKS SIZE AND SHAPE. It positions buttocks backwards and slightly upwards, improving their size and round shape so as to produce a perfect outline. HELPS THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. It functions as a filter for retaining bacteria, fat and other waste. LIFTS SAGGING BUTTOCKS. The gluteus maximus is correctly positioned so that it can effectively perform its own functions. FAVORS A CORRECT POSTURE PREVENTING TIREDNESS. Since it supports the waist, it prevents people from walking wrongly or bending forward. By maintaining a correct posture, it reduces tiredness when walking or standing for a long time.

05.1 Corrects posture


Lifts buttocks

05.3 Improves buttocks shape
Ardyss Panty is the perfect complement for persons wishing to reshape the body.


Reshaping Panty
Lifts sagging buttocks. Improves their size and shape. Maintains a correct posture.


Buttock anatomy
The buttock is mainly formed by the gluteus maximus muscle. This muscle is essential for the beauty of the whole buttock since it defines its round shape as well as its backward and slightly upward position. It is supported by tendons that cross the adipose tissue, which is quite abundant in this area, and are fixed to the muscle surface. It is the tension of these tendons what maintains buttocks in their correct position and functioning properly. One of the main functions of buttocks is to absorb the impact transmitted from the heels when walking, running or jumping. Specifically, they prevent the transmission of such force to the spinal column. The reshaping panty lifts buttocks and shapes the body while correcting posture when we walk or stretch in order to prevent injuries.




Ardyss Guarantee
More than 15 years in the market and a huge amount of testimonies from users of different backgrounds, as well as doctors who offer their professional testimonies, support this important company. As a result of research and careful studies performed by doctors specialized in body morphology and female structure, we have developed daily wear undergarments that offer excellent benefits, such as: correcting posture, losing sizes and reducing hips and waist. So as to guarantee a great esthetic and body beauty and to help to improve health and lifestyle, Ardyss has scientifically designed garments for every need: a new concept in reshaping.


Can I wear it all day long? Yes, you can. Not only does it shape the body, but it also favors a correct posture, therefore helping the spinal column to control the body balance. Can it produce hives or irritation to allergic persons? No, not at all. This garment has been designed with hypoallergenic materials and the highest quality so as to prevent hives and allergies. Can older people wear it? It is perfect for elder people since, besides reshaping the body, it prevents bad posture when walking. Can I wear it for any activity? Yes, you can wear it to perform any activity. The reshaping panty is more than a reducing garment. It helps to improve posture and favors the correct blood circulation.

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