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                                            Improving basic education in rural Morocco
                                            The EC-Basic Education Programme

                                              “Even an ordinary schoolbag can help to
                                              persuade parents to give their children the
         EC Partner
                                              possibility to learn to write in order to have
         The Moroccan                         better chances in future life.”

                                              Mid Term review
         Facts and Figures

         • EC contribution
                                                                                                     Writing class, Morocco
           €40 million granted
           (100% of total)
                                            Context            Granting an improvement of basic
         • 683 classrooms, 85
                                            In partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education, the European
           dining rooms, 226
                                            Commission set the “Basic Education Programme” in 1998. This
           sanitary facilities built,
                                            programme aims to improve the quality of everyday life in remote and
           and 11 classroom
                                            disadvantaged regions in Morocco. People targeted are living in rural,
           tents for nomadic
                                            pre-urban or urban areas. The programme focuses on eight provinces in
           pupils set up
                                            the country. It aims to improve school facilities for girls and boys alike in
                                            order to improve the overall living conditions in specific areas. It also
                                            supports a governmental reform of the educational system.

                                            Objective          Improving living conditions in 8
                                                               disadvantaged areas
            Did you know?
                                                 •   To guarantee qualitative support for the provision of basic
                52% of the                           education, especially for girls
                                                 •   To promote quality of education through a renewed curriculum
              population are
                affected by                          and broader participation of all stakeholders (local communities,
           illiteracy - 80% of                       NGOs, partners and students)
            those are women
          living in rural areas                  •   To support the Moroccan Government to elaborate its
                                                     educational development strategy for disadvantaged areas

                                            Impact              What have we achieved?
                                                 •   12,350 new canteens catering for 996,000 pupils at schools, an
                                                     important incentive for children attending school

                                                 •   Quality of education improved by rehabilitation of 1,053
                                                     buildings 79 teachers’ houses and 31 administrative offices

                                                 •   Number of pupils almost doubled in first four years of the
                                                     project – in school year 2003/2004 girls represented 51.67% of

For more information on EC External cooperation:      MDG 2 - Education
Education                                                                               EuropeAid

Improving basic education in rural Morocco
The EC-Basic Education Programme

   The European Commission Basic Education Programme –
   a gender-orientated project

   The Basic Education Programme aims to integrate female teachers and mothers
   in initiatives to guarantee that girls play a vital part in Morocco’s future

   The education of girls is becoming an increasingly important issue in basic
   education programmes, with the result that different considerations are being
   taken into account. As an example, it is particularly important for girls that
   schools are close to their homes. Sometimes the children have long journeys
   and this constitutes a real effort for them, notably in winter. Ensuring that they
   do not have to walk to school or return home alone is a major factor in ensuring
   that pupils do not drop out of school. Mothers and fathers are encouraged to
   allow them to go to school in the knowledge that there are sanitary facilities and
   a canteen which will provide their children with a meal.

   It is important that girls have female teachers supporting them in learning and
   going to school. In addition, the EC programme seeks to convince mothers of
   female pupils that school will be beneficial by providing other incentives such as
   free schoolbags. Such tokens, albeit small, may just be enough to win the
   crucial support of parents in granting their children an education.

                                         Students in a school in Al Jadida, Morocco