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					Young and natural beauty
Ardyss Skin Care System Kit


Youth, smoothness and protection
In just 2 weeks your face will begin to feel young, firm, healthy and bright.
The following is a unique program that has been specially designed for your skin care and is composed of:
Antiaging active ingredients that reduce wrinkles, age spots and tiredness. Anhydrous Technology (water-free). The highest concentration of active functional ingredients. The best quality, unlike ordinary cosmetics that contain 90% of water and therefore, are deceitful and useless. Soft and neutral ingredients manufactured with a balanced pH that helps to stabilize sensitive and delicate skin types. Fortified with vitamins and minerals for a natural skin therapy. Anti-menopause in order to help to strengthen the immune system. Natural antioxidants that fight aggressive environmental factors such as stress, smoke and pollution. Extended-release ceramide protein that strengthens your face elasticity and firmness for a brighter and younger look. Does not contain perfume (alcohol-free). Soft but effective technology for treating spots and oily skin that helps to reduce blackheads, pimples, open pores and excessive oil and shine without causing dryness or irritation. Natural sun protection that reduces the aging effects and damage produced by ultraviolet rays. Advanced enzyme technology to detect and completely eliminate face impurities.







2.Resurfacing Wrinkle & Pore Toner
Resurfacing and repairing toner that eliminates the lines of expression and reduces wrinkles thanks to its concentrated active ingredients. It gradually lightens your skin and reduces open pores. Enjoy the immediate effects (shock) of a younger, brighter and smoother skin. Perfect for all skin types.

4.Anhydrous Extreme Restoration Cream
This unique cream contains water-free concentrated emollients and is rich in ceramides, proteins, minerals and essential oils. It is created to extremely moisturize dry skin with immediate results. Your skin will feel smooth, firm and moisturized.

The perfect complement
1.Rapid exfoliating cleanser
Detoxifies and purifies the skin eliminating impurities and make up residue and reducing environmental effects. It does not contain irritating detergents or exfoliating grains. It is perfect for all skin types.

3.Longevity Regenerator Am & Pm
Antiaging and restoration cream for day and night time use. Thanks to vitamins, minerals and enzyme technology, it helps to reduce wrinkles, expression lines and loss of elasticity in a few days.

5.Unwrinkle Wonder Serum
Revolutionary antiaging system that firms up and improves the appearance of your skin drastically reducing lines, wrinkles and dark rings under your eyes. It also eliminates facial fatigue, giving your skin a firm and revitalized appearance.

03. Ardyss Cosmetics
Ardyss Cosmetics is an advanced line of skincare products designed to function in cooperation with the organism and favor the process of cellular nutrition, recover the skin natural balance and increase cellular metabolism in order to stimulate a younger and healthier skin. Antiaging system (to reduce wrinkles, age spots and tiredness); anhydrous technology (water-free, high nutrients concentration); soft and neutral ingredients (manufactured with a balanced pH, perfect for all skin types); fortified with vitamins and minerals (to strengthen the immune system); natural antioxidants (to fight aggressive environmental factors); extended-release ceramide

¨Triple Derma Management System¨ It is sold separately.

protein (to strengthen your face elasticity and firmness); soft but effective technology for treating spots and oily skin. Ardyss Skin Care System Kit offers the most complete preventive and restoring solutions for your skin care.

Ardyss Skin Care System Kit
Cleanse, pamper and moisturize your skin with this complete kit
Ardyss Skin Care System Kit is a beauty treatment specially designed to perform the three essential steps of the skincare program:

Cleansing Toning Restoring

The perfect treatment for your face imperfections

This treatment is ideal for all skin types even for young complexions. It offers great benefits such as skin detoxification and purification as well as regeneration and rejuvenation. After a few days of use it will help to improve lines of expression, wrinkles, elasticity loss and aged complexion. It evens out skin tones, reduces open pores and repairs the damage caused by the sun. Your skin will gradually look younger, brighter, smoother and firmer. It also helps you to correct dark rings under your eyes among many other benefits.


Ardyss quality guarantee
We invite you to be seduced by our treatments. You will experience the benefits of the highest European technology to beautify and pamper your skin. We offer the best products in the market manufactured with lots of ingredients selected with the highest quality standards. Our active ingredients are manufactured in the prestigious Serobiology and Dermatology Center of France. We are also supported by an excellent Mexican laboratory that has the highest technology and expert professionals in cosmetics. Ardyss best asset is the quality of the persons that compose the company. Consequently, our aim is to improve your health, beauty and well-being.


Attainable Beauty
Dolores Ramírez, 34 years old
I experienced an amazing change in just 15 days. Nowadays, I enjoy the complexion I used to have when I was 20 years old thanks to Ardyss Skin Care complete treatment.

Carmen Olvera, 45 years old
Los Angeles.
Ardyss Skin Care changed the destiny of my skin. It has significantly reduced lines of expression and imperfections. My complexion looks healthy and natural without surgery.

Cecilia Acosta, 22 years old
Thanks to Ardyss Skin Care I could detoxify and purify my skin. After a few days, it reduced blackheads and acne. Nowadays I enjoy a lighter, smoother and firmer complexion, free from environmental dust.

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