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					                                                                                        DISABLED VETERANS
                                    5 WE ASSIST 5                                The VA can pay compensation if a veteran is
                                                                               at least 10% disabled as a result of military
                                    VETERANS                                   service. Veterans may receive a pension if the
                                                                               veteran is a wartime veteran with limited
                                    VETERANS’ DEPENDENTS
                                                                               income and is no longer able to work. The
                                    SURVIVING SPOUSE OR CHILDREN
                                                                               Pinellas County Department of Ve t e r a n s
                                    RESERVES OR NATIONAL GUARDS
                                                                               Services can help you file the necessary
                                    ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS
                                                                               paperwork to receive the benefits you deserve.

Pinellas                                     HEALTH CARE

                                   We assist Pinellas County’s Veterans to
                                                                                         BURIAL BENEFITS

                                                                               “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

County                           obtain health care from the Ve t e r a n s                                     General Douglas MacArthur

                                 Administration (VA) Medical Center at Bay       When a veteran passes away, the Pinellas
                                 Pines. Some of the services provided at the   County Department of Veterans Services
                                 facility include:                             works to ensure that the matter is handled

Department                           Hospital, Outpatient Medical, Dental,
                                     Pharmacy, and Prosthetic Services
                                                                               with the utmost dignity.
                                                                                 We assist in obtaining certain VA benefits
                                                                               and services to honor our country's deceased
                                     Domiciliary, Nursing Home, and            veterans, including:

of Veterans                          Community-Based Residential Care
                                     Sexual Trauma Counseling
                                     Special Health Care for Women Vets
                                                                                    Headstones and Markers
                                                                                    Burial Flags
                                     Health and Rehabilitation Programs             Reimbursement of Burial Expenses

Services                             for Homeless Veterans
                                     Readjustment Counseling
                                     Alcohol and Drug Dependency Treatment
                                                                                    Burial in a VA National Cemetery

                                                                                 We also assist survivors of service members
                                     Medical Treatment for Exposure to         who died on active duty, of veterans who died
                                     Agent Orange, Radiation, or               from service related disabilities, and, in some
                                     Environmental Hazards                     cases, survivors of veterans being paid 100% VA
                                     Outreach programs for homebound           disability at time of death, to obtain Dependency
                                     veterans or veterans in nursing homes     & Indemnity Compensation (D&C). We assist
     We are funded by the            or hospitals                              qualifying surviving spouses and children of
       Pinellas County                                                         deceased veterans in obtaining a death pension.
Board of County Commissioners
                                                                                              “VETERANS CORNER”
 BOARD OF VETERANS’ APPEALS                        The Pinellas County Department of
                                                   Veterans Services provides quality
  Veterans, survivors, and dependents may file      assistance to the more than 134,000 vet-
an appeal of any decision issued by the VA         erans and dependents living in Pinellas
Regional Office on a claim for benefits and          County. We can help you obtain:
other decisions, such as eligibility for medical
                                                                                                   A TV PROGRAM
treatment, issued by the VA Medical Centers.          Disability Benefits                       ESPECIALLY FOR VETS
We assist veterans, survivors, and dependents         Education Benefits
file appeals to the Board of Veterans’Appeals          Vocational Rehabilitation                INTERESTING TOPICS
should they disagree with the VA Regional             Home Loans                               INFORMATIVE GUESTS
Office's decision.                                     Burial Benefits                           ANSWERS TO YOUR
                                                      Health Care                               QUESTIONS
                                                      Dependents & Survivors Benefits

  We assist veterans, dependents, reservists,           WE HAVE TWO FULL-TIME                     William Hayes
and service members in obtaining:                      OFFICES AND AN OUTREACH                  DEPARTMENT DIRECTOR
                                                                OFFICE                            HOSTS THIS CABLE
  VA educational and training benefits                                                          TELEVISION SHOW ON
  Vocational rehabilitation training                  2189 Cleveland Street, Suite 201         PINELLAS COUNTY 18
  VA sponsored life insurance for                          Clearwater, FL 33765              YOUR COUNTY CONNECTION
   veterans and their families                              Phone: (727) 464-8460
  Low interest rate, no down payment                         Monday - Friday
   VA home loans                                               8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  Other benefits veterans are entitled to
   by law
                                                               501 1st Avenue N
                                                                   Suite 517
                                                           St. Petersburg, FL 33701
                                                            Phone: (727) 582-7828
                                                                Monday - Friday
                                                                8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

                                                            OUTREACH OFFICE
                                                           38500 US Hwy 19 North                  Pr od uc ed in c oop era tion with P ine lla s C ounty
                                                                                                  Department of Public Affairs. Pinellas C ounty com-
                                                          Tarpon Springs, FL 34689                plies with the Americans with Dis abilities Ac t. To
                                                                                                  obtain accessible formats of this doc ument, please
                                                           Phone: (727) 324-2848                  c onta ct the Department of Public Affairs at (727)
                                                       Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.           464-4600 ((727) 464-4431/TDD