Basic Education Act by tyndale


									                                   Basic Education Act
                                 Amendments up to 1136/2004

Section 10

Language of instruction
1. The language of instruction and the language used in extracurricular teaching shall be
either Finnish or Swedish. The language of instruction may also be Saame, Roma or
sign language. In addition, part of teaching may be given in a language other than the
pupils' native language referred to above, provided that this does not risk the pupils'
ability to follow teaching. (Amendment 1288/1999)

2. Pupils living in the Saame home area who are proficient in the Saame language shall be
primarily taught in Saame. Pupils with auditory impairments must be given teaching in
sign language, when needed.

Section 12

Mother tongue
1. As mother tongue, the pupil shall be taught Finnish, Swedish or Saame in keeping with
the language of instruction.

2. As mother tongue, the pupil may also be taught the Roma language, sign language or
some other language which is the pupil's native language.

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