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Nutritionists Top Tips for the festive season by Johanna Hignett

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									Nutritionists Top Tips for the festive season by Johanna Hignett

Many of our celebrations centre around food and drink, so with Christmas approaching here are a few tips to help
you keep your healthy plan in mind – and enjoy yourself too!

    1. The biggest downfall for many of us is nibbles – so aim to steer clear of bowls of nuts, crisps and
       chocolates, you will enjoy your main meals far more!

    2. For Christmas lunch, fill half your plate with colourful vegetables, and choose a little meat, roasties,
       stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. You will enjoy all the lovely flavours without feeling too full. Extras like
       sausage and bacon rolls are best skipped too.

    3. When it comes to desserts choose fruit if you can, but don’t feel you have to miss out on all the lovely
       treats altogether. If you really fancy a bit of a rich chocolate or creamy pudding take a small sliver and fill
       up on fruit.

    4. Christmas is all about celebrating and for many of us that involves the odd glass of our favourite tipple.
       Don’t miss out but choose wisely, and try not to overdo it! Lighter choices include a spirit with a low calorie
       mixer, white wine with sparking water for a spritzer, or a lower alcohol lager. Those with more calories
       include choices like cream liqueurs, port and rich or fortified wines.

    5. And if you really fancy a treat the best advice is to choose a smaller portion than everyone else, that way
       you can enjoy a little taste without overloading on calories.

And if you do slip and overdo it one day, don’t worry get back on track the next day!

Personal Trainer Top Tips for the festive season by Dion Trigg

    1. Morning stretching and mobility: Doing a basic routine of stretching and mobility exercises each
       morning, will help to make you feel more energized whilst loosening and warming you up for the day
       ahead. Done regularly, this will also help you to keep away many of those aches and pains.

    2. Establish an indoor exercise routine This does not need to be anything too intense but will need to be a
       bit of a challenge so that your body temperature is raised along with your heart rate. You should be able to
       still hold a light conversation (why not have a friend over to do something together).... you don't have to be
       puffing and panting away or sweating all over the pace. Instead, get in the habit of doing 10-15 minutes of
       movement, activity or exercise a couple of times a day. I find that during the TV commercials is a great
       time for doing some toning and firming exercises.

    3. Breathe in the outdoors Even though it may be cold and wet outside, we still need to get ourselves out of
       the stuffiness and staleness of the warm indoor environment, even if only for a few minutes at a time. This
       gives us the opportunity to breathe in a good lung-full of fresh winter’s air. Not only will this refresh our
       mind and body, it will keep you more energized and alert and help your body to stay stronger in its battle
       against colds and flu. So grab your warm clothing and jump outside for a blast of outdoor air. It’s free after

    4. Drink Water Too many of us abandon our water drinking habits as soon as the temperature starts to
       plummet and winter arrives. This is a big mistake, as your body couldn't care less if the sun is shining, and
       relies on water to stay energized and healthy. So drink up!

    5. Smile and laugh Smiling and laughing are actually very good for us and can be extremely rewarding, they
       make us feel better inside and can rub of on others around us. Laughter too has the same affect and really
       can be the best medicine. Wake up in the morning and smile a big smile, even if the weather is bad
       outside or life is stressful.... we may not be able to control some of these external factors... but we can
       control our own actions! Nothing to smile about? Then find something on the TV or the internet or maybe a
       past memory that makes you smile or start laughing. Then remember that image in your head, and think
       about it throughout the day or whenever you want to make yourself smile or laugh. I challenge you to
       make someone that you don't know, smile or laugh, see if you can do this at least once a day. This
       becomes fun and will certainly brighten up your day, if not theirs too!
Pharmacists’ Top Tips for the festive season by Sarah Henderson

        1. Remember your units: Women 2-3 units a day, Men 3-4 units per day

        2. Have a 48-hour break in the week for Alcohol-free days

        3. Say no to top ups, and drink soft drinks or water in between. Also remember to eat some food
        before leaving for a night out.

        4. Don't drink in rounds or join in any party drinking games as this will lead to you drink more.

        5. Only take out what cash you need.....leave your bank card at home.

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