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									                                 WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT
                                    MAJOR FINDINGS

1.   Pinellas County has limited potable water resources due to the low pumping capacity of the
     local aquifer wells and no major surface water sources. Wells in neighboring counties produce
     significantly greater amounts of water than those still producing in coastal Pinellas County.
     There are no productive municipal wells south of S.R. 686 (Bay Drive) in Pinellas County. [99-

2.   Potable water is a statewide resource. A regional approach of developing sources of water and
     the distribution of water is beneficial for the entire Tampa Bay area.

3.   By the year 2015, the Pinellas County Water Demand Planning Area (WDPA) will need an
     average of 85.75 million gallons of potable water per day (mgd). On peak days, the WDPA will
     need 120.05 mgd. Pinellas County is relying upon Tampa Bay Water to meet this projected
     demand by implementing its Master Water Plan for developing new sources, and continued
     water production from existing potable water sources. [99-91]

4.   The greatest percentage increases in the use of potable water will occur in the northern planning
     sectors of the County. These sectors are within the planning area of the Pinellas County Utility
     System, except for the city of Oldsmar.

5.   Studies indicate groundwater to still be the best source of potable water for Pinellas County
     through the year 2015. However, the County will support exploring development of alternative
     potable water supply sources.[99-91]

6.   The shallow aquifer in Pinellas County can be used as a source of non-potable water reducing
     demand on potable water resources.

7.   Much of Pinellas County is suitable for the use of shallow wells for lawn irrigation. Increased
     use of the County's surficial aquifer would reduce demand on potable water supplies. An
     estimated 15 percent of the supply is used for lawn irrigation and other non-potable uses.[99-91]

8.   A comprehensive water conservation program, which includes reuse options, education,
     plumbing retrofitting, and leak detection, are important components of long term planning to
     assure the ability to meet potable water needs.

                                                                                    [ORD.99-91] 10/19/99

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                               WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT
                            GOALS, OBJECTIVES AND POLICIES


l.l.   Objective: Pinellas County shall continue to cooperate on a regional level to ensure that
                  adequate and dependable supplies of potable water are available to meet existing
                  and projected potable water demands, and shall coordinate the issuance of building
                  permits and development orders with the availability of potable water. Policies
                  1.1.1. through 1.1.4. represent the adopted level of service standards for potable
                  water systems serving Pinellas County. [99-91]

1.1.1.       Policy: Except as otherwise provided in the Master Water Supply Contract and in the
                     associated Interlocal Agreement, all potable water required by Pinellas County
                     Utilities to service its customers shall be supplied by Tampa Bay Water. [99-91]

1.1.2.       Policy: In the event that Tampa Bay Water determines that the regional system has
                     experienced a “shortfall” or “production failure” as defined in the Interlocal
                     Agreement, Pinellas County shall respond with one or more of the following
                     actions and alternatives:

                              a) Institute additional water conservation measures;
                              b) Halt or otherwise restrict the issuance of development orders and
                              c) Develop new sources of potable water within the parameters of
                              the Interlocal Agreement;
                              d) Purchase potable water from suppliers other than Tampa Bay
                              e) Cooperate with Tampa Bay Water, the Southwest Florida Water
                                Management District, and the affected local governments to develop
                                a regional response to the situation; and

                              f) Use actions and alternatives not identified within this policy. [99-91]
                                                                                     [ORD.99-91] 10/19/99
1.1.3.       Policy:         Pinellas County shall use the following Level of Service Standard when
                             preparing its annual 5-year and 20-year potable water demand

Compendium - WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT                                                        Page 137
                          projections for the Pinellas County Water Demand Planning Area,
                          which are required by the Master Water Supply Contract to enable
                          Tampa Bay Water to formulate its capital improvement program:

Pinellas County Water Demand Planning Area (gpcd)*

              Year             1990     1994     1995      1997      2000 2005
              gpcd              150      145      135      125      125  120

              Note: *gpcd = gallons per capita per day

1.1.4.     Policy:      The following level of service standards are adopted for the municipal
                        potable water systems serving Pinellas County: [99-91]

           St. Petersburg & Gandy Area (gpcd)*

              Year             1990       1995        2000   2010
              gpcd              130        128         125 125

Maximum to average day ratio 1.30        1.28       1.25     1.25

           Gulfport, South Pasadena & Unincorporated (gpcd)*

              Year              1990     1995       2000      2010
              gpcd               130       130      130       130

Maximum to average day ratio    1.30      1.30 1.30        1.30

Dunedin Water Department (gpcd)*
               Year              1995 2005 2015
              gpcd                  140   125 110

1.1.5.     Policy:      The County shall utilize the Future Land Use Element to limit existing
                        and future consumptive demand on potable water sources by limiting
                        densities in much of the unincorporated area to 5.0 units per acre or less,
                        and by strictly controlling changes in land use that result in a net increase
                        in water demand. [99-91]

                                                                                  [ORD.99-91] 10/19/99
1.1.6.     Policy:     The County shall limit the consumptive demand on potable water sources
                       by requiring all new non-residential and multi-family developments to
                       install and use shallow wells, open surface water bodies if appropriate, or
                       reclaimed water for landscape irrigation. [99-91]

Compendium - WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT                                                     Page 138
1.1.7.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall continue to utilize its reclaimed wastewater system
                          and shall expand the system to ensure maximum productivity with
                          minimum adverse environmental impacts. [99-91]

1.1.8.      Policy:       Pinellas County will utilize its Concurrency Management System and
                          Groundwater Protection program as one means of linking land and water
                          management, and assuring the reliability of the potable water resource.

1.1.9       Policy        Pinellas County supports the value of local and regional partnerships in
                          the provision of potable water supply, and will coordinate its water
                          supply facilities planning with Tampa Bay and the Southwest Florida
                          Water Management District, and with their respective Master Water Plan
                          and Regional Water Supply Plan. [04-89]

l.2.     Objective: A Ten Year Workplan, including a six year schedule of Capital
                    Improvements, shall be adopted in order to correct existing deficiencies, to
                    replace worn out or obsolete facilities, to fund new and ongoing conservation
                    initiatives, to provide the facilities and programs to meet retail and wholesale
                    customer needs, and to accommodate desired future growth. [04-89]

1.2.1.      Policy:       A Capital Improvements Program shall be prepared by the County
                          Administrator and Department Directors on an annual basis for the
                          purpose of evaluating and ranking projects which are proposed for
                          inclusion in the Six Year Schedule of Improvements, as well as for
                          inclusion in the Comprehensive Plan.

1.2.2.      Policy:       Except as otherwise provided in the Master Water Supply Contract and
                          the associated Interlocal Agreement, Pinellas County shall rely upon
                          Tampa Bay Water to develop additional potable water supply sources.[99-

                                                                      DCA 99-2 [ORD 99-91] 10/19/99
                                                                     DCA 04-02 [ORD 04-89] 12/21/04

Compendium - WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT                                                    Page 139
l.3.     Objective:   The County shall prioritize its capital improvement projects to meet projected
                      potable water treatment and distribution needs through the Year 2015.[99-91]

1.3.1.      Policy:       Projects shall be undertaken in accordance with the schedule provided in
                          the Capital Improvements Element of this Plan, but will be considered
                          yearly based on available funds and the project’s urgency.

l.4.     Objective:   Pinellas County Utilities shall expand its water conservation program to
                      reduce the demand on the potable water resource and to limit the impact of
                      fresh water withdrawals on the natural environment.

l.4.l.      Policy:       The County shall continue its comprehensive educational program with
                          specifically targeted messages for residential, commercial industrial, and
                          institutional consumers to discourage waste and conserve potable water

l.4.2.      Policy:       The County shall enforce existing requirements, and establish new
                          requirements and procedures as needed, to assure that low water usage
                          plumbing fixtures are used in all new buildings or in conjunction with

l.4.3.      Policy:       The County shall promote the use of native and drought tolerant plantings
                          as a means of conserving water through continued public education and
                          enforcement of development regulations.[99-91]

1.4.4.      Policy:       By March 2000, Pinellas County shall determine the feasibility of the
                          development of an incentive program for homeowners to install shallow
                          wells for the purpose of irrigation in areas not identified for service by a
                          wastewater reuse system. [99-91]

1.4.5.      Policy:       100 percent of reclaimed wastewater will have the potential for use by
                          the year 2002 through the development of new delivery system
                          expansions. [99-91]

1.5.     Objective:   Pinellas County shall provide to its customers safe potable water in
                      accordance with standards set by the United States Environmental Protection
                      Agency, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Pinellas
                      County Public Health Unit.

1.5.1.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall provide the necessary treatment to improve
                          corrosion control for treated water, as needed.

                                                                       DCA 99-2 [ORD 99-91] 10/19/99
                                                                      DCA 01-01 [ORD 01-61] 08/07/01

Compendium - WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT                                                           Page 140
1.5.2.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall collect samples from treatment plant influent and
                          effluent in order to monitor the quality of water being discharged to the
                          distribution system. [99-91]

1.5.3.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall collect samples at pumping stations and designated
                          locations throughout the distribution system in order to monitor water

1.5.4.      Policy:       Pinellas County Utilities will work with its wholesale water provider,
                          Tampa Bay Water, to ensure continued provision of quality water to all
                          customers of Pinellas County Utilities. [01-61]

1.6.     Objective:   The County shall promote the concept that potable water sources and
                      groundwater recharge areas are regional resources that should be protected to
                      ensure adequate water supply capacity and equitable distribution.

1.6.1.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall support the concept of independent scientific peer
                          review to arrive at equitable solutions to water supply needs and sources
                          and will work with other governments and agencies to establish the
                          necessary processes, methodologies, and strategies for implementation.

1.6.2.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall support Tampa Bay Water’s investment in
                          appropriate interconnections for regional water supply systems to
                          maximize the benefits of these sources. [99-91]

1.6.3.      Policy:       Pinellas County shall continue to coordinate and collaborate with the
                          Southwest Florida Water Management District and Tampa Bay Water in
                          order to enable the refinement of respective methods of water demand
                          forecasting, and to arrive at mutual understandings of both agency and
                          local government data needs and uses. [99-91]

                                                                                 [ORD.99-91] 10/19/99

Compendium - WATER SUPPLY ELEMENT                                                         Page 141

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