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We recommend consulting the Expo Forums or emailing if there is any
matter you would like clarified or explained. Due to matters beyond our control, it may be necessary
for MCM Expo to change these rules to enable the smooth and safe running of the event; if such a
change is needed in advance of an event it will be announced on the Expo Forums.


The masquerade is open to all ages, but if you are under 12, your entry form must be signed by your
parent or guardian on the day or you must bring a signed note from them. If you are older but look
young, please bring proof of age.

If a costume has been entered into the Masquerade at a previous MCM Expo event it may not be
entered again unless this has been agreed with the cosplay organisers. Costumes that have
previously been entered into competitions at events not connected with MCM Expo may be entered.

Purchased costumes are not allowed in the masquerade unless this has been agreed with the
cosplay organisers. The majority of a costume should have been constructed by the person entering
the costume in the contest. If this is not the case, this fact should be noted on the entry form.

Original costumes can be entered if supported by concept sketches and an explanation of the
inspirations behind the costume.

All entrants must have signed in at the cosplay desk by 13:00 on the day. Failure to do so may mean
you lose your entry place.

All entrants should congregate at the Masquerade holding area half an hour before
Masquerade start time.

You may be filmed or photographed during the masquerade, and MCM Expo or its sponsors may
wish to use your image. By entering you agree to this.

Have FUN. That's an order!


You may apply to take part in advance by filling in the masquerade entrance form on the website as
soon as Advance Registration opens for the October London Expo on 06/09/08 and no later than
20/09/08. Entries before this will not be accepted.

As spaces are limited entry to the masquerade is on a first come basis. There will also be a limited
number of places available on the day, on a first come, first served basis.

As this is a family show costumes of an adult nature may not be entered.

The organisers reserve the right to reject applicants at their discretion.


The contest element is open to ages 12 and up. If you are under 12, you will receive a goodie bag for
taking part in the masquerade.

Performances will automatically be entered into the Performance category which is decided solely on
the quality of your performance on stage. This does not preclude performance entries from being
entered competitively and being considered for other categories (such as Best Costume).
If you wish for your costume (or group's costumes) to be judged competitively, you need to make
yourselves available during the day before the masquerade for judging of your costumes construction
and accuracy. If possible, we will arrange a time with you in advance.

All such entrants MUST provide a picture or photo reference of the character / costume they are
representing. You will be judged against this reference so it is advisable to make it good! If possible,
also provide any other information regarding the costumes construction such as an 'in progress'

Entries will be judged on Accuracy and Construction before you go on stage.
A high Accuracy score (maximum points available is 10) will be awarded for correct colours, details,
patterns, hair style etc.
A high Construction score (maximum points available is 10) will be awarded for good workmanship,
and finish. A costume largely constructed from shop bought clothes without modifications will do
poorly in this category.
Entries will also be judged on your stage presence (maximum points available is 5) which includes for
example affecting the character’s mannerisms and how well you present your costume on stage.

The judges’ decision is FINAL. Please respect the judges and the other participants by accepting
their decisions.


A single music or audio track per entry can be provided by entrants so long as it is sent at least 3
days in advance of the event. Please supply music in a separate email clearly labelled “music for
<entry>”. MP3 format is preferred, please do not supply DRM protected tracks from iTunes etc.
If you do not receive confirmation that your track has been received and can be played within 5 days
of sending it then contact us by email or on the forums as we may not have received it.
If you are unable to provide music in advance, the organisers will choose music on your behalf. We
do not accept music on the day. You may request music if you do not have the track you would like
played, however we can make no assurances that we will have the track in question.


Please see the separate guidelines.


You may wish to enter a short performance or “Skit” at the masquerade. If so, please inform us in
advance by emailing, including full details of what you wish to do and any
special requirements such as music or video that you have.

Any digital media that you wish to use MUST be provided to us at least 3 days in advance of the
Expo weekend. Note that you are responsible for the audio quality of such tracks and there is a limit
on how much we can amplify them.

Note that we cannot provide props or microphones, and that the stage is not suitable for energetic
performances involving eg running or martial arts displays. We reserve the right the interrupt
performances for reasons of health and safety.

The performance is subject to approval by the organisers. Its content should be suitable for a family
audience, and the maximum length is 3 minutes – please note that this maximum is for large groups
and not for small group or solo singing or dancing entries. Depending on the nature of the
performance, number of performance entries and delays you may have to reduce the length of your
performance or find that it is cut short.

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