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Object Categories


Object Categories

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									                                     Object Categories

What are Object Categories?

Object categories are tags that can be applied to a document, or other file, in Seneca, that
allow you to locate that document more easily.

More than one category can be applied to a document, which allows documents to be
organised in a manner that is similar to a Windows’ folder structure, but ultimately more

What are the Categories?

A standard list of categories has been agreed through a consultation with representatives
from all the teams in the firm. A list of the standard categories is attached.

What if my document does not fit into that list?

You can create a custom category for use on a specific file. For example:

     1. In a commercial transaction you may have custom categories that are the names of
        the various corporate vehicles and parties, to further organise documents
     2. In a contentious matter, you may have a custom category for the name of different
        witnesses, to identify communications with them, or their statements.
     3. In a trust or probate matter you may have categories for different beneficiaries to
        identify their correspondence or documents

How does it work?

1.      Adding Object Categories to a document
a.      When saving

When saving a document you can add a category

                                       Click on the categories button on the save screen.

A screen appears with a drop-down list allowing you to add up to 5 categories to a document
– select the relevant categories and press F8 to save, then press F8 to save your document.

b. After you have saved the document

You can add or change object categories attached to a document at any time. To do so, find
the document in the file contents and right click it.
You can then select Object categories

If you wish to apply the same categories to more than one object you can select multiple
documents and right click:

As before you are presented with a screen to add categories to the document.

Adding a category currently in use on file

If you want to use a category that you are already using on the file you can select the ‘Object
categories – Active File
You are then presented with a check box to add one of your current objects

Simply tick any of the existing categories and press F8 to save:

Once you have added a category to a document they are displayed in the contents screen,
against the item in purple type.

2. Creating Custom Categories for the file

To add a custom category to a file, on the contents screen click view and File object

                                                                This brings you to a screen
where you can view the current file categories, and add or edit them
Type the new category and F8 to save. The category will then be available in the main picking

When opening a document that already has categories assigned to it, it will keep those
categories when saved in its amended form.

3. Using Object Categories to Manage Documents

You can use object categories to navigate files and locate documents. This can be done in
conjunction with the standard filters that you use.

When setting up a filter, you can specify which object categories to display at the bottom of
the screen:

However, a faster way to change between the displayed categories is to use the object
categories filter on the contents page.
If this is not switched on, click the icon at the top right of the contents page:

                                                                                Click this icon
                                                                                to open the
                                                                                categories filter

This brings up a new panel on the contents page

                                     You will probably wish to select combinations of
                                     categories, so change the Operator: ‘None’ to ‘And’

This changes the panel to display a list of the object categories that are currently being used
on that file

                        Ticking these boxes will then filter down the contents screen based on
                        the categories selected.
This works in conjunction with the stored filter, so can be restricted to just email, or
documents, etc.

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