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					The only way to identify the truth from untruth is only by its taste, bitterness. The untruth is like a Smirnoff; It is so cool while it is so hot; It is more clear than crystal clear while it contains impurities of harm & destruction; It is so desirable while it is so expensive. It is so cunning and captive and addictive once it has been swallowed, but it is so heavy to be handled by stomach and liver in such a way that the liver will end up failing the fight against it. It is addictive that you can’t stop taking it until the doctor’s attempts to heal you from it fail and declare you dead should you stop taking it. It is desired by the whole nation in such way that it is given freedom more than people will be given freedom from it. Every where its license is issued; Every where in the media, it is promoted. Another thing about it is that it is so reliable in terms of the country’s economic growth and empowerment. What would your comment be on this matter? ; Never mind, don’t scratch your head just choose and associate one or two

words in the brackets with three types of people below:

enough to catch imminent fiery anger of God.

► The leaders of the nation.

(freedom, greeddom, sillydom). ► The manufacturers of alcohol. (freedom, greeddom, sillydom). ► Consumers ( freedom, greeddom, sillydom). That is how you will identify the truth, it is very bitter, but it will set you free, free indeed if you accept it. If you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

Before apartheid, you were growing under submission, control and guidance of your parents or experienced adults, but today after apartheid , you have been rooted out of your grounds, grounds of self respect, respect of other people so that you die at your own risk. Before apartheid, you were protected from teenage pregnancy, aids, crime, drugs and alcohol and so on, why because your parents still had rights to protect you as you are weak and susceptible to such winds of life, but today you are swimming in these things because your freedom has freed you from parental control; and these harmful things have been put on the table for you to have freedom of choice among them as your parents have been deprived of playing parental role in your lives Will you be alive in few years from now? Will you have peace when you are dead? Are you having peace as you are swimming in drugs, alcohol and crime right now? No man can set another one free!

Some or most of the people especially the youth some of whom who have now grown up to be adults, think that freedom is to do anything or to behave yourself without being limited which includes to live life without being guided or controlled. If you have that mentality, you must be lost because the truth is that, people with such mentality are like a tree that has been cut down and is at risk of being blown to and fro by any kind of winds of life and in a whole process they are getting dry, dry


No man can save another. Never mind, the truth is bitter, especially if you never heard about it before, but it will set you free, free even after death if you accept it and live accordingly. If you are doing whatever you are doing without being controlled, you are not free yet because the storms of life will come and blow you into drugs, alcohol, teenage or sexual relationships before marriage, aids, crime, poverty and so forth. But when you were still under control of your parents, you were rooted in the right grounds (parental leadership) because you could produce good fruits, you could learn and become what you wanted to be, you could grow up and get married and have your own marriage, you were free of aids, drugs, alcohol, crime and so forth. Never mind the truth is bitter, but it will set you free, free indeed. Be watchful, watchful enough not to be enjoyed by freedom while others are enjoying it because that sounds like sillydom to you. Sillydom

because your freedom is like a Smirnoff, it sounds and looks nice when it is actually killing you at the end of the day. You are not free if you are operating out of control of your parents because any move you make or any step you take is in full exposure to any kind of harm.

your feet or control in such an extent that you remain calm and relaxed right in the midst of such kind of calamity or pandemonium like Jesus being calm and sleeping when the see was raging and sinking the boat with him.

It is a fact that after the struggle you are free from: Freedom is an extraordinary power which is stored and rooted in mind in the form of WORD; and it is capable of discerning between what is right and wrong, and it is capable of overcoming and fighting persistently against any wrong that might attack the mind to the point of death in order to avoid to be led astray which could lead to the whole life to the bottomless pit.

► Living like slaves and strangers in
your own land.

► Being kicked and detained by ► ► ► ►

foreigners without trial in your own land. Being treated like children and slavers at working environment. Being deprived of freedom to walk in the street of your own land. Not sharing toilets and shops with whites and other places you consider to be better. Labouring to up lift the economy of the whites and so on.

Freedom is to have anything that brings about discomforts in your bloodstream, spirit, soul, mind, or in any part or area of your life under

But are you really free if you are dying from what you call freedom?


You call it freedom when you are laid on the table for aids, drugs, alcohol, crime and poverty to dine on you. Is it still freedom when the country complaints about skills shortage? What happened to you education that led to skills shortage? Why should your life not go beyond child support grants? Who else is on the queue for child support grants other than black colour? Where do you think other colours are when your future is buried by child support grants? Do you really understand what freedom is? Is it to dress yourself and leave sexually attractive parts of your body like breasts, stomach and thighs out? Is it to sing and dance seductive/ pornographic dance? Is it to put on the clothes that would tighten your body so that you appear more sexually attractive, sexually attractive enough to seduce the male persons? Is it to swim in alcohol, drugs and aids and give birth to fatherless children?

What kind of freedom is the one that opens the gate and provide a platform for all sexual immoralities such as practice of gays and lesbian marriage, prostitution and engagement in sexual relationship out of marriage? Freedom begins with Truth, and the truth is bitter unlike the Smirnoff which looks cool when it is so toxic in your whole life. The reason why the Truth is bitter is because it does not lie about itself like the Smirnoff would; appearing and tasting good in tongue when it is actually the burning coals that burns your life, your family, your future and your money into ashes. If the Son of MAN set you free, you will be free indeed. When you are free indeed, you won’t have any body guards around you every minute of the move you make or any step you take. You will sleep like a king in midst of hunger or any situations. You will dine in the presence of your enemies without any problem.

Freedom is freedom from anything that brings about discomfort in you life, family, community, country as well as in the whole world. If post apartheid freedom does not set you free from sicknesses, poverty, crime, drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancies; that kind of freedom is not real freedom. If children still have home in the streets. If the law still authorize destruction of marriages. If porn, drugs and alcohol is still justified, then there’s no freedom yet. If the wolves and lions are taken out of zoos, clothed in the skin of the sheep and placed in the midst of people, then there is no freedom yet. Destined to suffer and die? The freedom fighters were suffering racial segregation or separation and different forms of oppressions. You were young or not there when that was happening. Apartheid did not abort you; it did not separate you from your parental care, guidance and control. But today you have been given freedom, enough freedom to live your


life apart or into pieces in your own expense. The truth will set you free if you accept it. Do you deny the fact? Give me the answers to the following questions:


Who will stand before the seat of judgment before God in the doomsday? When you are out of parental control, who is at risk of swimming in alcohol and drugs? Who will experience all that injustices?

which brings us to the point that the huge kraal or fence within which the youth is suffering teenage pregnancy, aids, drugs, alcohol, prostitution, crime and poverty and all kinds of injustices is democracy. But; “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32 “…If anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.” John 8:51 If anyone is in bond with untruth, there is a problem when the truth is revealed to him, It becomes bitter enough that it does not find a place in him. But if you give it a place, it will set you free: ► Free from crime, ► Free from poverty, ► Free from drugs and alcohol, ► Free from aids and sexual immoralities like: prostitution, gays and lesbians and so forth. ► Free from infirmities and diseases. ► Free from skills shortage and all.

► Who is affected when you are

Is that not enough freedom and rights to live your life apart? Is that not sweet hatred? Is that not the broom which its aim is to sweep your life away? If you know the truth… Suffering self fencing/ kraaling.

practicing the freedom to put yourself into the mouth of the crocodile (prostitution)? Who becomes the host of aids? Whose life and dignity is deteriorating in a process?

Isn’t a kind of freedom and rights to live your life apart?.

► Whose life is at risk when you are
granted freedom and rights to operate outside the control and guidance of your parents? When you get pregnant pre-maturely, experience pregnancy complications and undergo caesarean section during delivery, whose life is getting destroyed? When you do what you call termination of pregnancy, who experiences physical and emotional /psychological pains?

“Don’t tell me what to do, how to do it and or when to d o it.”; “Do not tell me what must I do with my life or how to live my life.”; “Don’t tell me what to wear.” If you surround yourself with such kind of words, nobody can break in and take you out when you experience problems within the kraal of your words until you break the kraal and allow them in. The obvious source of such kind of words is democracy related laws


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