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Please read these complete directions and remember:


1.) SR530 MUST HAVE at least version 4.2 or higher (or 5.0 or 5.06) on it for this to work.
If you do not have 4.2 or higher firmware let us know what firmware version you have-so we can upgrade
the 530 first to 5.00- if you have firmware version 2.0 or 3.0.

2.) This MUST Be loaded from a LEICA PCMCIA CARD .. ...
It is also important to format the PC card before doing the upload (format on the 530 receiver)-make sure
you copy and back up data from the PC card before doing the upgrade.

Before the upgrade-be advised to backup your Config sets from the 530 to the PC Card, as the new
firmware will possibly completely wipe out the older settings. If you are interfaced to user defined devices
this is especially important eg custom cell phone, or Racal DGPS. A good idea if you have 2 units is
upgrade one first-so the second can be used to view all the settings specifically the customized AT
commands. Or take a digital picture of these settings, so the devices can easily be reset back up. If any
doubt please call me and I can help with the uploads.

Go MAIN MENU - 7 TRANSFER - 02 Config set Sensor to PC Card                  hit ALL
You can do the same for Coordinate systems, Codelists and Geoidal filed files
Once new firmware is loaded-you can do the reverse to reload back from the CARD to the SENSOR.

    Do NOT Load this from Compact Flash card with an adaptor or Off brand card or it will lock up the
    receiver. See picture of PC card-if yours does not look like this-do not load firmware-could cause
    serious problems. Mike Clissold in service can perform serial upload for $130 per receiver.
    Mike can be reached at 281-227-6161 ext 4 or Michael.clissold@leicaus.com
3.) Have charged batteries in the receiver before uploading. (this is critical)

Please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS to the letter .
Call me if you have any questions.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Jeff Ryall
Leica Houston

Dear GPS specialists.

Below are the instructions for the installation of (Fw 5.10) of System 500 FW is available.

Attached you will find the PRELIMINARY onboard SW version for System 500.
Note again: As stated in the mail below, please only give the versions to customers in VERY URGENT
cases only!

We here continue testing till Friday (21.08) an will do a verification test Monday morning (New GPS
week). We will provide an official Com to. rep. and at the moment we expect to release the FW officially
Friday, latest Monday morning.

Below I describe procedure to successful bring System 500 back to live. Please, please follow this
instructions step by step . As well in case you have to give the FW to a customer, we expect that you
support the customer during the upload procedure. This avoids additional dissatisfaction in this matter...


    1. Upload Sensor Firmware V5.10 to sensor (please follow detailed guidelines in next section

    2.   IMPORTANT: Manually SET correct DATE AND TIME
    After the successful upload of System 500 to FW 5.10, please open the CONFIGURE/ GENERAL/
    Time & Initial Position panel
Check if the displayed value of the local date is correct. In case the shown date differs to the current
date, please enter the proper date.

After having entered the proper date , you have to reboot the sensor. Only then the tracking of
System 500 runs properly!!!
How to upload FW 5.10 to System 500 IMPORTANT

The following section describes the Firmware upload for a System 500 user, who is using actual
versions 4.xx to current version 5.06. If you have System 500 with older Firmware please contact me

Upload via PC_card:

IMPORTANT: Do not use Compact Flash (CF) cards for the Firmware upload! Please only
use Leica PCMCIA ATA Flash cards (memory >4 MB) to run the Firmware upload 5.10 to

1.    Use the attached file: 5_sen.fw
2.    Use a Leica PCMCIA ATA Flash card! (A firmware upload via CF-cards would fail!)
3.    Format the PCMCIA ATA Flash card on a System 500 Sensor. Copy the file 5_sen.fw to the
GPS/PROG directory of the memory card.
4.    Be sure that the System 500 batteries are fully charged.
5.    Put the PC-card into the PC card slot of the sensor, switch ON the sensor and select “7
TRANSFER” from the main menu.

6.     Choose menu item “10 Firmware”.
7.     Select GPS500 (SEN) from the list box and press F1 (CONT). The upload process starts
automatically. The complete transfer takes 2-3 minutes. The system will switch back to the main

Upload via LGO or SkiPro (ver 3.0):

If ATA Flash PCMCIA cards are not available, it is recommended to do a serial Firmware upload via
1.      Connect GEV100 (560254) to the System 500 Terminal port (note, you may remove the
TR500 controller first) and connect the System 500 via the cable to the COM Port of the PC.
2.      Switch OFF System 500 and be sure the batteries are fully charged
3.      Start LGO and configure the COM settings for Instrument: GPS500
4.   Start LGO Software Upload Tool wizard and follow the instructions carefully!
5.       Again use file 5_sen.fw to obtain a successful upload

     For all details using LGO to run an serial FW upload, please refer to LGO Online Help, chapter:
     Software Upload.

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