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                          What have been lost time to start again?

       " When me still still be free and young fancy, I dream to wish to alter the world. Along increase [it]
my wisdom and age, I discover that world [do] not visit to change. Hence dream of that I narrow. Then I
set mind on only alter my country. But likely that ambition even also [there] no its result.

       When my age progressively dusk, hotly me which still be remained [by] I set mind on to alter my
family. But fatal [of] their nya do not want to be altered.

When I death I realize suppose first [is] I alter [is] my x'self [by] xself hence by making my x'self as peer,
possible I can alter my family. Then blessing of their motivation and inspiration deflect to become I able
to improve;repair my country.

       Until any time all human being tend to [is] of equal its proof of[is plenty (of). new Henry S learn the
science [of] when its age [is] sedah lead 50 year. new Driden And scott come up as famous writer when
old age 40 year. New Picasso start to learn when old age 35 year. New Viery start to learn the Ianguage
yunani [of] when old age 46 year. new James Watt learn the Ianguage germany, france and italy [of]
when old age 40 year to read the book [of] about mechanic philosophy, even new Robert Hull learn the
italy [of] when old age have to look for the soybean cake of truth of Mc Culi [of] when comparing Maltin,
a man of letters [of] English by Dante from italy.

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